Saturday, 31 August 2013

August Mood Board

I've really got to read my instruction manual. It was a gloriously sunny day as I proudly looked down upon the last of my Summer flowers - each one with it's own vibrancy and form. And yet when I looked back at the photos they had turned into this

Okay there are a few colours there but the centre has morphed into a mangled muddle. So in a somewhat vain attempt to redeem myself I'll show it from some different angles.

Not great either. Let's concentrate on some close ups.

That's better

And those berries

Autumn on a stick!

And I couldn't resist this little chap (although I think he may be responsible for some rather nasty bites about my person)

I'm sure with the passage of time (i.e. over the next week) I'll look back at these shots and think 'What? Tooo sunny to take a good shot?' But for now I'll sigh and drink in the last of summer's bounty whilst thinking ahead to drinking in the first of the blackberry gin.

Joining in with Karin and Asa (although I think they have read their manuals).



Saturday, 24 August 2013

Witter me not!

Or in the words of the late, great Frankie Howerd 'titter ye not' (but his version does not apply as readily to this post). No. This post came about following a recent conversation with Mr K. He took it upon himself to put forward an observation that perhaps - without the loooong summer break we have just spent together - he might have kept to himself. Under his hat as it were. An observation that had we not been together for a ridiculous amount of time I could have taken great offence to and waltzed away in a wonderfully dramatic fashion.

 Are you ready? 
He said that I witter.
Can you imagine?
Me - a wittererrrer.

Sadly I know that it's true. Even my thoughts are wittery. Most people develop a sort of filter that allows only important words of any significance to be uttered whereas I seem to have missed that evolutionary step. 
I have a faulty filter.
In an effort to rectify this I have given myself a challenge. Those of you out there who have heard of the haiku will know that beautiful imagery can be presented with very few words. I am going to follow this path with as few words as possible. Indeed I am only going to use three words for each image. I call the following a selection of 'triku's'!

Here we go.

Finished a shawl

Started a cardigan

Borrowed a book
(hello Mr Toe)

Bought a pot

And some spoons

Looked at plums

Dreamed of boats

Admired some rust

Laughed at this

Picked some tomatoes

Nursed poorly dog

Drove past this

Howled at moooooon

There we go.
How was that?
Hard for me!
I'd rather witter.
What think ye?

Bye for now



Friday, 16 August 2013

Plot missing?

One thing I've noticed since I entered the land of blogs is how easily I can be influenced by different tastes. Apparently I've always been like this but it's only since I started this darned documenting that I have had to acknowledge it. Sadly the rest of the family have also had to acknowledge it - which is why Mr K arrived back from a short trip the other day with this

and I - rather more than I am comfortable to admit - was thrilled! No longer will I struggle to hold my drink and snacks at the same time - with 'Palatray' I can comfortably utilise my free hand for other things! Hair brushing, ping pong and waving at others will all be a breeze secure in the knowledge that my buffet is close to hand.

I'm so thrilled it's scrubbable and next time I am having an individual supper I'll know just where to turn!

I wonder if the patent was ever received - I can't seem to turn anything up on the internet - anyone else heard of it?

In the same week I found this little box of treasures.

Now I know that a while ago I would have had a quick peek inside and instantly recoiled. Why then did I part with three pounds of my hard earned money to pay for a set of these?

Yes - table mats with the most formal settings, a twentieth century take on some of the Dutch masters perhaps?

I wonder what Rembrandt would have made of a Toby Jug?

I can't decide whether I like them or not. They are hideous in so many ways yet I am still fascinated by the fact that somebody actually went to the trouble of sourcing, staging and then developing these little tableaus.

Perhaps it was the same element of fascination that made me (yes actually 'made' me) bring this home the other day.

I was initially attracted by the fair isle jumpers but when I examined it further I discovered this

Fancy that! A breakfast cereal giving away a knitting booklet! You want to see inside?

This wonderful lady is having a glorious time trying to work out exactly what she is looking it but the person behind is having none of it.

Then there's this sturdy chap. There's nothing he doesn't know about a wireless.

And here we have Delicate Deirdre - gazing wistfully at a bloom in a jug whilst trying to balance on one leg.

Oh yes. Who could resist these little blasts from the past. I think that might be the fascination. I don't just see these as decorative items (phew - that's a relief!) I see them as part of our social history. Reminders of a time when plastic was a miracle and knitted dresses were 'de rigeur'. At least that's what I'm telling myself. It's either that or I've totally lost the plot!

Ta ta now - I'm off for a silverskin onion



Saturday, 10 August 2013

Aaaaugust ...

Better late than never - my calendar page for August

'Puss 'n Boots' By Herbert Laupin

It's been a bitty month so far - lots going on but nothing really to write home about. So I'll put it here instead!

Little Sis turned sixteen

Part of her present included a bedroom makeover so out with the girly yellow and in with the - gulp - all white with one black wall look. It actually looks fab but as I keep reminding her if she wants to thoroughly achieve a minimalist look she does have to tidy up after herself - not sure if that one will work! To inject some colour we spent a pleasurable evening sticking bits of paper onto the back of a perfectly nice dressing table mirror.

This wasn't quite finished but I then went out for the evening and on return realised the wonderfully helpful Mr K had reinstated them on the dressing table. Hm. 

We've enjoyed glorious evening walks

With gorgeous skies

Loved this cloud

Regularly checked our fruit harvest

Just enough to keep the birds happy

Had a wonderful day trip to Buxton with its glorious opera house and pavilion (more on this another time)

Took some odd photographs

Underside of fern

Vapour moth caterpillar - we called him Leonard

Ridiculously big dogs - look at the bin for scale!

I've finally finished my crocheted object! 

It's a bag! I do realise however that I can only buy attractive objects to go inside - none of your reduced prawn butties in here.

And I have another project on the needles - this time I'm going to attempt a fancy nancy lace shawl although I'm finding the mohair blend a bit of a bind.

So do you see what I mean? Lots of stuff going on but none of it particularly newsworthy or indeed vaguely interesting. So I'll leave you with a happy picture - happy for me because the fact I'm looking up has given me an instant face lift (I'm going to insist Mr K stands on a ladder for all my forthcoming portaits)!

Enjoy the weekend!