Saturday, 31 May 2014

As I was pruning in the servants courtyard ...

... was just one of the phrases that made us chuckle as we wandered around Shugborough Hall yesterday! The conversation arose as a gardener - all decked out in period gardener costume - pointed out a nest of Great Tits who had made their home in a large urn. The fact that we were able to walk around the gardens was a blessing in itself. All week I had been checking the weather but as time went on the forecast got grimmer and ideas of floral frocks and picnic blankets gave way to woolly jumpers and waterproofs. 

The ominous sky

I must admit as I drove up the long tree lined drive I started to have doubts. 
What if nobody turned up? What if they did turn up but didn't like each other? What if I looked down and I was still in my pyjamas?

But the rain held off and, even though the skies were leaden the company was sunny and bright. From the first friendly hug each and every one of us got on. Although we had never met before we were far from strangers. 

We picnicked in the walled garden

I was originally taken by the rather dejected demeanour of the scarecrow in the distance
 - it's only when I looked back at the photograph I realised that it was art imitating life!

 strolled past the farm

Goats or sheep? Geep??

 spotted playmobil characters in the rooms of the mansion house (temporary additions for the half term holiday!)

Whilst I realise that this picture doesn't feature any of the aforementioned playmobil
characters it is significant in that the guide was very keen to tell us that the  Queen
had once held a reception here.
Gilly hastened to point out that if she popped in again could she tell her that we'd been there too?

 and discovered old bridges

Thanks to Rosie!

All too soon it was time for us to board the shuttle train back up to the car park and say our goodbyes. Time had flown by and so the only thing for it was to resolve to meet up again. 

Thank you so much to Rosie, Mel, Jacquie and Gilly (and of course Welsh cake Paul and Bunny Grandma!) for coming along. Please pop along to visit them as they have much better pictures than I do. 

I'll leave you with this thought. 
What do you call a group of bloggers on an away day?




  1. Thanks for organising a fab day. I really enjoyed it. x

  2. That was a great quote wasn't it? Thanks so much Jane for organising such a super day it was lovely to meet you all:)

  3. Wonderful to see your post on the meet up. I hope there is another soon and I'm fit enough to join you.

  4. What a beautiful spot to meet up with fellow bloggers. I don't think the weather dampened your spirits at all. I like your final question, but all I can think of is a gaggle of bloggers? I'm sure you'll come up with something catchy! Have a great weekend Jane. Wendy x

  5. Maybe the collective term for bloggers is a chatter of bloggers? - that's what I imagine it would be like anyway!

  6. A chatter or a " giggle" with such lovely company Jane. Thanks again for organising....I had a lovely and memorable day.
    Jacquie x

  7. A shutterbug of bloggers? ;-) Thanks again for getting us all together, and I'm already looking forward to the next time. Now, as the sun is shining, I must hunt down the gardener and get that servant's courtyard weeded....
    Happy weekend, xx

  8. You all had a good time. I would have come if I'd lived closer. Collective noun for a group of bloggers, well how about a creativity of bloggers ?
    S xx

  9. It looks like such a nice day. I've seen several versions of it now and you all look very happy. I enjoyed the "geep," very funny! Thank you for sharing your day out with us.

  10. Lovely to see you all having a good day out,how about a button tin of bloggers?Pam

  11. I must make more of an effort to pop in to your blog! looks like a lovely time was had by all, next time I may ask to join in! xxx

  12. A 'snap of bloggers' that is my effort. Wish I could have come along I was on holiday and not too far away either. Jo x

  13. Sounds like you had a great day :)

  14. What a great post...such fun to read :-)
    A giggle of bloggers,
    Our perhaps a Blothering (from gathering)
    Tracey xxx

  15. Sounds like a brilliant day to me.A meeting of like minded people!

  16. Oh what fun - I missed that post of invite otherwise I might well have made the trip. What a hoot! An album of bloggers? A create of bloggers? A blarney of bloggers? A chatter of bloggers? A font of bloggers? A make of bloggers? A blog of bloggers......time for bed then............
    Best wishes

    1. Yes, me too. Shugborough's only just over an hour from here. Maybe there'll be a round 2 Jenny :)

  17. I've just left a comment on the site of one of your other folks gathered together at this beautiful site.

    What fun it must have been. I am hoping that there might be more such get togethers in future, and that somehow I might find myself on your side of the broad Atlantic Ocean, so that I might be there with you all.


  18. Great day out and new friends made. Perfect!
    Jacqui x

  19. Lovely Jane I was thinking of you all and wishing I could be with you yesterday, I have the little Peeps with me whilst Mum and Dad are away but hopefully next is so lovely to see everyone. Well done for organising everything Jane, big hugs

  20. What a fun day! I'm so glad the weather was kind, and I love all your photos. How I wish I lived nearer! Chrissie x

  21. A fun day, indeed. Hopefully next time it'll be warmer for you all! :o)

  22. I like Gilly's suggestion of a shutterbug of bloggers!! That is great. So glad that everyone came and you had such a good time, your organising efforts were definitely well appreciated from what I have read on other blogs, the only downside that I see is that you were all too far away for me to join in! Oh well, perhaps another time. xx

  23. Looks fab! I hope I will be around for the next one! :)


  24. Looks like you had a good day out.
    I love the photo with the scarecrow!

  25. Bloggers on a day out ... noisy? ;)


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