Sunday, 10 August 2014

Catch up!

You'd think that my excuse for being absent for such a long time might be really interesting. Perhaps I've been hiking the Himalayas or rescuing rare sloths from the forests of Peru. In that case I must apologise. Life at the moment has just quietly been slipping by and before you know where you are it's the middle of August. 

Summer holidays always mean particular things for us. All year we'll discuss things that might need doing in the house and happily put it on our 'to do in the holidays' list. This allows us to feel like we are actually addressing certain issues in a methodical manner without actually lifting a finger. Needless to say the list is never finished. But we have been busy decorating. Want to see?

This is my favourite bit at the moment. Or at least it was until Mum told me it was the same colour as a double yellow line. And yes the picture is a bit dark and a bit wonky but I was trying to focus whilst sitting on the piano. Poor Jessie dog didn't know what was happening. I suppose I should have closed the lid first.
I don't have a photo of our living room but that's now a lovely sash red - strangely making me look forward to cold Winter days when we can light candles and have a crackling fire! And then there's the perennial glossing - yawwwwwwwwwwwwn.

Back to Summer!

We've had a fair few day trips. Last week we visited Biddulph Grange in a vain attempt to actually make use of our National Trust membership. It was beautiful. 

This bit however is always my favourite.

Although feeding the fish was a close second!

We also enjoyed a trip to Ludlow which took us through the most stunning Shropshire scenery. I thought of  the lovely Dorothy as we passed the turn for Blists Hill. We bought sweet peas from the market - aaaaah the fragrance - frequented the charity shops (for that is the law), and wandered along past the castle to the river. I wish I could show you the pictures but no - they are stuck on my little iPad thing and I haven't got a clue how to get them off. They are very nice though! 

 Back home the obligatory holiday jigsaw is taking up the kitchen table.

Anyone else enjoy a good jigsaw? Mr K is baffled by them and can not understand why you would spend so much time putting something together that ultimately gets taken apart again!

 And crochet? Ah yes there has been a little of that. Inspired by Jennifer I decided to make a start on the Flowers in the Snow blanket. Now bear in mind that my half finished king size ripple is approaching it's third birthday you might have thought that I would concentrate my efforts on getting that finished but no - not me - I delved into my stash and happily started crocheting little round flower things.

Only one hundred and fifty to go!

Other than that there isn't much more to report. Poor old mum hasn't been too well and is waiting for a pacemaker, and poor old Jessie dog is still struggling with her arthritis. But we're lucky - some of the news stories of late serve to prove that.

So there we go. An uneventful catch up perhaps but a catch up nonetheless!
Hopefully next time there might be something more exciting to report.

In the mean time - what would you do with this marrow?



  1. I would definately carve the marrow into a veggie-mobile. I find summer a strange time and it does seem to slip by.I always feel a weight of expectation to do ...lots of stuff. I have been busy picking (those black podded mangetout? look amazing) lots of courgettes,beans etc.Also I have a champion blackberry picker -my son- who has picked lots and lots,so I have also been in the kitchen a LOT to prepare various jams crumbles etc.I am not complaining! I love this time of year.Flissx

  2. It sounds like you have been enjoying your summer, time slips away so quickly. Love your projects and I will be sending positive thoughts out to your Mum.

  3. Oh Jane - your little crochet rounds are gorgeous - I really love the colours. As to the marrow - I 'd cut it in half , fill it with a bolognaisey sauce, and grate lots of cheese on top, yum !
    Have a good week, Kate x

  4. Are you sure that you weren't rescuing Sloth's in Peru!! Just kidding, I love the thought though. I hope that your Mum gets her operation soon and that she is much better once she has had it done. I hope that you have a good rest of the summer whatever you are up to - decorating, puzzle or visiting Peru. xx

  5. I hope your mum gets her pacemaker soon and that she feels much better when it's done. I also hope that Jessie dog isn't in too much pain. Gentle hugs to both of them. Enjoy the rest of the summer, Jane. It passes by so quickly that it'll be Christmas before we know it.

  6. Your circles are looking great so far! It sounds like you're having a good summer. I hope your mother is better soon, and your Jessie dog is okay too.

  7. Love the colourful little round things! Hope your Mum feels better soon.
    Jacqui xx

  8. Sounds and looks like you have been having a great summer.

  9. I have an infinished quilt which is also celebrating a 3 or 4th birthday so do not worry about it. It iwll get done eventually sometimes we need more than one thing on the go to keep our brains on the go too.

  10. Don't think I'd eat the marrow whatever else I might do with it. The skin gets too hard at that size.

    Of course you had to start another blanket. I have just finished two and have two others started and the yarn ready to start another.

  11. Oh, marrow and ginger jam, no contest!

  12. Great to catch up on your news. We have never been to Biddulph Grange but we are only 3 miles away from Blists Hill but I have never caught Dorothy there yet, we have tried. I made a massive vat of courgette and pesto soup yesterday. You could do that with the flesh. It was yummy. Jo x

  13. I love the colour you have painted the room! That yellow is so bright and cheerful, and please post the red room soon as well. I can't wait to see how they look in candlelight!
    With the marrow, stick some eyes on it and sit it at the dining room table as a guest, it looks too good to eat! But if you must eat it, then the idea of marrow and ginger jam seems good to me!

  14. Oh my you've been quite busy, unlike me, I've just been quite lazy and AWOL. That is the color of our bedroom so I love it. Hope your Mum is well soon.

  15. Hi Jane,lovely photos,it's good to get out visiting other places,we went to Longshaw Hall in Derbyshire they too had a fabulous kitchen garden that I fell in love with! Your colourful little circles are so pretty.Hope your Mum is well soon,enjoy your weekend.Ttfn Pam

  16. Good on you starting something new before finishing something old...makes the world go round don't ya know? Keeps us all alert and interesting...mmmm?
    bestest daisy.
    Ps Tell your Mum that yellow lines colour is one of my faves!

  17. Just catching up on my blog reading Jane. So sorry to hear about you Mum and I hope she is sorted out soon with the pacemaker and relaxing without the stress of it all. Crochet? Oh my word, I think I could crochet with the cobwebs that are surrounding my WiP corner!! Embarrassing to think that I have not touched my hook this year. So ashamed!


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