Saturday, 10 August 2013

Aaaaugust ...

Better late than never - my calendar page for August

'Puss 'n Boots' By Herbert Laupin

It's been a bitty month so far - lots going on but nothing really to write home about. So I'll put it here instead!

Little Sis turned sixteen

Part of her present included a bedroom makeover so out with the girly yellow and in with the - gulp - all white with one black wall look. It actually looks fab but as I keep reminding her if she wants to thoroughly achieve a minimalist look she does have to tidy up after herself - not sure if that one will work! To inject some colour we spent a pleasurable evening sticking bits of paper onto the back of a perfectly nice dressing table mirror.

This wasn't quite finished but I then went out for the evening and on return realised the wonderfully helpful Mr K had reinstated them on the dressing table. Hm. 

We've enjoyed glorious evening walks

With gorgeous skies

Loved this cloud

Regularly checked our fruit harvest

Just enough to keep the birds happy

Had a wonderful day trip to Buxton with its glorious opera house and pavilion (more on this another time)

Took some odd photographs

Underside of fern

Vapour moth caterpillar - we called him Leonard

Ridiculously big dogs - look at the bin for scale!

I've finally finished my crocheted object! 

It's a bag! I do realise however that I can only buy attractive objects to go inside - none of your reduced prawn butties in here.

And I have another project on the needles - this time I'm going to attempt a fancy nancy lace shawl although I'm finding the mohair blend a bit of a bind.

So do you see what I mean? Lots of stuff going on but none of it particularly newsworthy or indeed vaguely interesting. So I'll leave you with a happy picture - happy for me because the fact I'm looking up has given me an instant face lift (I'm going to insist Mr K stands on a ladder for all my forthcoming portaits)!

Enjoy the weekend!




  1. I love this noteworthy and interesting post. Funny re: the minimalist mess. Adorable paper project...I am off to go pull down that ladder and round up my hubby!

  2. Hee hee, I just love your facelift! You're looking lovely. It seems to me that you're having a very nice month so far. Those dogs really are large, wow! And I love what you did with the mirrors, that's very pretty.

  3. Happy sweet 16th birthday to Big Sis xx

    I love the idea of an instant face lift, better than a very tight ponytail that I seem to be adorning lately (it's so gorgeous when I take it down at night though :-D ) I'd love to read more about Buxton as I want to visit there, probably next year.

    Have a great weekend xx

  4. I love this post - lots of things about it make me smile! I am envious of your cloud picture, I have yet to get a good one, it is lovely! The updated dressing table bits look wonderful! And, I adore Leonard! Name suits him. xxxx

  5. Oops! Forgot to say that is a great surgery free face lift idea! AND, I really adore that Puss n Boots! x

  6. What a stunner...
    I mean you silly !!!! not the caterpillar......Duh!
    Mind you that calender is a beauty too...can you show me October?
    Its my birthday in October and i always like a nice calender page to go with.
    bestest Daisy j x

  7. My daughter and I often take photos of ourselves with the camera held up high so we have to look up at it. It does a fair job of eliminating signs of double chins. Maybe we should try the photographer up the ladder technique! :oD

  8. Love the facelift photo - my hubby is a whole foot taller than me, so this gives me hope that the face he's seeing is more like this and not the face I see looking straight on at the mirror! ;-} The bag is fab, worthy of only organic foods and fancy frocks for sure! Chrissie x

  9. You put a real smile on my face with this post. Thank you! It's exactly what I needed at 3:20 in the morning grumpy cos I can't sleep.
    I must say though, that is one seriously ugly caterpillar.

  10. ~ Hello, Jane!
    Such a great summer post! Capturing the wonderful days you have enjoyed! ~ Don't know about you but I want this summer to last for always..Greedy of me I know! Hugs Maria x

  11. Hi there Jane
    Lovely to hear from you again, I really must put your blog on my sidebar to remind me of your new posts! I love your posh crochet bag, I really must get round to making one or two of those :o) Quite nice Christmas pressies with some post nosh inside me thinks!!
    Love that you managed to pop some colour into your daughter's room, I am waiting for my sweet almost 13 year old to request a black wall or to sleep on a mattress on the floor and be like a student (which I did much to my parents horror!).
    I love your welcome banner, brilliant and also that you are a bit of a local celeb, I have yarn bombed in my seaside town but sadly saw that the poor thing had faded somewhat a few weeks ago and might just need to do some more courageous yarn bombing come this autumn.
    I'm also really impressed with you knitting with mohair, I just can't get on with it, it's so skinny and whispy I feel like I'm getting nowhere when I knit with it as much as I would love to have a mohair scarf or shawl. I bough a couple of skeins of yarn in Spain, so am eager to get cracking with those...enjoy the rest of your weekend xox Penny

  12. Lovely photos. I love that caterpillar, what a find! Jo x

  13. Ooh, I must try that with the portrait shots :D

    Certainly looks like you're packing plenty in this summer!

  14. Oops, I forgot to say Happy Birthday to Big Sis! Are you having one of those 'how old?' moments? I did with all of mine when they reached 16.

  15. Great photos and I love your crochet bag, very pretty colour and yip you must only use it for posh items! Happy birthday to little sis also.
    M x

  16. Lovely photos. Happy birthday to Big Sis, love the wallpaper idea!

  17. Happy Birthday to Ms 16!! My daughter got a room makeover about that age too ... also minimalist (how she survives in the rest of the clutter-home I've no idea!). But I had to paint LIME green on her walls. It's still on there, but she has now grown tired of it and wants a change (Good!!). I'll be thinking of a new colour when she goes back to university (this will eventually be MY sewing room after all). Ha! Your random snippets of life in general sound quite pleasurable and non-stressful. Why was Mr K on the ladder? Just curious. Enjoy the rest of your week. I've been quite slow at getting around to my fellow bloggers lately ... wonder if summertime has anything to do with it. Wendy PS your crochet bag is lovely :)

  18. Dear Jane
    You have been very busy indeed but in truth I popped round because I had read on BoBo Bun's blog that you needed to sort out your bosoms. Now I don't mean to pry but I admit that I was intrigued by this comment. I will have to be satisfied with admiring the colour of your mohair blend, you wonderful knitting skills, your face lift (copyrightable? Dragon's Den?) and cake making and paper collaging. All very nice indeed
    Best wishes

  19. Dear Jane
    Thank you so much for the bosom update - I can rest easy today and go about my business with my apron strings pulled extra tight

    Best wishes


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