Tuesday, 6 October 2015

All is well!

It's me again. 
Bobbing back and forth. 
Determined to get back into the swing of writing something interesting but continually getting distracted.
And I'm sure you know what with.
(Did I mention we have an allotment?)
So here, in a five minute nutshell, is what I've been up to.

Other things have been afoot of course.
There's a blanket in the making.
And a hat.
A tunic is being stitched.
And of course plenty of pickling and jamming.
And soon, very soon, I will get around to sharing.

Meanwhile I'm still here. 
Still enjoying popping over to your place and seeing what you've been up to.
Just keeping a little bit quiet. 
Which is not like me at all!

But all is well.
And I hope you are too!



  1. Hello there!!! I knew just what you have been up to because I pop in and watch your videos down at the allotment! It has been a great year for you hasn't it, so much progress. I love the way that it all looks, I hope that next year it does even better! I don't know how to comment on the videos which is why you haven't heard from me, but like you I have been silently watching - but not in a scary stalker way! Great to hear from you on your blog! xx

  2. Great video, Jane. It certainly shows how much you enjoy your allotment! :o)

  3. Great video of a lovely allotment! You created a very productive and great looking patch. Really nice to see it and to see you again. You should really be proud of yourself - that allotment was a lot of effort.

  4. Dear Jane
    I really enjoyed the film of your allotment year. Congratulations are definitely in order! Here's to an even better year next year...
    Best wishes

  5. Oh Jane, I cannot tell you how much I loved this post. Your allotment video is a total delight...bravo to those (you) who are on screen, those who did the filming, the music, the editing and so forth. Here in NYC where allotments are but a dream, this post has fed that dream.

    Yes, just this morning I made one of my regular visits to the Union Square farmers market and brought back some produce from both summer and fall. I did not plant anything, I did not weed, I did not keep pests away, and more of the so forth. Still, I do yearn to plant, watch, nurture, grow and harvest.


  6. Wow!! Loved this video and seeing all the amazing crops you pulled in this year! Well done :) Have you been farmers all your lives?! Surely you've done this before to get such good returns. You look like you're having SO much fun, and the animals are enjoying having you close by too it seems. Glad you're still around!!

  7. 5 minutes of my life well spent. You did a great job. You always learn so much in the first year. It has made me want to put more flowers in my allotment. Mine is too farmery!! Jo x

  8. oh that was just heart warming, so nice to see. Haven't you done well, and all those visitors! :-) X

  9. Well done on your allotment!!It looks amazing!Kind regards Pam.

  10. Love your allotment but looks hard work .. Think I will stick to riding my bike x

  11. Great news about getting an allotment.

  12. Growing your own stuff sure is rewarding and exciting when you reap from all the hard work. Looks like you are having a grand ol' time. :)

  13. I'd like to see your new works. I've tried to knit my first scarf, and nothing went out of it. It did look like an old sock with holes:) I think I should read more about the ways of knitting.

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