Thursday, 2 October 2014

Thank you

Another short post. 

Thank you for all your lovely comments regarding Jessie dog. She's still with us - in fact she seems to rally back to puphood on occasion - but it's very much a one step forward, two step back time for her. Her sight has now gone completely so there's a fair amount of bumping into things, and her hearing has almost disappeared, but it's her back legs which are making things difficult. Mind you she soon regains her spark when she knows it's dinnertime (much like myself!) So for now we are just enjoying being with her and making her as comfortable and as loved as we can.

Mum has also had a bit of a rough time of it. Different complications following her surgery have resulted in a worrying round of hospital appointments, scans, blood tests etc. Things still aren't 'fixed' yet but hopefully heading that way.

So in one way we haven't done much but in another we seem to have been non stop. In between all this we've had a new bathroom put in (two weeks with workmen, an intermittent water supply and a slightly incontinent dog has been badly timed in more ways than one!) Now that's almost done we can breathe a sigh of relief and actually bathe in our own home again!

But Autumn is here. And I know I'm not alone in loving this time of year. The boots are out and the cardigans are on. We've enjoyed a couple of open fires so far and need to go candle shopping to replenish our stocks. Nights are drawing in but the future is looking brighter that it has done for a little while.

I do hope that you are all safe and well and able to appreciate the change of the seasons.

Back soon with 'proper' news.



  1. Look after yourself Jane - sounds like its very busy round your way, and a little stressful too. Keep enjoying the Autumn !
    Kate x

  2. Take care Jane, I hope that life can be a little less busy for you this month and that your Mum is OK - and that things get a little easier with Jessie too. xx

  3. Sending you a big supportive hug, Jane, you sure need it! Hang in there, life will find it's balance...Chrissie x

  4. Hope your mum keeps better and is soon completely well again.

  5. Oh we have a very poorly cat at the moment so I can sympathise.
    Hope things stay calm for you. xxx

  6. Hope your sweet dog and your sweet Mom are all fixed up soon, so much to worry about.

  7. Jane, this post of yours is so full of spirit, and love and wisdom.

    You've such a good take on all of what does make up our daily lives. I think that is a reason that I do keep wanting to visit here. I send you and yours my best wishes, hoping that this Autumn will treat you all well.


  8. Hi jane, I just found your blog and I'm very happy I did. I was visiting at Kirsten's blog and saw your comment . Love your blog and will come back to visit you again. Hope your dog is doing ok and your mom is getting better. I'm now one of your newest followers. Come visit when you have some time :)


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