Sunday, 16 February 2014

The Plight of the Naked Bunny

I supposed the title to this post has given it away. You see, I came across a pair of the softest flannel sheets in a charity shop recently and immediately had grand ideas of creating a horde of snuggly creatures to furnish my Etsy shelves. So the other night I sat and I snipped and I stitched and stuffed until - tadah - a bunny was born! 

Stuffed with a little lavender and with a 'not too scary' face I went to sleep dreaming of how many more I could make with the 72 million yards of sheeting I had left.

Not tooooo scary!

When I woke I couldn't wait to take some pictures but in the cold light of day I noticed something. Something more than a little disconcerting. You see my poor old bunny only looked half complete. In fact she looked more than a little NAKED! 

Bless my invisible whiskers!

I immediately headed for my buttons but the tinkers won't lie still on her tummy whilst I try to arrange them. 

Mr K suggested that I cut up one of his old ties and make a mini schoolboy bunny. I toyed with the idea of a Parisian artist type - sporting a beret and a spotty kerchief. I've seen lovely pictures of little bunnies in pretty pinafores but I wanted mine to be a little different. 

At one point I even started to crochet a little jacket 

Oh now what a good idea

but soon realised that with nothing underneath she looked a bit like a naughty flashing bunny. 


Mr K and Little Sis noticed she had more than a passing resemblance to Jar Jar Binks 


and then went on to make some alternative suggestions as to how she could be - er - modified. None of which I wish to repeat here I might add. Bad Mr K. 

So it is to you - my dear creative bloggy buddies - that I turn. What should I do? Can you help? Do you think she should stay au naturel or should she maintain some level of decency? Come on you creative chappies -  can you help a bunny in her plight? Any suggestions would be most gratefully received and I assure you will be far better than any I can think of!

Thanking youuuuuuuuuu in advance!




  1. I don't think she looks bad naked, she's a really well-made bunny! But I did laugh at the flashing...dirty old bunny? Haha. Maybe a little dress or skirt to go under her cardigan. I'm sure whatever you make will be lovely. :)

  2. I think an elasticated skirt underneath and then the jacket with a ribbon tie at the top, it doesn't matter if her tummy is showing. (I didn't even know I had an opinion on naked bunnies until just now!) Jo x

  3. How about a rain coat and Welles to keep her dry. No that's not glam enough. She' good legs so how about a holiday in the sun outfit to chase away the winter gloom.
    S xx

  4. How about a garland of little flowers around her neck that's long enough to cover her dignity?

    She's gorgeous as she is though, and will remain so I'm sure, whatever you decide.

  5. Aw she's lovely Jane! I made a stripy bunny this week at my sewing class ... My husband said it looks like Jar jar binks wearing a deck chair ... xx

  6. Pop over to this blog she makes Bunnys also.

  7. A waistcoat, featuring some of those delicious buttons that I glimpsed!
    Jacqui x

  8. I see vertical stripped pants and suspenders.....a bow tie? In my sewing days I have made a few ♥♥

  9. I like him/her naked ... I'm not sure what that says about me! :oD

  10. She is a lovely bunny, but I do think that she needs something, what about a simple shift dress, no sleeves or waist, it would look quite modern, so not too fussy and old fashioned and not lots of work, and then she could still wear her little crochet jacket over the top, and also it would be easy for her to change outfits if she got some more made in her new home? Just a suggestion. xx

  11. I agree ... a little shift dress underneath her little crochet jacket would be perfect!

  12. What about a range of Bunnies with hobbies or occupations... with those ears a pilot maybe some retro goggles and a sheepskin jacket..
    Artist, Gardener, Chef, Dancer, Ice skater... Snowboarder ...Winter Olympics all very current... Smiles Cass x

  13. I see a country bunnikin ..denim, checks with carrot accessories.xx

  14. Ha a sweetie! and loving the face...I think she needs a little vintage print somewhere along the way..mmm.... what about a 1940's wrap around overall...with a hole for the tail?
    bestets d x

  15. You could fashion a toga with a white handkerchief...a crochet tunic dress might be straightforward...then with future bunnies, you could always sew the body in a different fabric to give the appearance of dungarees or a swimming costume...Chrissie x

  16. Gorgeous bunny, your/our wrestling twins love to travel and have taken up residence in the Volvo.

  17. She needs a sweet little dress with cute bloomers underneath, and she is adorable, not like Jar Jar Binks at all.

  18. Hmmm, I just left a comment but it doesn't seem to have registered.

    I wanted to thank you for your visit and kind comment. And to say that it is indeed a small world.

    And then, I complimented you on that sweet little flannel bunny and offered the following wardrobe idea. I thought you might continue the theme set by the flannel and make the bunny some pajamas or a nightgown. That way, the bunny would be a perfect companion for a child who might not always want to go to bed on time.

    Best wishes!

  19. Little knitted figleaves?OR a cute little pinnie made from a vintage hankie?Kind regards PAM

  20. With that colour green how about making it an Irish bunny with a little bit of shamrock in her hand or his.

  21. How about a pretty nightdress? I think she's mighty cute
    love Jooles x x x


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