Monday, 9 June 2014

A Maud, a make and a mandala!

First Maud. 
A belated birthday present from Mr K. 
Here she is in all her glory.

Or should I say her birthday suit! 
Pretty roses all around.

But Maud! Where are your manners? Clothe yourself immediately!

Aha - I see you have chosen my latest make (did you see what I did there?!)

A tunic from The Great British Sewing Bee book  - the first series. Yes that's how long it's taken me.

But what's over there on yonder table?
Don't tell me ... it isn't ... you can't have?
You have! You've succumbed to mandala mania!

Destined for Yarndale and using the Petal and Puffs tutorial over at the very talented Bunny Mummy's blog here.

What fun!

Hold on - I sense mischief.
Hello Birdy, what can I do for you today?

You're hungry?
Oh dear - I don't think I have anything for you.
What's that - you've spotted some worms?

You haven't.
You're not going to...


P.S. Some of us bloggers are going to meet up at Yarndale - anyone else going?


  1. Pretty tunic, you had better luck than me at sewing. Gorgeous mandala, can't say I have succumbed yet but that doesn't mean I won't!

  2. I haven't made that tunic yet but I have the pattern but alas no suitable fabric yet. However I have made my mandala in colours very similar to yours so I will say it looks brilliant!! Jo x

  3. I love the early bird catching his worm!!

  4. I am going to Yarndale probably on the Sunday but not sure yet.I have sent off my mandala and found it on Pinterest.Sarah,my daughter,is coming to Yarndale with me.She hasn't time to craft being a working mum but so enjoyed it last year.Barbarax

  5. Lovely post ..... I had a good giggle!
    Maud is amazing, I think I'd like a Maud too, I may drop Mr Sweet some heavy hints.
    love Jooles x x x

  6. Hi Jane ...I have a huge smile on my face :0)
    I love your mandala and I hope you enjoyed making it. I still need to send mine off.
    Your tunic looks so pretty and neat....I love it.
    Jacquie xxx

  7. Dear Jane
    Your birdy's antics made me laugh! Your tunic is fab - well worth the time spent on it. I think Maud will become a very important part of your life and I look forward to seeing her modelling more lovely things in the future...
    Best wishes

  8. Dear Plain Jane
    Delighted to see your nude.
    Equally delighted to see your tunic
    Extra delighted to see your mandala ! Pardon!
    Did you make the bird too?
    Best wishes

  9. The tunic top looks great, Jane. I've got both Sewing Bee books and have yet to make anything out of either of them. I do have plans to make things - I just don't know when that'll happen! :oD

  10. Hi Jane, I love the bird's antics :-) and oh I would love a Maud too. Lovely makes.
    Tracey xxx

  11. I hope that you and Maud will be very happy together!! I expect that you will be able to make all kinds of things now, and have a great way to photograph them too, your top looks very good on Maud, but I expect that it looks better on you! xx

  12. Ooh that mischievous little Birdy!! Well done on the mandala, it looks fab - I still have to make mine but am going to try Jacquie's pattern too.
    And well done on finishing your tunic, it looks fab on Maud and I'm sure even more fab on you :-)
    Have you decided Sat or Sun for Yarndale yet?

  13. Ethel sends her regards to Maud and hopes they can be friends !
    Jacqui x

  14. Loved your post - and some very pretty and clever makes too.
    Caz xx

  15. wow a real maud I only have a pretend one?! lucky you gorgeous birdie too you mad blogger you!
    bestest daisy j xxx

  16. Tee hee, there is always such magic and mischief going on at your house! ;-) If only I had a birdie that would sort out my yarn ends... Love your pretty to, maud models it well! Chrissie x

  17. ~ Magic and mischief indeed..
    LOVE your hauntingly beautiful pictures in the earlier post..I could imagine just how enchanting your beautiful walk was..
    Ooh Maud, she's a pretty one...( clever you)
    And Mr Birdie seems to be having fun !
    Always leaving you with a smile :) Mrs..
    Have a lovely rest of week...
    Maria x

  18. More pretty summer dresses made by your hands to come , I guess. : )

  19. Jane what a super gift, I love Maude she is splendid. I do love your tunic and think I have the same fabric in my cupboard, I bet you look lovely in it. We need a picture to see you wearing it Jane. You have been busy, I particularly love little birdie, so cute and perfect.Sorry for not visiting for a while the old day job has been keeping me very busy! Wonderful to read your blog Jane, always good fun. Big hugs and loves, Dorothyxxxxx


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