Monday, 17 March 2014

A Winner!

Well now there are two things here. Number one is I am amazed at how few odd socks there are out there - am I the only one who has at least fifty in a bag under the bed (oh dear - maybe I've said too much)? And number two is that there has been one very excited raccoon around these parts over the last few days. Ronnie has been carefully reading each and every comment and imagining life in all far flung corners of the globe. He was beside himself when the clock struck six this evening. We had to have a few words and calm him down with his beloved pineapple.

Sadly his lack of digits made it impossible to select a piece of paper himself, so he enlisted the help of Little Sis.

And the winner is ......

Well done Jacqui! If you could email me with contact details I'll get Ronnie packed and off on his travels before the week is out!

Thanks to all of you who left a comment - it seems like Ronnie has built up quite a fan base out there - he'll be on the cover of Vogue before you know it (keep hold of those odd socks - they could soon be 'de rigueur'!)

Bye for now,




  1. Congrats to Jacqui! Enjoy the journey, Mr. Ronnie. :)

  2. Yes, congratulations to Jacquie....and Ronnie looks jolly happy too..xx

  3. Congratulations Jacqui how lucky ...just been catching up Jane, I love your little brooches, you have been a busy bee!
    Thea xx

  4. Well done Jacqui! Am sure Ronnie will love his new home xxx

  5. I'm absolutely overwhelmed and delighted to have won Ronnie. He will be given a good home in my workroom and lots of new friends to play with.
    Thank you so much, I've never won anything before.
    Jacqui xx

  6. Congrats to the lucky Jacqui xoxo

  7. Hooray for Jacqui, she is going to be thrilled.

  8. LOvely, and lucky Jacqui. Hope your weather is being kind to you and all is well! Lx


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