Friday, 18 April 2014

A 'Stern Word'!

So there I was sitting in the sunshine wondering what I really should be doing with my day when I heard a bit of huffing and puffing. Looking down I could see little glove mouse making his way through the forget me nots.

 He wasn't humming his usual happy tune. In fact on closer inspection he was looking a bit cross.

After waxing lyrical about the wonderful sunny weather and enquiring as to whether he had yet spotted the new baby blackbird, I realised that he hadn't come to pass niceties.
He wanted to have a 'stern word'.
He reminded me that it had been some time since I had promised that I would give his new chums some faces.

 Much as he liked Miss Mildred and Springtime Bunny they were spending more and more time in the school room and didn't want to listen to his mousey musings. Much as he had tried conversing with new chums he pointed out the the conversations were unsurprisingly one sided. He wanted to know what I was going to do about it and, more importantly, when? 
I assured him that I hadn't been completely shirking as I had been busy stitching a zip in my skirt for Daisy's sewalong.

He was suitably unimpressed.
There was no excuse he argued and so, with the promise of some mousey help, I set to.
He fetched the needle, thread and scissors.

He helped me thread the needle using my big middle aged magnifier.

He got quite excited when he saw the first eye appear 
(but then panicked when he saw what I was doing to the nose!)

Fears allayed, he watched with wonder as two little bunny faces appeared.

And before I knew it they'd ran off to the material basket to select some suitable fabric for little bunny clothes.

Sometimes a 'stern word' is all we need to get something done!

I'd like to remind any of you who don't already know that we'll be having a little bloggy get together soon. From the responses so far I think Shugborough is going to be the place to meet, and it will be some time during the Spring break. Currently I'm looking at Friday 30th May, but it's always easy for me to forget that not everybody has the same holidays as teachers, so if the Saturday suits better please let me know. There's quite a happy little gang of us so far, so please let me know if you'd like to join us - it should be fun! I'll post final details on Sunday evening.

Meanwhile I'll leave you with a picture of the cheeky little trio having fun with some currant leaves!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend wherever you are.



  1. Their little faces look adorable. Now that they all have eyes I think they'll soon realize that they're all NAKED!! I think there's more work ahead of you Jane ;) Wendy x

    1. Naughty bunnies! Best get on to it a.s.a.p!

  2. Hi there ...loved how the story unfolded .. I think I need a stern word (with myself ) too .... I made Lottie a rag doll almost 2 years ago with the promise of a friend..... a knitted fairy shortly after ( sheepishly) I have to admit the fairy consists of a head/ body with 2 arms (not sewn together) Oh dear that's not good is it ? The new buddies seem to be enjoying themselves in the sunshine :) Wishing you a lovely Easter :)

    1. Thank you! As for your fairy - I think we've all got a scary limbless toy somewhere in our 'to do' box - well done for having a go!

  3. Please don't tease us with a glimpse of your skirt...we need to see it all!

  4. You've made me smile a wide smile with this post. Yes, facial embroidery might seem rather severe, but...just look at the brilliant results. Your trio are definitely fully enjoying springtime flowers and sunlight,while they wonder if they might soon be required to also add clothes to their charming selves.

    Wish that I weren't an ocean away. Your upcoming get together sounds grand, and the location looks sublime.

    Happy Easter! xo

  5. Mice can be fierce and stern can' they. Love Miss Mildred and Springtime Bunny's faces. Now Glove Mouse can have lots of lots of lovely conversations.
    Happy Easter!
    Jacqui xx

  6. Ha-ha! So fun! I'm sure those little faces took no time at all and yet we tend to put off the easiest of tasks for some reason. :) 2 days of our Spring Break left and then it is back to school. Not looking forward to it at all. I like having free time to create and play. Best wishes to you, Tammy

  7. Sweet.. I think they all look perfectly happy in their nakedness... however wonder it might be worth considering making them all underwear first so as not to leave two and then one completely naked thus possibly creating some sort of emotional issue later in life... Smiles Cass x

  8. Hi Jane, just loved this post. Sometimes a stern word works wonders. Your garden is full of colour., goes to show how much further north I am, our gardens are no where near as colourful, yet. Looks like a great venue for your meet up. Looking forward to hearing all about it.
    S xx

  9. I hate to whisper this but you might just have got a touch too much sun in the garden,,,,lol!
    I absolutely adore the little bunny faces and envy your ability in creating their appealing features.

  10. They are all so adorable and so are you!

  11. I hate stitching onto dolls' faces! Silly me but I get queasy! Yours are so lovely, looking right at home in the garden. I'd love to get together with bloggy friends but life is a bit busy at the moment. Have a great meet-up!

  12. I did flinch a bit with thinking about the needle through the nose! Ouch! I would love to come along and meet with you but I think it will be a bit too far for that weekend, what a great idea though xx

  13. Don't they look adorable. Mouse is a very clever boy. :)

  14. Lovely Jane I just wanted to wish you and your wonderful Family a Happy Easter, have an eggfastic time and thank you for all your fabulous support. I love the bunnies and your skirt - I can never get noses right when I am sewing them - yours are fabulous, would love a tutorial Jane. Warm hugs and loves

  15. So sweet looks like they had fun.

  16. They look so cute wandering along through the forget me nots!

  17. Ah boo - I won't be able to make that weekend for the get-together as I have a wedding to go to. I hope you all have a lovely time though, and well done on those wonderful bunnies and their cheeky little faces!

  18. sweet sweet.....cute cute xx

  19. We are away in Wales that week so can't make your get together but I'm sure you will all have fun.....maybe next time?
    The bun yes look sweet with there faces on and can't wait to see what clothes they end up with. Xxx

  20. This was just the cutest post. Your little mouse and his bunny friends with new faces, are just darling...and your story and photos, charming! xoxo


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