Saturday, 23 November 2013

Do You Mind if I Crow?

You know that things aren't going well when some of your dearest friends and colleagues enthusiastically request the details of your first ever craft fair and you give them rather vague answers.Some conversations have even gone like this

'Oooh you're doing a craft fair - that sounds exciting. Can I come?'
'Please don't.'

Not that I haven't enjoyed dabbling with felt,ric rac and bells but the thought that someone else might actually want to buy the end result is rather daunting. What if nobody likes it? What if everybody sells out and I am the only one left standing with a table full of deformed bunnies? What if everybody starts pointing and laughing and I look down and realise I am naked?

So many doubts. But this week something happened. I don't know how or why but suddenly something has clicked and I'm actually looking at my work (ooh - get 'er) and feeling a little bit pleased.

Please may I crow?

There are some lubbly jubbly nubbly crocheted dishcloths with coal tar soap

Some fabric notebook covers

A Jingle Owl

(A little bit cheerier than his bunny friend)

And the thing I am most excited about - a reversible shopping bag


I followed a wonderful tutorial by Handmade Jane which you can find here.

At last I've made some things that I might actually buy myself!

I must say I am thoroughly enjoying tapping into these different ideas at the moment - even though my  immaculately organised home (excuse my nose growing a little) is perhaps looking a little neglected and my family don't recognise the barely seen figure that sometimes makes an appearance covered in thread and bias binding. There are so many ideas out there that it's difficult not to be inspired - go and check out the lovely zipper flowers here made by Jo at Three Stories High.

So - crowing done and out of my system now - thank you for allowing such self indulgence! My doubts are also alleviating a little - next time I worry about people pointing and laughing I will at the very least be in my pyjamas.

Have a glorious week!



  1. Hi Jane, Thanks for the shout out, you have some great stuff, what are you worrying about? I always feel the opposite, no matter what my table has on it there is always something really strange that I find amusing or slightly disturbing. Your stuff is great quality and I think as long as there are lots of people there you will do brilliantly. I will be tuning in to see. I have had lots of requests for a tutorial on the zippies so keep your eyes peeled. Jo x

  2. Don't worry Jane I'm sure you will sell loads, your wares look very professionally made. I've done fairs for the last two years (having this year off) last year the fair was not promoted well and sales did suffer...make sure yours gets plenty of advertising.

  3. They look great, there's nothing to worry about! The bag is gorgeous, I hope it all goes well and lots of people turn up. Good luck! xxx

  4. Oh I know exactly how you feel. But, be assured your things are lovely and I am sure everyone will love them.

  5. Ooooh, such should be really proud Jane. I would be very tempted by all your things, especially the shopping bag and the pretty crochet roses.
    Good luck with the fair.
    Jacquie x

  6. Ooh, very lovely goods on offer! You will do wonderfully, without a doubt - and I wish I could be there to buy that bag! :-) Chrissie x

  7. No more self doubt ... and that's an order ;) ... your makes are fabby ... maybe you should get yourself a onesie for the fair ... no danger of exposure in one of those ... have a lovely weekend ... Bee xx

  8. Well done on over coming those feelings and enjoying your creative talents without worrying! Your makes are gorgeous...I do love those bunnies! I'm sure you will do well!
    Helen x

  9. A lovely basket of treasure and the best'll miss them when they've all sold. EE xx

  10. I think you'll do fine! You've made beautiful things.

  11. You crow all you want to because all of your things are so nice and lovely and wonderful. See I will crow for you!
    Hugs and good luck.

  12. I've just been reading over on etsy about a seller who had her first craft fair and sold hardly anything! The point is, she makes gorgeous things and usually sells well. But with the nasty rainy weather, there were hardly any buyers around. So you have to take these things into consideration if they don't sell, and there are many people who look but don't buy (including me - I would love to afford it but can't). Handmade is expensive and rightly so. but it does mean that people can love your work and still not buy. Rest assured though, your things are great. It won't be any problems there if you don't sell.

  13. Such wonderful makes Jane, I would have wanted to buy just everything from your stall, fabulous, well done. Have a fantastic Sunday
    Lots of love

  14. What a lovely post, you gave me quite a giggle! And just for the record, if I encountered your lovely goodies at a craft fair, I'd be very tempted by all of them :-) Well done!
    Happy Sunday,

  15. I always felt the same when I did craft shows but always wound up selling many things because there's plenty of people out there who are not crafty. I think you have quite a lovely basket there of fun little projects and am sure you will do quite well. Best wishes, Tammy

  16. And so you should crow, all those beautiful little makes all together in a basket....oh how gorgeous they look.....and my heart did do a skippety beat when i saw those darling bunnies, just too cute......go girl.xx

  17. Your makes are beautiful. I think you are lacking a bit of confidence in your abilities!!

  18. Lovely makes, I think you will do very well!

    Love Claire xx

  19. Good advice, Jane, from anonymous above. I this year and don't intend doing more for a while - but they were badly advertised. I know other shows which do much better. You makes are good - go with it and enjoy the experience! Lx

  20. Well done Jane, they all look so well made and I wish you all the very best. I bet your family will be really happy to see you again! xx

  21. I think it all looks very pretty ...well done you!
    Good luck with your sales
    Thea x

  22. Your stuff looks great, Jane. I hope the sale goes well! :o)

  23. You've made some lovely things there Jane.

  24. Well done Jane,your things look delightful.Best wishes for future projects! Pam.

  25. Crow away ... and here's wishing you a super successful day and lots of well deserved sales :)

  26. Somehow I've not been getting your posts come through Jane, so I've missed them! Hope that the sale goes really really well. Soo sorry that I have been missing your posts, I definately had you on my list and I've added you again! xx

  27. You totally deserve to brag a bit - these things are wonderful! I love the cloth and soap bundles, they are so beautifully presented. I find craft fairs can be a bit hit and miss. I hope yours is a resounding success. x

  28. Your crowing is justified, these are great! I hope the fair went well.

    The deli in my scavenger hunt photo used to be called country cuisine but changed a year or so ago and is now called Pronto - they sell some really delicious cakes, as well as bread!

  29. Crow you should!! Gorgeous makes!! xoxo

  30. Hi Jane, just in case you don't read my replies to your comments at mine, I think you need to check the email address as I haven't had any emails of late from you. You can check my email address on my blog. Thanks. Glad you got the parcel, hope you like it. xx

    1. Hi Jane, me again! Just to let you know that your lovely parcel arrived today, thank you so much for all of the lovely things. I'm not e-mailing you because that doesn't seem to be working between us! Shame, but there you go, what can you do about technology hey. Anyway, thank you so very much for your lovely decorations. I have shown them today on my blog along with pictures of what I sent you, so make sure you open my parcel before you go and visit me!! Hope that you have a very Happy Christmas. xx

  31. Hi Jane - NO I do not mind if you crow - in fact I insist that you do because your makes are just beautiful. I love the way you present the dishcoths with that ribbon, etc. Gorgeous! Good Luck. xCathy

  32. Jane....ahem
    ... shame on you! your makes are all adorable especially those cloths and soaps I would buy those x 10 for gifts....head up girl and walk tall....bestest as ever to you....Daisy xx
    Ps I would feel exactly the same...just thought I should give you a pep talk...XXXXX


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