Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Much Ado About Bloggers ...

... or as Mike would have me put 'blogging' as it is more akin to the original 'nothing' of the title.
This is the sort of conversation we were having at 5am. I couldn't get back to sleep and I was wondering how I could write about our lovely bloggy meet up that we had on Saturday in Stratford upon Avon - home of the great Bard himself. Amy and Jo have already written about it very eloquently so I was trying to think of a different angle. I thought about using the magic of song - but being a blog of the written word this proved tricky. So the Shakespeare link was broached. By 5.10am I was chuckling so hard I had tears rolling down my cheeks. Looking back it must have been pure hysteria as the suggestions were at best mildly amusing, and at worst - not amusing at all. When Mike realised there had been ten of us he suggested The Tenpests. Whilst I sunk the lowest with Macblog.


We met and drank tea and visited Sew Me Something and nattered ten to the dozen and wandered through the park where there was wonderful music then travelled back to the 1940s and I ate some comical eggs and carried on nattering and took lots of photographs and received some wonderful gifts and had lots of hugs and then had to go home.

It was the best!

Sadly my camera decided to play up and wouldn't allow me to take more than a few pics but I hope they will give you a flavour.

And here we are!

Back row:
Mel from Mel Makes
Sarah from Sarah's Pigeonhole
Front row:
Gilly from Gilly Makes

And of course we can't forget our very lovely Ashley from Lazy Daisy Jones who joined us later and even brought along her pin up man!

Thanks so much to Gilly for organising such a warm and wonderful day.

And to the rest of you:



  1. Jane lovely pics of you all. Looks like a fab time had by all. Wish I was closer.

  2. Ha that comment will make his head swell...shhhhh!
    loved meeting you...wish it could have been longer! so until next time.......
    D aka a xx

  3. I am sort of pining for the song now! That is a pretty apt description of what the say was like but with lots of laughing in between. Great to meet you hope to see you again soon. Jo x

  4. I have enjoyed seeing your photos of your meet-up, it looks so much fun! Glad you enjoyed it.
    Caz xx

  5. Looks like you had a fab day :)

  6. Looks like you had a lovely day! X

  7. How grand to have this opportunity to meet each other, and have time enough to share a variety of mutual interests in pleasant locations.

    I'll bet that you all will get together again, too.

  8. What a lovely day out! Thanks for sharing the pics and introducing me to some new bloggers. x

  9. It sounds like a really wonderful day in beautiful Stratford. I haven't been there in years, but I well remember how lovely it is. Glad you had such a good time. CJ xx

  10. Sounds like you had a good time, Jane. :o)

  11. Fantastic Jane!!! I love the idea of the TenPests!!!! Not that anyone was a pest, just super lovely!!! It was so great to get to meet you, I really enjoyed it, you are so lovely!!! Now, stop having fun and get to the allotment, I want to know how that garlic chive seed is doing!!! xx

  12. Comical eggs! They sound wonderful! Glad you had a great time, I've really enjoyed reading all the posts about your meet up xx

  13. This looks like such fun! I've read three other posts about your day and just love this idea of meeting up together.

  14. That sounds like fun. I often wonder what it would be like to meet the people I follow for real.

  15. It looks like a wonderful day, I'm glad you all enjoyed your meet up.

  16. No mention of the Taming of the Shrews? or No fellows (Othello) ? The Merry Wives of Warwick? ;-) Oh dear, I fear you & M have started something here... Thanks for your company on Saturday, it was delightful as always... and I'm already researching the next meet up... toot, toot! xx

  17. How lovely day you have Jo, I read in Amy's site and I know was amazing.
    Thanks by sharing yours pics!!

  18. How fun! I have read most posts about your gathering and it just looks like the best day. So glad you all met up. I want that Kate dress pattern from Sew Me something.

  19. It was fun wasn't it! Still think you should have put two red dots on those eggs!

  20. It was nice to meet you in person and good to see everyone's photos! :)


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