Sunday, 12 January 2014


How the heckity heck did that happen? After the whirligig of Christmas the dust is finally beginning to settle (sadly literally as well as metaphorically) and my feet are slowly drifting back toward the ground. So many things have happened that it's tricky to know where to start so I'll begin with an image from my new Rob Ryan calendar.

 No stepping stones for us
Because we choose to stand together
And feel the icy water flowing between our toes
And around our ankles.
This water is not deep
But deep enough to make us feel alive with life
And with love.

Aaah that's nice isn't it?

Back to the everyday. Last week saw everyone return to work/ college/ university and I fully intended to settle down and compile lovely little boards of 'things that happened in 2013'. Sadly this was not to be. This darned family of mine insisted on being fed and having - wait for it - CLEAN clothes - as well as expecting the house to miraculously transform from a winter wonderland into a spick and span palace awaiting the return of Spring  (and so my imagination floats on...) Suffice to say as far as me old blog was concerned I just didn't know where to start. So I didn't. Then I started something else. 
Something different. 
Something new.
Do you want to see that something?
Get on with it!
Oh dear - I feel as though I've built it up too much now. I apologise.
Here it is.

It's a DOLL! It has bendy knees and everything.
Do you want to see it in colour?

Sadly the light isn't too condusive to picture taking at the moment but you get the idea.
Old dolly here was sitting on the table like this, quite happily minding her own business, when Little Sis entered the room with a shriek. Maybe I should have warned her? Maybe we've enjoyed too much Doctor Who? She was, shall we say, a little bit 'freaked'. I promised her that things would improve once old dolly had some hair - and so the wig making began.
Now Mr K and I go back a long way - eighteen years in fact - and yet I think even he was slightly worried when he saw me searching for tutorials on dolly wigmaking.
But it worked!
Want to see?
Excuse me while I have a quick word.

Come on dolly you're on camera

 Sit up properly

That's better.
Now give us a smile.

Cue the dramatic music




What's that? You can't smile yet? I'm going to have to give you ... a face?!

Oh dear - memories of distraught bunnies and manic elves are haunting me. I've been practising. I've bought a vanishing fabric marker and everything. And yet ...oh dear. It was all going so well.
Wish me luck dearest bloggy friends and please cross all that is possible to cross in the hope that old dolly here doesn't end up in the next Chucky movie. Now I'm off to search for a 'stitching a face on a rag doll' tutorial. Poor Mr K.




  1. It would be easier to stitch the face on before sewing the doll together, it will be trickier now but you can still do it. Practice drawing faces on paper until you get one you like and then transfer it to your doll.

  2. Happy new year to you too!

    Your doll's hair looks great to me. I love your Rob Ryan image - I hope you'll show us the calendar image every month!

  3. Your dolly is fabulous, as is her hair. Will look forward to the big face reveal..good luck.

  4. She's really great ... I can't wait to see her face ... Bee xx

  5. Brilliant, her hair is lovely, looking forward to seeing her little face too :) xx

  6. You are going to do just fine, her smile will be amazing, her eyes bright and sparkly. Hugs to you and good luck,

  7. I wonder what your search engine makes of what you go looking for!! As long as you are enjoying making her, that is the main thing! Hope you get back in the swing of things soon. xx

  8. Happy New Year to you and yours, Jane. Can't wait to see the dolly's face. :o)

  9. I love just sewing and having some "me" time after being so busy with family and household chores ( hope to have Wed to myself )
    Your dolly looks lovely bless,her, will she have a name?
    Thea x
    P.S. I have just been catching up, looks like you had a fab Christmas, loved the "cake off " and the pom poms !!

    1. Not sure on a name yet Thea - I'm going to wait for the face first - could be bride of Chucky! Have a lovely week x Jane

  10. Deep breathe in, and let it out...there, it's going to be just fine! I mean, look, she already has a fabulous floaty dress and gorgeous locks, two black dots and a tiny red heart for lips, sorted! You are so creative and clever, I'm sure even a grumpy pour would look good! Put the past doll behind you, this sweetie isn't a monster...! Chrissie x

  11. ~ She's coming on beautifully! I LOVE her polka dot dress ( I have one almost the same) Clever you!
    Twinkles ***
    Maria .

  12. Brilliant Jane she is great. A tip I find useful when doll-making - I can't do faces- find a good but plain face outline with simple features and trace it. You can then transfer the features to the fabric - before you make it up into the doll head. Umpteen methods of image transfer or just crayon the features thickly, reverse the paper, and go over the lines with the round end of a pencil or something and hey presto the crayon will transfer to your fabric. You can then stitch over the lines. This is the simplest level to start with.Good luck!

  13. Hello Dolly! Looking forward to seeing her little face. Happy new year to you!
    Marianne xx

  14. Be brave... it's only thread and won't scar her...much. xx

  15. Love the Roby Ryan picture - he is SO talented!
    Your doll is gorgeous - how TALL is she? I cannot work it out

    I read somewhere that dolls owned by Amish girls do not have faces- so that the children are encouraged to imagine the expressions in different situations.

    blessings x

    1. I'm so pleased with this calendar - I hadn't seen much of his work before but I love the quotes as much as the drawings. Old dolly here is about 24 inches tall - way bigger than I was expecting! Have a lovely week x Jane

  16. Dolls always look a little creepy before the face. I'd go really simple on her face ... less chance of making her a freak. The disappearing pen is THE best invention for embroidery. Stitches are easily removed with a little care if she starts to turn to the dark side. Did someone say Dr Who? Take a peak at my blog post today for a little surprise in that quarter ;) Wendy x

  17. Beautiful - I can't wait to see her evolve. I love her dress - I think I want one just like that! x

  18. Your extreeeeme close up did make me laugh. Faces are the thing that put me off making dolls. Actually, I seem to remember Waldorf dolls often have no faces so the children can imagine the faces themselves, but maybe *whispers* it's in truth because faces are really hard!

  19. Jane what a truly fabulous doll, I love her and can't wait to see her lovely face transforming her into a real thing of beauty - stitching faces is something I really struggle with so I am looking forward to seeing your little one and learning from you. A great post as always Jane, thanks so much. All my love


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