Monday, 14 October 2013


Come gather all countrymen
From far and near 
I'll tell ye (!) a story ye might want to hear
There once was a lady 
Whose ears had been told
That magic could turn certain things in to gold
Now said lady had apples 
In bags, bowls and sink
So to find her some magic she followed this link

She picked and she washed
And she covered in water
To the sighs of her ever despairing daughter

Next she boiled all the apples and hung from a spoon
And slowly let drip by the light of the moon.

Well the next day came round
But the spell not yet done
She added some sugar and juice of this one

And well she was waiting for sugar to melt
She made up some reindeer
And hearts with some felt 

The pan boiled away
Wafting smells up their noses

But still not complete
She crocheted some roses

After some time
Some boiling and skimming
And jars at the ready to welcome their filling 
The magic complete
As in centuries old
The apples and sugar
Turned into GOLD!

So tootle me garters 
And riddle me ree
That was the tale of my AL - CHE -MYYYYYYYYY!



  1. Very clever and yummy.

  2. Yay, I love a poetic post...the most...with toast...EE xx

  3. Wow! Well done! I tried crabapple jelly a few years ago. Ended up with fruity toffee. Had to melt it out of the jars. I admire anyone who pulls this sort of thing off. And the crochet is amazing too! xx

  4. looks yummy! I've got boxes and boxes this year I'm going to make Apple Butter next... Cx

  5. Oh are utterly fabulous, do you know that!?! Chrissie x

  6. Well tootle me own garters! What a fabulous golden treasure you have me dear. xx

  7. It looks amazing, Jane. :o)

  8. Is there no end to your talents? Poetry too???!!!!! I would say the word amazing applies :)

  9. Looks great, I just made some cookies using apple butter I made last winter.

  10. ** Love it, love it, love it.....xx

  11. ~ The moon and the magic and YOU and your poetry and those apples....LOVE, LOVE and LOVE this post some.....Maria x
    Oops and those rosey corsages, they are beauts!!!

  12. What a lovely homely post! Love your poetry! M x

  13. Absolutely brilliant! I loved this, i really did. I'm wondering how I can possibly drop "tootle me garters" into any conversation tomorrow... x

  14. You write beautifully, and the end result looks tasty too!

  15. Always good to come by here for such a good laugh :D You make good lookin' jelly Jane! Wendy

  16. Jane what a fabulous post, I just loved it. The jelly looks wonderful and I just love your projects - have a great weekend Jane
    Big hug

  17. I may have sent you a few visitors, hope it's not inconvenient! Eco Ethel xx

  18. I love it..... you are so a poet! and i think i can smell it!!
    d x

  19. I never knew that you were such a fantastic poet!! I really love this. It's so totally different. Thanks for putting a big smile on my face!!:))
    Rosie xx


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