Sunday, 29 June 2014

When is a mandala not a mandala?

I so enjoyed Jacquie's mandala pattern over here that once one was finished I immediately started another.

But this time I couldn't stop.

I carried on, round after round, just adding extra stitches where necessary to keep the shape.

Trying to be random with the colour selection but in truth doing a little bit of fretting and changing around.

Not worrying about those stray ends.

Decreasing now to form an edge.

Until the end was in sight.

Et voila!

When is a mandala not a mandala?
When it's a hat for a stool!

You like???


P.S. has anybody heard anything about a bloggers get together at Yarndale? I believe Lucy mentioned something on a post but I can't seem to find it. If not I think it could be a fab thing to do - any takers???

P.P.S. I've been a bit quiet over here of late but thinking about you all - looking forward to catching up with your blogs asap!

P.P.P.S. And a big hug to one and all - whether you need it or not!


  1. I'm going to Yarndale.Count me in for a quick get together.I will have my daughter with me(Mum to Emily and Ruby).

  2. I definitely like! Sadly I'm too far away from Yarndale, but have a great time and hope you get to catch up with a few bloggers.
    Jane x

  3. I like! The colours are just perfect and the stool looks fabulous! xx

  4. That is so beautiful... I love it! Cass x

  5. What a brilliant idea for an overgrown mandala!!! It looks really good on your stool. Thank you for the hug, sending you one back in return too!! xx

  6. Wow, it looks fabulous Jane. I love your clever stool cover.
    Been missing you.
    Jacquie x

  7. Ah you, you always think outside the box! I love your mandala stool cover, it is the best use for these modern doilies I've seen! ;-) Chrissie x

  8. Hi Jane :-) Thanks for the hug! And in reply to your question... yes, I like very much indeedy. He he, it's been very quite over at my blog of late...been so busy.
    Tracey xxx

  9. Yes, I like a lot! And yes, hoping to get to Yarndale & definitely up for a get together,

  10. Love the stool cover! I have one to make myself, I'm just sourcing ideas and colour ways at the moment before I start!
    And I'm on for any blogger meeting at Yarndale, even if it's only a picnic lunch or a friendshop corner to drop in at. I'd love to meet the people I've read about in real life!

  11. I do like, Jane. What a great idea! I was just considering covering my work room stool, as it's uncomfortable if sat on for too long.
    I was thinking of using a vintage embroidery piece but seeing yours, maybe I'll think again.
    Jacqui xx

  12. That's so pretty Jane - you clever bean ! And good to have you back.
    Kate x

  13. Your stool looks so very pretty you have done a great job.

  14. It looks so pretty, i love it. I made one a while back and it is drab and boring, I may need to make another one.
    hugs to you,

  15. Aw, this is so cute! I think you've just started the newest craze Jane. Hugs back to you too ;) Wendy x

  16. Oh my goodness, this is beautiful! :) x

  17. It looks great, Jane. Well done! :o)

  18. Jane, you've got grand colors going round and round in your mandala. No wonder you wanted to continue those color combinations.

    Did you use cotton yarns?

    Best wishes, xo

  19. Like Like Love!
    d xx
    Yarndale is toooooooo far away for

  20. Love your make. It's another reason why I should persevere with learning to crochet. How wonderful to have things in your home you've made yourself and look so great.
    Lisa x

  21. A pop back.... is there a blogger meeting point organised at Yarndale? I really would love to meet people in real life!


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