Thursday, 19 June 2014

Come into the garden Maud ...

... and wear a pretty frock.
Or at least that's what Tennyson might have said had he had access to the 'Kate' dress sewing pattern from Sew Me Something.

It originally came to my notice being modelled by the gorgeous Gilly over at Gilly Makes. Then she made a couple more and each time I was thinking hmmmm, yeeeeessss, maayyyybeeee. And then - whaddayaknow - old Lazy Daisy Jones goes and makes one as well. Two extremely talented ladies, a supposedly 'easy' frock pattern and a spare Sunday in the offing was all it took.

After the strangest conversation with the salesperson at our local fabric store (in which she relayed a rather intimate dream as I was pondering the cotton poplin) I sped home and started my least favourite sewing job - cutting out.

But once that was done it was plain sailing. The pattern is simple to follow and soon comes together. The only bit I struggled with was getting the neck to fit the binding, but with a little encouragement (and to be fair a minor bit of puckering) 'twas complete!

The following evening saw me wafting down the canal with Mr K attempting to take whimsical pictures of my newest make. Oddly when I scanned through they were all either overexposed or blurred. Now I remember seeing a horror film once where that happened and I must say I was more than slightly spooked, so this evening I felt it was only right to try and rectify the situation. Out came Maud.

Perhaps you can understand my frustration here. The evening light was glorious - everything glowed - but my poor old frock looked washed out. 

Time for a close up to fully appreciate the fabric.

Aaah yes that's better - even with a bit of puckering!

The gathered sleeves and pockets add a bit of interest.

And I did a double row of topstitching down the back seam   - just for the heckity heck of it.

All in all I'm thrilled with the result. 

I've even worn it for work. Adding a floppy sunhat and bursts of 'We Plough the Fields and Scatter' seemed appropriate as I bustled up and down the busy corridors - curtailed only by the look on a poor eight year old's face as he turned the corner to face me. Poor boy.

But I do like it so. And I want to make more. Lots more.
I just need to find a helpful fabric elf to do the cutting out.

Hugs to all of you,



  1. Not a horror story at all ... it's beautiful!
    Jacqui xx

  2. Why do people feel that they have to share inappropriate things when you are shopping!!! Anyhow! Your dress looks great, and I don't see puckering at all! Hope that you love wearing it, and perhaps will feel up to making another one someday..... xx

  3. Dear Jane
    Wow! It's great - many congratulations. I am still not off the starting blocks with my skirt from the sew along, so really need to get on with it! You are all so inspirational with your gorgeous clothes.
    Best wishes

  4. Jane its a winner!! and get you all this sewing....aint no stopping you now!!
    thank you lovely lady for the mention too!
    Did you make bias binding or cut a strip/ I was wondering about posting a how to on bias binding (just saying!)
    I really am impressed with your sewing prowess and your courage in tackling sleeves and binding and pockets......mwah mwah d x

  5. OOh, well done you - it's just FABULOUS! I love the dotty fabric too, and glad you enjoyed making it (well, besides the pesky cutting out bit) . Did I not tell you it's addictive?
    Thanks for the wee link and compliment too :-) Have a happy weekend, xx

  6. What a great start. Looking forward to more sewing to come. Love Jo x

  7. The dress looks fabulous, Jane. Well done ! :o)

  8. The title of your post did make me smile! I love your dress, the bias binding looks really professional. We'll done

  9. Really lovely frock....and there's nowt wrong with a bit of puckering, its make it more it, clever you.x

  10. You are clever - such a pretty frock, I love the colour:)

  11. Summery, and dotty ... a perfect combination :)

  12. It looks great Jane, well done you. Love the fabric. Hope you find your fabric elf :o)
    Jane x

  13. Well done Jane, it looks fab. I love the fabric too :-)
    Tracey xxx

  14. Very pretty and a beautiful colour! Bee xx

  15. Looks fab and it's dotty so it's a huge hit in my book.
    Lisa x


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