Saturday, 24 August 2013

Witter me not!

Or in the words of the late, great Frankie Howerd 'titter ye not' (but his version does not apply as readily to this post). No. This post came about following a recent conversation with Mr K. He took it upon himself to put forward an observation that perhaps - without the loooong summer break we have just spent together - he might have kept to himself. Under his hat as it were. An observation that had we not been together for a ridiculous amount of time I could have taken great offence to and waltzed away in a wonderfully dramatic fashion.

 Are you ready? 
He said that I witter.
Can you imagine?
Me - a wittererrrer.

Sadly I know that it's true. Even my thoughts are wittery. Most people develop a sort of filter that allows only important words of any significance to be uttered whereas I seem to have missed that evolutionary step. 
I have a faulty filter.
In an effort to rectify this I have given myself a challenge. Those of you out there who have heard of the haiku will know that beautiful imagery can be presented with very few words. I am going to follow this path with as few words as possible. Indeed I am only going to use three words for each image. I call the following a selection of 'triku's'!

Here we go.

Finished a shawl

Started a cardigan

Borrowed a book
(hello Mr Toe)

Bought a pot

And some spoons

Looked at plums

Dreamed of boats

Admired some rust

Laughed at this

Picked some tomatoes

Nursed poorly dog

Drove past this

Howled at moooooon

There we go.
How was that?
Hard for me!
I'd rather witter.
What think ye?

Bye for now




  1. Bloody brilliant...bypassing that 'faulty witter filter' an all
    ....must have taken you ages bet you had to delete a lot of witter as you went.....

    blah blah blah witter witter witter...

    gold star for you today
    Daisy xxxx

  2. You did fantastic. Three word sentences. Still say lots. Love the shawl. Love the cardigan.
    Hugs to you.

  3. Absolutely love it! (see three words!) Jo x

  4. Witter Jane, witter! Hubby is daft. You are brill. Keep taking pics. We'll follow still! Witter Jane, witter! Cx

  5. That's a beautiful shawl. In the thumbnail it looked like blue lacy knickers! I was rather intrigued! Are those your Greengages? Delish! Hope your dog is all better. Witter away! xx

  6. There's nothing wrong with wittering. I do it all the time except I call it blethering! :oD

  7. Dear Jane
    Witter, why not? Witter, me too! Love the Dalek! This is catching. Great fun post. Keep on wittering.
    Best of wishes

  8. Love the dalek I bet there were a few surprised passersby!

  9. Is that a dalek made of hay? Well, I never. :)

  10. You did great.
    I also love your wonderful wittering . :)

  11. Jane, your clever attempt notwithstanding - welcome to the World of Witterers! You've read my blog - do I witter? In spades! Wittering is wot blogs are ABOUT! Get over it! Hey, I can do succinct - if I try, but....heck...why blog if you're going to be succinct?

    Anyway, having wittered already, I'd like to say: love that shawl, wow, how fine is that! / Good luck with the cardigan, love the colour./So many of my friends seem to either own narrow boats, live on them, or are in the process of doing up very very wrecked looking narrow boats, or have just had holidays on a narrow boat. Seriously, they are all at it and I'm SO jealous. I'm afraid, (witter it not) a caravan just doesn't cut the mustard, does it?

    Hoping your pooch is well again. Carry on withering! Lx

  12. Love your wittering. Makes me smile. Hope doggie's better. Don't give up! :)

  13. I love your posts just as they are witter and all. It's part of who you are and makes your posts personable and very enjoyable.
    Love the shawl by the way.
    Rosie xx

  14. Well done, three word were perfect for each photo, is your little dog on the mend now?

  15. Ooh I love a good witter Jane! We'd be no good together having a chat ... neither of us could get a word in!

    Lovely pics though and hope you're back to your chatty self next time ...

    Claire xxx

  16. OMG, you always have me in absolute fits! I love the hay bale! By then I was crying! Titter ye not... Well I was more than tittering! xx

  17. LOL. How about starting twitter? ; ) A funny sculpture made of hay! Please send my hug to Jessie. : )

  18. You witter well! Love the shawl. How's the pup? I have a one track mind on that.

  19. Well wittered in three words. The comment 'admired some rust' made me smile.

  20. I'm afraid I'm a witterer too!! Witter to your hearts content as far as I am concerned!

  21. Love your posts! There is nothing wrong with a bit of witttering by the way. Love your shawl, it's beautiful.
    M x

  22. Ha! That was funny, but you can stop this now. Please put the REAL Jane back on her blog Mr. K!!!

  23. Love it Jane! You always make me smile. Witter away I say. Love your shawl and I keep hearing great things about The Summer Book. Mel x

  24. I love your wittering dear, so please keep going. Bril pics, especially loved the dalek, very impressive! xoxo

  25. Hi Jane only just found you via the lovely Jo from Three stories high, really love your blog would like to include it in my favourites as you have so much good stuff to read. Hope this is ok.
    Lots of love
    Dorothy's Room


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