Monday, 21 October 2013

Bakewell - more than just a tart?

Anyone who grew up in the UK in the latter half of the last century will have been familiar with the kindly benevolent baker we shall call - for legal purposes - Mr Pipling. He was a purveyor of 'exceedingly good cakes' and in our house a box of his delights were rare treats - even now the prospect of a French Fancy makes my want to pick up a china cup and stick out my little finger! His cherry bakewells were the cream of the crop and, to me, visiting the homeland of Bakewell in Derbyshire always fills me with joy. This weekend was no exception. Coming at the end of National Wool Week (believe me that passed me by too!) Bakewell hosted it's first ever Wool Gathering. Hot on the heels of Yarndale it opened it's agricultural centre to a myriad of woolly craftspeople. 

There were spinners

and weavers

This lady had spun and dyed her own wool before designing the pattern for her rug

Baskets of fleece



And talent - so much talent!

Sarah from didyoumakeityourself was there with a fantastic mix of crafty goodness - check out her blog here.

Jenny Barnett displayed her felted figures.

How cute is that dog?

Lynda from Rebellious Rags was giving some fantastic demonstrations but I was so glued to what she was doing I'm afraid I didn't get around to taking any photographs.

After the first trek around it was time for some refreshments and a little bit of thinking time. I'd treated myself to a needle felting start up kit from The Threshing Barn and no sooner was it on the formica topped table than a magic lady appeared and gave us a lovely demonstration as to what to do with it. As if by magic she disappeared but left me with a focus - buy more roving.

So I did.

Then feeling really brave I bought another kit. 

This time from Jenny with a verbal guarantee that even a blind hamster could make one of these delightful hares.

 They have not seen my work!

Of course it would not have been right to leave without buying some wool - that's the law.

We took our leave and wandered across the bridge toward the town centre.

We were serenaded

(Not too sure what the man facing the other was doing - doesn't look good!)

Wandered through the soft stone streets

And strolled the beautiful gardens

Loved this door

And who can resist an Autumnal mushroom?

On the way back to the car we noticed this

Strange to think that this trend has stretched right across Europe to a sleepy Derbyshire town

So - Bakewell - more than just a tart? Definitely. 

Dare I mention Bakewell pudding?

Have a good week




  1. What a fabulous post and I'm so drooling looking at all that wool! Those hare kits are wonderful and I wish you all the best making one. Suzy x

  2. That looks like a wonderful place to visit. We have the random locks here too! In the summer when I take my kids to the city pool, they hunt for lost locks attached to the chain-link fence around the pool. I look forward to seeing your bunny; I've never felted anything before but it looks really interesting.

  3. Looking forward to seeing your completed hare ... ! M x

  4. Oooh lovely post. Look at all that wool and fabric. Can't wait to see your finished hare. Bakewell tarts are the best.

  5. See, now you've set yourself up that you HAVE to make one of the felt hares ... AND you have to show us the results!! They are adorable in their tall skinny hare-ness. The whole town looks so tranquil and interesting. I envy you for being able to go to such beautiful towns and see ancient stone walls and mossy steps! Enjoy your week ... looking forward to the completed hare!! Wendy x

  6. Loved this post! My husband comes from Wingerworth in Derbyshire and one of my favourite trips when I visited was to go to Bakewell and walk round. The last time I was there was about three years ago. Due another visit soon. I too missed national Wool Week but I have made a note for next year hoping to remember it next time. Let us know how the hare turns out.

  7. What is this trend I know nothing about? Is it bicycle theft?
    What lovely crafts. I'd love to know how you felt an animal. They are so beautiful. They look quite complcated. Surely something that lovely can't be easy! xx

  8. Hi I am very close to Bakewell(I live in Chesterfield)you really must try The Lavender Tearooms.Very tasty food all served on vintage china and the tearoom is a shrine to china and pretty things and music from the musicals!!It's on the same side of the road as Hearts and Flowers and Thorntons.If you can visit Chesterfield please pop into Olympia House Antiques,my space LA BOHEME is in there and Jamesons tearoom too, also lovely food served on vintage china.Love the felted items,very charming!

  9. What a fab fair, I adore that felt hare kit! You must post about it, I need to know if it's actually as easy as it claims...I want one! Lovely yarn purchases, too...such a great time you've had! Chrissie x

  10. What a great time. I live in Shropshire so it will have to go in next years diary. I will plan a family weekend and pretend I did not know it was on!! I have been felting recently and have been following that blog. The 3D animals are just FAB aren't they? You have some lovely green wool there, I will stay tuned. Jo x

  11. Oh Jane what a glorious event, I do wish I could have gone there - wonderful! I love the yarns and the crafts, eyewateringly lovely. A great post Jane thanks so much, big hugs to you

  12. Looks like you had a wonderful time.

  13. So seething with jealousy at the moment. Looks like such a good fair. All that wool made my mouth I don't have a massive stash of it already!! Hope you enjoy your needle felting kits. It is quite easy when you get the practice. A friend of mine does kits too and I got some for my kids and they found it easy to follow. I can send you on her address if you would like.
    Rosie xx

  14. What a fantastic day, I love that you are trying needle felting and your new yarns are wonderful.

  15. Great post, Jane, gosh I wish I'd known about that event!! Mind you, feeling so grotty wouldn't have made it anyway. Now then, come on, we want photos of your felted hare, no excuses! Lx

  16. What a great post filled with some wonderful wool eye candy. It looks like a great yarn fair and I am so pleased you have mentioned the hare needle felting, something I am so intersted in trying, so off to go and have a look at the kits. Do let us know how you get on!!! xoxo

  17. All these wool fairs, it must be autumn and time to have a warm project on our laps. The hare looks amazing and I can't wait to see how you get on with it. I love seeing the love locks at certain places, they must be a nightmare for the powers that be though to undo them. Have a great week (and stop eating those tarts!!). xx

  18. Sounds like a perfectly lovely day out - Bakewell is definitely more than a tart! LOVE those felted hares, and look forward to seeing yours when it's done too.
    Wishing you a happy weekend,

  19. I was really disappointed that I couldn't get over to Bakewell for this event. It looks great. As does that kit. Happy hare making :)

  20. The yarns in their symphony of colors are a delight just as they are displayed. What gorgeous stone buildings. I don't understand all the locks left on the wire, that is new to me. Oh and the little felted dog looks like an actual dog.


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