Thursday, 20 February 2014

Thankyou - and a biscuit!

Here she is!

No - she doesn't need the toilet she's waving to say hello and thank you to all the wonderful creative chums out there who helped her slightly baffled maker decide what to dress her in. 
I must admit I've been quite blown away by the amount of ideas that came rolling in - all of which were fantastic and have certainly got me old grey matter all of a flutter.
I'm approaching my one hundredth post (gulp) soon so will have to try and organise some sort of giveaway type thingy as a thank you for all of your inspiration. 

But for now may I offer you a biscuit?

One of my favourite quick bakes from Mary Berry - I can't find a direct link so here it is

Fork Biscuits

4 ounces (100g) butter 
2 ounces (50g) sugar
5 ounces (150g) self raising flour
(you can substitute a bit of flour with cocoa if you wish - mmmmmmm.....)

Beat butter and sugar together.
Add flour.
Roll into balls and press down lightly with fork to create pretty looking discs (if you keep dipping the fork in water it shouldn't stick)
Place on a greased baking tray and bake at 180 degrees F for about fifteen minutes or until the kitchen smells heavenly and the dog refuses to budge from the oven door.
Leave to cool ( ha - who does that!)


Meanwhile little bunnykins is going to hop on over to Etsy with her new raggy friend - 

(look - she's waving too - it's amazing what you can do with a few pins ;))

Thanks again you lovely lot!




  1. Awww, the bunny is gorgeous. Great job, Jane. :o)

  2. Mrs Bunny looks very happy, so does her dolly friend!! I am sure that they will find new homes very soon! xx

  3. The bunny looks great in her little outfit, as does her pal. I'd love to try the biscuits but haven't got a dog, can you assist with a loan of your's. Ps I'm very fond of animals and might be a bit slow in returning it!

  4. Your bunny looks so pretty all dressed up, I like the sound of your biscuits.

  5. Your bunny looks very sweet and I bet she was impressed with the way the centre front daisy's centre perfectly matches her cardi! Couture style coordination!

  6. Good luck with the shop...I'm sure she'll take the biscuit. xx

  7. Both gorgeous and I'm going to give those biscuits a go.

  8. I want a sweater just like bunny's. Thanks for the biscuit recipe, and the cocoa idea!

  9. Hi Jane sorry I have been absent this week, it has been a busy one. I adore your bunny and your lovely doll, they are both stunning. How clever you are Jane. The biscuits look so delicious and I shall certainly be trying out this recipe. Have a fabulous weekend Jane, lots of hugs and loves

  10. Speaking of biscuits.....I have a friend that just returned from visiting England and one of the things she brought me was Hobnobs???? They are DELICIOUS ♥♥. I found out I can purchase them from Amazon :-)

    Have a JOYful weekend!!

  11. She looks just divine in her frock and cardigan! I love the other gorgeous gal as well! Chrissie x

  12. She's adorable ... definitely the best dressed bunny in town ... Bee xx

  13. The bunny looks terrific! Very spiffy. :)

  14. Clever old you, two new little 'people' and a plate of yummy biscuits - get in! Lx

  15. How utterly gorgeous though I did like the flashing version too! x

  16. Oh yes, I'd love to have one of your delicious biscuits. Excited to see your little bunny found some clothes embellished with daisies. :-)

  17. Little bunny looks just perfect in her lovely new clothes.
    Marianne x

  18. Lovely post and the biscuits look yummy! Xxx


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