Saturday, 15 March 2014

Boxes, brooches, buttons and bunnies

A short while ago Jo from Three Stories High (go over and pay her a visit - this lady does some serious making!) organised a brooch swap. Now I have never entered anything like this before and, knowing the wealth of talent out there, felt a little hesitant about joining in. But with a sudden gust of confidence (and probably a glass of something cold and white) I sent my details. In no time I had been matched up with Sandra from over at Jessie's Needle. Of course I immediately hopped on over there and started to panic. This lady makes all sorts of gorgeous things - just take a look at her folksy shop! But with a little bit of time and some middle of the night ideas I came up with a plan. Remember the Anchor pearl from my previous post? I took a teeny tiny crochet hook to it and with the help of my reading glasses, a magnifying doodah that you put around your neck, and a lot of squinting, had soon crocheted enough flowers to put together like this. I was quite pleased with how it turned out and just hoped that Sandra wasn't a pastel loving gal.

It was really exciting sending it off on it's way - but then even more exciting to return from work yesterday and find my own little parcel. Inside was a lovely card

some gorgeous pink lace and buttons 

and a box!

I stared at the box for a little while, shook it, and then rather tentatively opened it. 
Look what it was. 

Isn't it the most beautiful brooch?

 A beautifully delicate flower on a felt backing - all topped off with a pink opalescent bead. What's more it sits perfectly on my new (to me) cord coat - perfect for brightening up my day. Thank you so much to Sandra, and to Jo for organising this swap. If, like me, you feel a little nervous about joining in something like this, don't be - it's great fun and lovely to know how generous people can be with their thoughts, their talent and their time.

As for those bunnies - I caught Miss Mildred snaffling those buttons in her little bag. What a commotion that caused. Naughty rabbit!

P.S . There's still time to enter my giveaway  - will draw on Monday at 6pm UK time.

Have a lovely weekend!



  1. Dear Plain Jane
    What a lovely swap and what gorgeous gifts. I took part in this swap too and really enjoyed it. Swaps are great fun and a lovely way to 'meet' other bloggers (albeit virtually). I hope this will be the first of many for you.
    Best wishes

  2. Lovely broaches for two very talented and creative women. Love that you had fun with the swap, I have yet to try one.
    Hugs to you,

  3. They are both such gorgeous brooches. And I especially love miss Mildred...she is adorable.
    just been posting about the museum of Childhood guessed correctly :0) and thanks for the Calke abbey suggestion...will definitely visit this year.
    Jacquie x

  4. I love love love the brooch you made for Sandra, it is such a pretty bouquet! And lucky you for your new brooch, too! Chrissie x ps I am simply loving the antics of your crazy crafted menagerie, they are a motley little bunch of cuties! ;-)

  5. Dear Jane,the brooch you got was lovely but I think yours was just gorgeous,so very clever.I have JUST started to crotchet so I know how HARD it is well done to you! Wishing you a good weekend Regards Pam.

  6. Glad you enjoyed the swap. Your brooch is so well worked with that delicate thread and the box and everything - you are one lucky swapper! Love Jo x

  7. They're both really pretty. It looked like a lovely swap.

  8. Some very pretty things, lucky you. Xxx

  9. What fun! Loved both the brooches.
    Jacqui xx

  10. Glad you liked it. Your photos are better than mine.think I need to sign up for a photography course. I've worn mine and it has received many great comments. Thank you.
    S xx

  11. I love swaps, they are such a lovely way of 'meeting' fellow bloggers. The brooches are beautiful and great that it goes with your jacket.

    By the way, happy 100th post! I am just catching up on my blog reading - such a mile stone. Have a great weekend in the sunshine :-) xx

  12. Gorgeous brooches. My friend at work is making and selling felt brooches for £1. A total bargain, I bought a gorgeous purple one.

  13. Your brooche was gorgeous! I have problems with tiny work; crocheting with thread, cross-stitching on linen, etc. I also need to have a magnifier. I wanted to tell you I also love the bunny with the shawl! Have a wonderful day!

  14. What beautiful things you sent and received!! I can quite see why bunny is so keen on trying to make off with it!! xx

  15. What lovely exchange! I love your floppy eared rabbits. They look so sweet! : )

  16. What lovely brooches, I thing about brooches at the moment! I love your colourful brooch, a real work of art. Heather x

  17. That Miss Mildred is absolutely gorgeous! I think I love her... What beautiful work :)
    Debbie x


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