Saturday, 5 October 2013

Great Stuff and Stuffing

Hello October!

Detail from 'Sleeping Beauty' by Herbert Laupin

The annual food and drink festival is in full swing here in our sleepy town. This afternoon Mr K and I wandered through the vibrant farmers market, chatted with chums, ate salt fish croquettes (didn't even know they existed before now but really very nice!) and ooohed and aaahed at various delectables - all the while accompanied by a man on a kettle drum (not us personally you understand - that would be odd). On the way home we chatted about how lucky we were - not in any huge way but we're happy (most of the time), healthy (as far as we know) and are able to appreciate what we have rather than yearning after that which we don't. But just in case you were thinking I was going to hand over all my worldly goods and run to the nearby convent let me furnish you with some of the very definite material things that have delighted me this week.

First up I was really lucky to win a giveaway over at Handmade Jane (go over and take a look at her blog, she's just written a fascinating piece about 1950's couture but her own makes are an inspiration in themselves).

 It was this

Just the end pieces make me drool

 But the projects - my heads a buzzin'!

Thanks so much Jane!

Mr K surprised me with these

and this

a screen print from his old colleague Lauren Van Helmond - all of my favourite things!

Mum and dad returned from a trip with these tasty Canadian biscuits

 filled with the most delicious maple flavoured cream

And whilst we're on the subject this week we made a gorgeous vegetable and lentil broth with dumplings (definitely THAT time of year) but, try as I might, it was difficult to take a decent photo of it. To be honest what ever angle and what ever light I had it still ended up looking totally the opposite of  mouthwatering so, in order not to put you off your next meal here's a picture of some apple crumble instead


Now for the stuffing. A little while ago a dear friend asked if I could make a few things for a local Christmas Fayre. Instantly my mind was whirling. That evening saw me dancing around the house looking for our old funnel, a bag of lavender I 'bought some time ago in order to do something with but never quite got around to and put somewhere safe', and cutting up a perfectly nice Laura Ashley skirt that had been on it's way back to the charity shop. The result?

Hearty hand warmers!

Spurred on by this I decided some felt flowers would be a good idea

but I quickly tired of the fiddly stitching so my mind turned to bunnies (as it often does). Another rummage in the charity bag yielded a skirt in a lovely fine needlecord. Sadly once this was stitched up it proved the 'devil itself' to stuff neatly - who'd have thought stuffing a bunny would be so stressful (feel free not to respond to this question)? After several viewings of tutorials and a grapple with a crochet hook I managed these

Not ideal and - hmmm - just a little naked?

That's better!

So - my little workshop is buzzing. My aim is to make just enough to buy the turkey but it's clear I've still got a long way to go. I've seen patterns for dachshund bookmarks, miniature teddies and Peter Pan collars. I want to make some tote bags and Christmas stockings. Candle holders? Maybe - oh and definitely some crochet snowflakes. So many ideas - so little time!

So far there's this 

I don't think I'll be ordering the home reared organic bronze just yet!

Hope you are all having good weeks - smiles if you are and hugs if you need one.



P.S. Hello to those of you who have just joined me - lovely to have you here!


  1. I do love a crafty basket full...purple cord bunnies could be the next big thing, very cute. Eco Ethel xx

  2. Ooh you have been busy! The bunnies in their scarves are so lovely. Keep at it! xx

  3. You have been a busy bee! Loving your holiday makes...and those yummy maple cookies and crumble must be providing good fuel! Chrissie x

  4. A lovely whimsical pist ... Just my cup of tea. Thank you

  5. What a lovely post, filled (stuffed!) with so much loveliness. And I'm still giggling at the image of you spending the day being accompanied personally by a man with a kettle drum - tee hee ;-) Thanks for making me smile.
    Enjoy the rest of the weekend,

  6. Your Liberty book win is gorgeous, lucky you! I am loving your bunnies in the basket, so sweet. Thanks for sharing all your lovely things on this post xox Penny

  7. Hello Mrs Bunnies with scarves...Loving the screen print and that book! off to check both out.... then off to bed as its 23.32 and I have a boot fair to attend early tomorrow?
    Bestest D x

  8. What a lucky girl to win such a fabulous book. Love the bunnies. Keep up the good work.
    Jacqui x

  9. That book looks so gorgeous! You have been busy with all your makes, love the little felt flowers.
    M x

  10. What a busy bee! That book looks really great and I love the sewing tidy, I really do need to get that area of my life organised! At least you have the stuffing (of the turkey) wrapped up with your wares... keep going my lovely. xx

  11. I think your bunnies look great with their little scarfs, well gone on winning that fab book! :) x

  12. Lovely basket of crafty goodness - I'm sure that super splendid turkey is easily within your grasp :)

  13. How lovely to hear that you're happy. What a fab prize to win. I love those fabrics and can see why you love the last one, gorgeous. Love your pretty makes all packed into that basket, so autumnal. Those bunnies are too cute for words ns their little scarves are so sweet. Nothing like a good crumble to warm the belly and heart. Enjoy the rest of your weekend xoxo

  14. Hi Jane what a fantastic post, thanks so much. Your creations are just wonderful, my favourites are the little flowers and the bunnies - so cute and huggable. I splashed out and bought the new Liberty book and it came yesterday - it is just gorgeous, so many things to make in it - I particularly loved the throw but my sewing skills are not just up to that standard but I adore the birds and would love a go at these. Well done on your prize - it was a fabulous things to win. Your little posy is so cute, how nice it is to receive something like this from someone we love - heaven. Have a wonderful week Jane, don't forget to take part in my giveaway which is on November 1st - do have a look.
    Lots of love
    Dorothy's Room

  15. You have been a busy bee, Jane. The bunnies look great. :o)

  16. I love your hamper of home crafted goodies. The Rabbits are fantastic and I would say worth the stress of stuffing them they look fabulous. Think you'll be getting your turkey after all.

  17. Gosh, you have been busy! I had a giggle about your lentil broth not photographing well - your crumble more than makes up for it. Looking forward to getting into Autumn soup-making myself. Lx

  18. Lovely post today, filled with gratitude and beautiful projects. I love the bunnies, even if they were a bit stressful to stuff.
    Hugs to you,

  19. What a happy post ... love your new book and the screenprint is fab ... Bee xx

  20. You have been very productive! Sweet rabbits and a lovely bouquet! : )

  21. What a nice post. You've been busy. Congratulations on your win, that looks like a beautiful book full of great projects. I love those rabbits, they're very folk-art, kind of primitive-art. They look great all dressed up. :)

  22. Adore your basket of bunnies!! And can't wait to see the crotched snowflakes.I love apple crumble.TTFN Pam.

  23. You have the makings of a beautiful craft table there, hope you sell it all. I have a fair in November and am in full production. Keep going. Jo xx

  24. How brave of you chopping up old clothing! I'd be too scared I'd mess up and waste a perfectly good skirt or whatever. But your makes looks great!

  25. Very productive, looks fab, keep it up.


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