Sunday, 29 September 2013

September Sunday

When Big Sis was younger she was in a band. They wrote their own songs and the hot favourite was a gorgeous poppy tune called 'September Sunday'. They did well but life being such as it is they are now spread across the country pursuing their dreams. So to all four of you I dedicate my September mood board!

There's really nothing new to see. Only the golden heuchera and cyclamen (which to be honest were a recent purchase from the local supermarket). Looking back on my old boards though it confirms the cyclical nature of the seasons. The berries are prolific this year in time for the birds to fill up for the long cold winter ahead. They will remain part of our landscape now during the months where the rest of the flowers are taking a rest.

The few flowers I have left have got a richness to their colour - small but jewel like.

A closer look.

The bright leaves of the heuchera stand out as the rest of the foliage is fading.

And this is my very last dog rose  - having provided me with one of my favourite scents throughout the summer.

So there it is. Not many more flowers to come. I'm looking forward to the changing colours of the leaves now. The weather around here has been glorious and the towpath is busy with cyclists, walkers and barges. I'll leave you with some posies and the happy words of those girls

'It's September
It's meant to be grey
It's meant to be raining
But the sun is shining
How I'll remember September Sunday!'

P.S. For Charlotte, Jasmine, Zoe and Amber
P.P.S. Joining in with Karin and Asa' s wonderful mood board series
P.P.P.S. I am actually making things - more to follow!

Friday, 13 September 2013

For the Love of a Pan

It's happened. The inevitable. I'm a grown woman with a career. I have raised two wonderful daughters and instilled in them the importance of kindness, respect and checking your clothes are the right way around. I should know better. And yet when I came across this little beauty on my Friday afternoon trawl my heart melted. It took me right back to playing kitchens when I was a gal with my little blue plastic tea set and a table full of hungry teddies (strangely the highlight of playing kitchens in those days was washing up with a miniature dish mop and a pudding basin - this enthusiasm has dwindled in latter years!) 

Let us proceed one step at a time.

Firstly this.

 A fine handle if ever there was one, and fortunately matched by another on the opposite side.

Next up is the lid. Oh what a lid.

Enamelled flowers on a sky blue base.


Clean as a whistle (assuming you are a fastidiously clean whistle keeper).

Ready for the whole thing? Complete kit and caboodle?

Aaaaaah. Just - aaaaah.

I must admit when I first saw the pan of delight I thought it might be an ornament - perhaps something to be found on top of an old barge or, failing that, Snow White's kitchen. However I had a clue to it's origin. On the reverse side of the pan was a sticker with the manufacturers name.

'Twas a Kockums!

A quick trawl on the internet told me it was an old hand painted crock from Sweden (either that or the name of a rather large military shipyard but I prefer to stick with the former).

I have become slightly overprotective. Want to heat up some beans - not in this pan. Boil up some potatoes - I don't think so. Scrambled eggs - how dare you! This pan is only to be used for delicate and beautiful cuisine so if any of you out there can direct me as to what sort of food this might be I would be extremely grateful. Until then, if you happen to be in the area, just beware that if Mr K is making lunch you may here this echoing across the vicinity

'Get yer 'ands off me kockums!'



P.S. £4!

Sunday, 8 September 2013


Firstly here's the September page of my calendar

Rapunzel by Heinrich Leffler and Joseph Urban

Oh for that hair!

Now I know many people have been lamenting the loss of Summer, and boy what a Summer it's been, but for me September brings a tinge of excitement. I love the subtle changes in the air, the misty mornings, crisp Autumn walks and glorious sunsets. Those who know me will understand the annual joy I feel returning to my trusty boots and cardigan format, and will recognise the sight of a gleeful woman returning from walks with an armful of sticks for the fire (no I am not an eighteenth century country woman but you get the picture). But there's something else this time of year brings.

Some clues?

The dazzling variety of colours and forms that accompany nature's harvest. Or in our case accompany our neighbours harvest. He had been down to his allotment at the crack of dawn and before we had even put the kettle on he had been digging, picking and gathering.....


All delivered to our front door with a smile and a wave.

This has not been our only delivery. We've had friends delivering plums, damsons and blackberries. We've been foraging for apples and hazelnuts. We are currently eyeing up the rosehips and elderberries and planning their transformation into something tasty. Some latent part of our psyche tells us to hunt and gather to prepare for the long Winter ahead. And if you have friends and neighbours who help you to do that then all the better! Of course this does not go unrecognised. Much of the bounty will be returned in the form of jams, chutneys and dodgy wine.

So let's celebrate this generosity of spirit and of nature itself. 

September - you're a good 'un!


P.S. Any recommendations as to how to preserve the beans and beetroot would be most welcome!

Friday, 6 September 2013

AWOL - and a tea towel

This last week has been a full on 'busy back to work no time to stop and breathe let alone write and take pictures and all of a sudden it's Friday (hooray!)' type of week. So what did I think I'd share with you? A tea towel. Yes - a tea towel. A brief post need not be uninformative I thought so here's my latest acquisition. 

Expressions for any situation - feel free to adopt as and when appropriate.

Back soon with a 'proper' post!


P.S. Which one are you?