Monday, 27 April 2015

This was the weekend that was ...

It started with this.

The annual Floating Market was back!

A whole array of different traders turn up once a year to sell their wares - and of course look very pretty!

Of course Mike soon found his favourite.

And me!

Peek inside.

Of course one of the hidden treats is sitting in our garden listening to the conversations of people going by. No - it's not in the least bit nosey it's - errrr - ummmmm - being interested.

Closer to home we've had the robins nesting in the ivy. They are now so used to us that they are almost eating out of my hand. Not sure what the people walking by would think of me though - hand full of dried mealworms outstretched as I cheerily quip 'come on little fella.' I don't know how or when this actually happened but that seems to be my default response to any creature I now come across. 

Not sure what would happen if one of them answered me back. 

Here he is posing on the bird feeder (he's that tiny dot).

As for our poor old blackbird chick - sigh - he was doing very well until last Friday when we found him lying in the path. Not a scratch on him. So much so that Mike even tried to do a mini resuscitation. 

It didn't work :( 

Here he is in happier times (the chick not Mike).

Mike's a bit taller.

With a bit of a beard.

And trousers.


I've starting knitting a sock! Winwick Mum is hosting a wonderful sockalong - do pop over and see what she has posted so far. But in typical impatient fashion I wanted to get started. 

So I have. 

Feeling positive so far but haven't 'turned the heel' yet.

 Wish me luck.

And the 'eyelash from Oswestry' fabric has been cut out to make a simple skirt. Now I'm concerned it's more of a craft cotton, without much give, and I - erm - need a bit of give! I've decided I'm going to stitch very narrow seams in a bid to convince myself that my size hasn't gone up.

Other than that we've been spending a fair old chunk of time at the allotment. 

'The WHAT? You kept that quiet!'

We've even started to pick a few lettuce! I foresee a future where I develop a serious lettuce aversion in an attempt to not have to eat it three times a day.

And other than daily doings that's about the weekend summed up.

Hope you've had a good one.



  1. How wonderful to have a Floating Market outside your garden gate! It looks like it was fun. I'm sorry your blackbird chick didn't make it, I'm always so sad to see baby birds die. We have cats which doesn't help their survival rate in our garden at all - I spend lots of time banging on windows and shrieking whenever I think the cats are stalking the birds! Thank you very much for the Sockalong mention. I do like your yarn - I'm looking forward to seeing how your socks turn out! I'm sure your heel will turn out just fine, but give me a shout if you get stuck xx

  2. what a lovely place to live.Enjoy knitting your socks.You do know it is addictive ?!!!

  3. I'm in love with your shed and your greenhouse, they are things of beauty. The floating market looks brilliant. I particularly love the combination of cross stitch and jam. Wonderful. CJ xx

  4. That floating market looks so colourful and just right to brighten up a Saturday afternoon - did you get to go on any of the boats? Last year or so my niece had her wedding on a canal boat - (here's the link if you want it: ). And I love your sock yarn - what a pretty colour. Don't worry about turning a heel - have a look on youtube for helpful videos of how to do short-row shaping - it's a bit like the old bicycle proverb - once you get the hand of it you never forget.

  5. All pretty great goings on!!! The market looks fabulous and I am totally in awe of the sock knitting!! Make sure to show us more and more of the skirt won't you!!! xx

  6. I'd really love to see that floating market! It's something my hubby and miss would never get me away from.
    Rosie xx

  7. How wonderful a floating market, I really do like the sound of that x

  8. Gosh that floating market looks brilliant...and your allotment, so much has grown! :) xxx

  9. That fabric is gorgeous. Good luck with the sock!
    Jacqui x

  10. How lovely! As you may know I have a thinly veiled desire to live on a boat- to see the 'Art' boat is brilliant-I'm off to apolloduck!

  11. I do like the looks of that Floating Market. I imagine that it takes quite a bit of planning to have such a relaxed atmosphere on Market Day.

    Best wishes with the socks...I love knitting socks, and wonder why it took me so long to discover the ease of heel turning.

    I do envy you that allotment. If I lived closer, I'd be glad to help with the weeding, and also with any excessive lettuce harvests. xo

  12. My brothers boat would be the same as your hubby. I introduced him to apple wine about 7 years ago and he certainly ran with the hobby - I ask him for advice now. Shame about the 'little fella'. Your skirt will be fine, cotton doesn't have much stretch anyway. Good Luck with the socks - I dare not go there - I might get addicted to them, like my latest knicker fetish!! More on that one later. Jo x

  13. The floating market looks like so much fun! Looks like you have been busy with your knitting, sewing and gardening. I love the socks by the way. Enjoy your week :)

  14. The flea market on the canal looks great - must look out for that. The robins will love the mealworms - shame about the baby blackbird:)

  15. What a pity about the poor wee chick. I love your sock knitting - gorgeous colour. Hope the skirt turns out well.

  16. That floating market looks amazing and I love your sock too. I have ribbons nesting here but they're not as tame as yours are.

  17. The floating market sounds so interesting. I am refusing to admit I have gone up a whole size this Winter, I am not happy with myself or my spreading hips. Hugs,

  18. Oooh it all looks fun there - I love knitting socks, only discovered that joy a few months ago and am already on my fifth pair! (they are on hold now as its too hot to wear them!) turning heels is easy so don't panic.


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