Saturday, 23 November 2013

Do You Mind if I Crow?

You know that things aren't going well when some of your dearest friends and colleagues enthusiastically request the details of your first ever craft fair and you give them rather vague answers.Some conversations have even gone like this

'Oooh you're doing a craft fair - that sounds exciting. Can I come?'
'Please don't.'

Not that I haven't enjoyed dabbling with felt,ric rac and bells but the thought that someone else might actually want to buy the end result is rather daunting. What if nobody likes it? What if everybody sells out and I am the only one left standing with a table full of deformed bunnies? What if everybody starts pointing and laughing and I look down and realise I am naked?

So many doubts. But this week something happened. I don't know how or why but suddenly something has clicked and I'm actually looking at my work (ooh - get 'er) and feeling a little bit pleased.

Please may I crow?

There are some lubbly jubbly nubbly crocheted dishcloths with coal tar soap

Some fabric notebook covers

A Jingle Owl

(A little bit cheerier than his bunny friend)

And the thing I am most excited about - a reversible shopping bag


I followed a wonderful tutorial by Handmade Jane which you can find here.

At last I've made some things that I might actually buy myself!

I must say I am thoroughly enjoying tapping into these different ideas at the moment - even though my  immaculately organised home (excuse my nose growing a little) is perhaps looking a little neglected and my family don't recognise the barely seen figure that sometimes makes an appearance covered in thread and bias binding. There are so many ideas out there that it's difficult not to be inspired - go and check out the lovely zipper flowers here made by Jo at Three Stories High.

So - crowing done and out of my system now - thank you for allowing such self indulgence! My doubts are also alleviating a little - next time I worry about people pointing and laughing I will at the very least be in my pyjamas.

Have a glorious week!


Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Hold the phone...

... I've finished a thing! 
Or two things to be more precise.

I used this

and this

(obviously lured in by this)

 and ended up with these!

(modelled by our very own Little Sis after several bribes and a promise not to get her face in the shot!)

The wool was lovely and soft to work with and the pattern was indeed as easy as an easy pie who lives in easy land.

Lovely warm arms now.
What to do about the fingers ....?



P.S. Hello to my new followers - I hope you enjoy it here!

Monday, 4 November 2013

Not all the best things come in small packages

Take elves. 

Pinterest is bursting with them and with my impending craft fair they seemed to provide the perfect opportunity for a middle aged woman to be let loose with some felt and a dolly peg. What could go wrong?

I was particularly taken by this lovely image here.

Oh joy. I sat at my little table and excitedly sorted out some colours.

Little grey trousers - check.

 A mulberry cape - check (yes it is a bit big but have you ever tried to cut a neckline for an elf?)
How about some green accessories? Mittens - check.

Oh yes it could have carried on in such a wonderfully whimsical way but sadly it was not to be. The first sign of the tinsel tide turning came with the hat. A nice pointy elf shaped hat. Let's try putting some ric rac on for a hangy thing.

Now let's try gluing it together.

Those of you who have ever been enthralled by the power of a hot glue gun will know that when it blobs on the end of your fingers there is little you can do but hop out of your chair and try and rub it off with your other fingers (all whilst merrily singing Jingle Bells in a rather cracked fashion). This then gives the hat freedom to purchase itself on either extremity whilst the hangy thing falls to the floor. Strangely I did not manage to record this episode for posterity.

At last a hat was put together that actually sat on top of the peg. It was way too big and slipped over his eyes but with some glue and a prayer it stuck - and it's staying stuck.

Now for the face.
Oh how I fretted.
Remember this?

Festive the Unfortunate

This little elf had to be right.
I practised on paper.

I practised on other pegs.

I used pencil, biro, fineliners.

I thought I'd cracked it - took a deep breath and, dot, line - dot, dot, line - dot, dot, line ...


If there was to be a festive version of the Joker this would be it.
Rather menacing I think.
If the hat hadn't been stuck on so blooming firmly I would have swapped it around and tried again on the other side - but it is most definitely stuck for good ...

So there he hangs - slightly too smiley - a cautionary tale to those who are too cavalier about their elves.

And as for the hare - he's in hiding!

Oh dear.



P.S. For those of you who might be taking part in Ladybird Diaries Christmas decoration swap don't worry - I won't be making an elf!

Saturday, 2 November 2013

October Mood Board

Hello November

'The Star Coins' by Viktor Paul Mohn

In true Plain Jane tradition here is my two days late mood board for October.

The weather has delivered it's best and it's worst. Bright blue skies followed by howling winds and flooding. But nature has remained determined and on cue has delivered some of the most beautiful colours of the year.

Our 'mast' year has provided an abundance of berries

And the very last flower in my garden is still optimistically budding

Of course now we are on the countdown to the holly and the ivy but lets savour the last of this most beautiful Autumn while we can.


P.S. Take a look at Bee's board over at The Linen Cloud and Caroline at Scraps of Us
P.S. I have been making things - I really, really have - I'll show and tell soon!