Monday, 30 December 2013

Move Over Mary ...

Long before the marquees were erected, Paul and Mary were dusted off and 'soggy bottom' became a household term our family have gamely been competing with others in an annual tradition known as the 'cake off'. Around about October each year cookbooks are consulted and ingredients are mingled in an effort to produce a prize winning Christmas cake. Lots of winks, nods and nose tapping ensue and nobody is willing to share their personal recipe until the day. This year it was our turn to host and as well as the traditional Christmas cake the children had their own category - the Yule log.  After much food, fun and frivolity the cakes are dissected and  each take their turn to taste and anonymously vote for their favourite. 

The voting log
Straightforward yes? Aha but there would be no fun in that! Often this is the most corrupt part of the process whereby outrageous voting can occur on all sides. But this year - WE WON! So obviously no cheating occurred at all as I am quite willing to accept the mantle of best Christmas cake maker EVER (well at least in our house...for this year...!) 

The 'log off' was of a particularly high standard so we added artistic merit on top of flavour as a bonus section.


Other years have seen the addition of 'chutney off's', 'jam off's and 'wine off's' - and there is always the excited prediction of what we could do next year but will probably never get around to.  

 There were carols and games.

All in all the best time is had  - lots of friends, too much food and a significant amount of festive (ahem) spirit. Our very own family tradition - and without a soggy bottom in sight!

Hope you are all managing to enjoy what is important to you this year.




  1. what a wonderful thing to do - congratulations on your win!

  2. It looks as though a great time was had by all, and there must have been some stiff competition in the yule log competition, they all look wonderful! My peg angel is as happy on my tree as yours looks to be! Hope that you have a great New Year and that all is well for you in 2014! xx

  3. What a fab idea, that looks like great fun and your Christmas sounds just lovely. Wishing you all the best for a very happy & blessed new year ahead.

  4. Jane what a wonderful post and well done on your super log - one of my most favourite cakes, just wish I had a slice of yours in front of me now! Have a wonderful New Year Jane, have loved your posts and am looking forward to reading more in 2014. Big hugs to you Jane
    Lots of love

  5. Congratulations on winning the cake off, Jane! Fun times! :o)

  6. What fun traditions and congratulations on your winning cake. Yummy looking yule logs! What would this time of year be without too much food and to many sweets? Happy New Year Jane.

  7. I think it looks like such fun. Yule cake looks simply wonderful. Happy New Year to you.

  8. Sounds like fun Jane! And congrats on being the best cake make ;-)
    Happy New Year to you and yours!

  9. What a fabulous ting to do, sounds like such fun.

  10. Looks like a fantastic family Christmas - so jolly and full of fun!
    Best wishes for the best of everything in 2014! x

  11. Well done on the cake! So glad there were no soggy bottoms, I just love that term. I love the log pot too, a great idea. Have a wonderful 2014 to you and yours. xx

  12. Well done and what a lovely tradition, long may it go on in your family.
    Happy new year to you all!

  13. What a fun family tradition! All the cakes look amazing! Wishing you and your family a very Happy New Year.
    Helen x

  14. Congratulations on your win ... looks positively festive ... wishing you and yours a Happy New Year ... Bee xx

  15. Hi Jane,I did enjoy your post,those Yule logs looked soooo delicious,I didn't have time to make mine this year,but I followed Mary Berry Christmas cake recipe and it was voted the best yet!! Those pom poms are lovely,I like all the different colours,I think I'll try to have a pom pom party in 2014! Happy new year to you and yours,from Pam.


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