Tuesday, 6 October 2015

All is well!

It's me again. 
Bobbing back and forth. 
Determined to get back into the swing of writing something interesting but continually getting distracted.
And I'm sure you know what with.
(Did I mention we have an allotment?)
So here, in a five minute nutshell, is what I've been up to.

Other things have been afoot of course.
There's a blanket in the making.
And a hat.
A tunic is being stitched.
And of course plenty of pickling and jamming.
And soon, very soon, I will get around to sharing.

Meanwhile I'm still here. 
Still enjoying popping over to your place and seeing what you've been up to.
Just keeping a little bit quiet. 
Which is not like me at all!

But all is well.
And I hope you are too!