Saturday, 30 August 2014

Yarndale Shout Out!

Hello from the blogging stranger over here at PJ mansions! I've just had a reminder from Angel Jem about meeting up at Yarndale - something I had mentioned back here - and was wondering if there are any takers. I think I'm going to try and get there on the Saturday so how about we all meet up at the main entrance at 1pm? What do you think? Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Hope you are all okay out there - I have been lurking (ooh dear that does sound spooky) but haven't quite got my blogging act together again yet!

So with a meet up in mind I'll leave you with the words of Brian Ferry - 
'Let's get together
Come on come on let's get together
I've made a mouse and the tail is made of leather.'
- at least that's how I think it goes.



  1. Hi Jane I'm going on Saturday. It would be great to meet up again. xxx

  2. That's great Melanie will post more details soon!

  3. I'm on for 1pm at the main entrance! I'm actually there both days (it's a weekend break for me and the Princess) so I'll have a Mini Me there as well. Do you think we should post about a meet up on our own blogs as well to pass the word? We could end up with the biggest Blog meet in Yorkshire that weekend! ;o)

    1. Great idea - look forward to meeting you and mini you!

  4. If I was going I would love to meet up, but sadly I'm not! Perhaps next year instead!! I hope that you have a wonderful time and look forward to hearing all about it!!! xx

  5. I wish I were able to go but I doubt I will. I will enjoy reading all your blog posts about it.

  6. I'm going to be there at some stage but going with my husband and not sure what sort of time we'll be there. Maybe we'll bump into each other. I'm hoping to waer my new crocheted skirt for the event - if it's finished on time! It is brown with green, greyish blue and brown round the bottom. If you see me say hello.


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