Sunday, 29 September 2013

September Sunday

When Big Sis was younger she was in a band. They wrote their own songs and the hot favourite was a gorgeous poppy tune called 'September Sunday'. They did well but life being such as it is they are now spread across the country pursuing their dreams. So to all four of you I dedicate my September mood board!

There's really nothing new to see. Only the golden heuchera and cyclamen (which to be honest were a recent purchase from the local supermarket). Looking back on my old boards though it confirms the cyclical nature of the seasons. The berries are prolific this year in time for the birds to fill up for the long cold winter ahead. They will remain part of our landscape now during the months where the rest of the flowers are taking a rest.

The few flowers I have left have got a richness to their colour - small but jewel like.

A closer look.

The bright leaves of the heuchera stand out as the rest of the foliage is fading.

And this is my very last dog rose  - having provided me with one of my favourite scents throughout the summer.

So there it is. Not many more flowers to come. I'm looking forward to the changing colours of the leaves now. The weather around here has been glorious and the towpath is busy with cyclists, walkers and barges. I'll leave you with some posies and the happy words of those girls

'It's September
It's meant to be grey
It's meant to be raining
But the sun is shining
How I'll remember September Sunday!'

P.S. For Charlotte, Jasmine, Zoe and Amber
P.P.S. Joining in with Karin and Asa' s wonderful mood board series
P.P.P.S. I am actually making things - more to follow!


  1. Gorgeous photos, I especially love the last arrangement.Very clever X

  2. Lovely photos. I love taking pictures of flowers. In fact I am sticking some in to a sketchbook now.

  3. Jane how I envy you taking such wonderful photographs, you are inspiring and I do love reading your posts. Thanks so much
    Lots of love

  4. Love that last photo, so calm for a Sunday. Jo x

  5. Your flowers look very pretty with the soft light coming through the window.

  6. I always love your mood boards, the best of each month in a photograph...I like the mix of summer and autumn shades in this post, it's like the handing over of the seasons...Chrissie x

  7. Such beautiful photos and I agree with what others have said, that last photo is just lovely.
    M x

  8. OOooh more of those happy poppy words...for me best friends daughter just up to uni and had to leave her drum kit behind!
    Bestest Daisy

    Ps flowers pretty of course but I do love a girl band with girl power!!!

  9. There does seem to be a great abundance of berries this year, and the rosehips are filling the hedgerows around here. Lucky birds!

  10. Fab post and love the photos. Looking forward to seeing your makes. XX

  11. Great pics :) I'm loving the bright colours of the heucheras in all the gardens just now :)

  12. I love your world and then I think these things can please you,
    this guy makes huge candles filled with sea and waves, it's beautiful!


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