Saturday, 2 November 2013

October Mood Board

Hello November

'The Star Coins' by Viktor Paul Mohn

In true Plain Jane tradition here is my two days late mood board for October.

The weather has delivered it's best and it's worst. Bright blue skies followed by howling winds and flooding. But nature has remained determined and on cue has delivered some of the most beautiful colours of the year.

Our 'mast' year has provided an abundance of berries

And the very last flower in my garden is still optimistically budding

Of course now we are on the countdown to the holly and the ivy but lets savour the last of this most beautiful Autumn while we can.


P.S. Take a look at Bee's board over at The Linen Cloud and Caroline at Scraps of Us
P.S. I have been making things - I really, really have - I'll show and tell soon!


  1. Gorgeous. I'm amazed how much colour you still have.

  2. Beautiful mood board! Chrissie x

  3. Your red berries are so pretty and I love the purple flowers.

  4. One word - gorgeous. Have a great Sunday
    Lots of love

  5. The leaves are a gorgeous colour.

  6. Such beautiful colors.

  7. Autumn colours are fantastic. Have a great weekend x

  8. Aren't the colours of Autumn fabulous.. thanks for sharing the flames.. Cx

  9. A gorgeous mood board, with so many beautiful autumnal colours. Love the 'The Star Coins', really sweet! xo

  10. Wow, such stunning colours Jane. I love the way you had arranged these beauties from nature. The colours of the geranium leaves? and the strawberry leaves are the look and mine and see what they are doing.
    Thanks for your lovely comments over at mine.
    Jacquie x

  11. You really don't appreciate the colour of those leaves properly til you see them laid out in a collection - beautiful, Jane!

  12. Beautiful photos, I enjoy these posts. Thanks for your comment and for following me - it prompted me to realise who I accidentally deleted from my list yesterday when clearing out a few people who have stopped blogging... I was working faster than the computer could handle and accidentally unfollowed two people I didn't mean to - and I couldn't figure out who, but realised you were one of them!

  13. Those colours are stunning ... and such a gorgeous abundance of autumn ... just lovely ... Bee xx

    PS Thanks for the mention x


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