Sunday, 26 January 2014

She's Here!

Thank you so much for all your lovely comments on my last post - colds are rotten,stinky and should not be allowed but your kind words were a breath of fresh air and helped blow it out the window, down the street and hopefully off the edge of a cliff somewhere.

Since last weekend there's been a flurry of activity doll wise. Old no face has turned a corner. With the help of your wonderful advice, an invisible marker and an incredibly shaky hand she slowly developed a little character all of her own. Want to see?

Oh how I have enjoyed regressing to girlhood. What colour ribbon? Hair up or down? Button or flower?

I must admit I think my favourite bit is the old cotton lace on her bloomers!

In typical 'me' fashion though one is never enough.
I was on a roll.
Meet dolly number two.

She's even got a little crochet flower in her hair.

Oh the hair. Poor Mr K. You can imagine the conversations.

'I'm just off out with Jessie dog - do you fancy coming?'
'Oh for goodness sake don't make me talk when I'm concentrating.'
'Why - what are you doing?'
'What does it look like I'm doing?'
'I'm making a wig for dolly.'

No reply.

Not sure what to do with them now though. I'm thinnnnnnnnkkkkkkking of maybe opening an etsy shop (gulp?) What do you think? Have any of you sold anything through etsy? Would you recommend it?

Anyhooooo I'm off for a lovely Sunday dinner cooked by Mr K (I've requested a large portion of roast potatoes - my desert island food) , followed by a night in front of the fire with my knitting and 'The Musketeers'.

Have a good week everyone - in spite of the weather Spring is definitely on the way!



  1. They are super gorgeous. I think you have to be careful on Etsy because they may need CE marks, but check it out I am not sure of the criteria. Great work Jane glad you are feeling better. Jo x

  2. They are beautiful!! I especially like the hair of the second one!! Hope that whatever you decide to do re a shop it goes really well. xx

  3. Jane these are just fabulous and I love it - go for it, you have nothing to lose and I am sure that all of us will be 100% behind you and telling everything about your wonderful shop. You made a lovely job of these two, I love them - big well done hugs to you

  4. Yay for a face!!!! she is a cutie and so is the other one too....Just go for don't know what will happen until you try....
    bestest D xxxxxx

  5. So glad you are feeling better and the 'lurgy' has gone! Well done with the dolls, the faces are so cute and I love the bloomers! Hope the roast potatoes went down well. Take care. xx

  6. What beautiful dollies. I love the red polka dot frock and the lacy bloomers. I don't have any advice regarding etsy but hope what ever you choose to do will be successful, you certainly have a talent.

  7. Jane, the ladies are perfectly lovely. I think you have done and amazing job with them and I think they would be a big hit on Etsy.

  8. The dollies are fabulous, Jane. The hardest bit about selling on Etsy is the thinking about it before you start. 1."What will I do if nobody buys my stuff?" 2. "What will I do if they do?" and so on and so on. Answer to number 1 - so what? You had fun making them, didn't you? Answer to number 2 - yay! Make more! Good luck! :o)

  9. They're both absolutely lovely! I'm sure they'd definitely be popular on Etsy! x

  10. Hey Jane!! I like your new banner!!

  11. Give it a go. The dolls are lovely. What have you got to lose!

  12. Lovely dolls. So sweet to see them come to life. Good Luck with your plans x

  13. I like both of your dolls but I'm particularly drawn to the one in the spotty dress!:)

  14. They are both so pretty, well done. X

  15. The dolls are so sweet. I've had an Etsy shop for a few years. Never actually listed anything for sale in it though. One

  16. Oh these dollies are a delight and I think you would have some fun with opening a wee shop on etsy...I have a shop and I really enjoy it...good luck x

  17. ~ Way be h i n d....But just had to see those sweet dollies..Wow they are the bees knees...I'm thinking you are a clever lady!!!
    ~ I like your new banner too...Grabs your attention!
    ~ A little secret, Jane, I LOVE green too...I feel grounded and safe in all shades of green..It's a mother earth colour after all..
    Twinkly hugs Maria x


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