Thursday, 4 September 2014


If you've been around here for a while you may have noticed that each time May comes around I get quite excited (see here). On the flip side of that September makes me wistful. Not wistful in a melancholic way but reflective about the changing of the seasons. I suppose it's partly the goodbye to the long days of Summer and all that entails - garden in full bloom, school holidays and family time - but also about what is to come.

This week has been 'back to school' for me, college for Little Sis and Mr K, and the beginning of Big Sis's last year of university (LAST YEAR! How did that happen? It doesn't seem two minutes since I was sending off Squinty the Smelly Owl!

Gone are the long mornings of coffee and lazing around. Monday was straight back in to an 8am meeting about safeguarding and behaviour policies. It was a shock to the system to say the least but the early drive in gave a clear indication of Autumn approaching. The sun was still low but the mist looked almost luminous as it hung over the fields. Already there is a 'nip' in the air and that will soon be followed by the smell of woodsmoke from the boats on the canal. We've lit our fire a couple of times, snuggling down on the sofa with candles and a good film. Some people are even talking about Christmas. CHRISTMAS - now that is rushing forward a bit!

As ever the clearest indication of change can be found in the garden.

The geraniums that have cheered us with their blousy heads are becoming sparse.

Hydrangeas are drying on their stems, ready to be collected and sprayed for a Winter display.

And the verdant green of summer is taking on richer tones.

 The dog roses are producing their first flush of hips.

And our young apple tree is groaning under the weight of its fruits.

The birds are already enjoying our tayberries.

And the ivy is producing its own fruits - ready to fatten up the wood pigeons as the temperature drops.

But even as some flowers are way past their best ...

... there are still some stunners!

I love that nature does this. To our eyes the garden is now coming to an end but it is quietly continuing to provide for the local wildlife - a symbiotic relationship that never fails to both  intrigue and delight me!

Last night I went for my Wednesday evening walk with my dear friend Jane (yes another one - we're everywhere!) We met at seven thirty and intended to do a three mile loop along the canal. By the time we were heading back to the car it was pitch black - the night had suddenly 'dropped' on us in that way that makes you realise 'okay - game's up! Next time either meet earlier or bring a torch!'

But in spite of the drawbacks I still love this time of year. I've already mentioned the candles and open fires but of course one of my personal pleasures is the return of the woolly jumper and the cardigan - I do love a good cardigan!

How do you feel? Do you enjoy the changes? Some of you of course will be welcoming Spring and seeing everything kick back in to action. What would you prefer - a continuous season where temperature and daylight hours remained the same throughout - or the transition of warmth to cold, long days to short?

Whilst you are pondering I'll leave you with a picture of our cheery bird feeder. I realise the word 'cheery' could just as well be replaced by 'terrifying' but the birds love him all the same.

Sending hugs

P.S. Yarndale is fast approaching so do get in touch if you want to meet up!


  1. Lovely photos :) I love the seasons, I'm not one of those people who moans about dark nights and winter as I love the variety we get with weather and seasons and each season brings it's own highlights and joys (and photo opportunities)! I can never choose a favourite season as I love them all!

  2. I love the changing seasons and can't say that I prefer any over another. They all have their good points. A nice woolly jumper or cardigan is something I enjoy too in the cooler weather.

  3. I too embrace all the seasons, they are all a delight in their own way. I find this modern trend of petulance about seasons changing quite perplexing. 'Ready' or not, the turn of the seasons will carry on in their own way. Life just rolls on through it all, there is no sudden deficit because the sun decides not to show up.

  4. Such stunning pics and a lovely, thoughtful post. I'm not quite ready to let summer go yet and am enjoying this week of warm sunshine, but I do also love the changing of the seasons and all that it entails... the packing away of pretty summery things, and the re-discovery of a favourite warm snuggly jumper being just one of the delights.

  5. Hi Jane, your flowers are so pretty. I love the changing seasons, this time through Christmas is my favorite part of the year. I hope you all have a wonderful school year and enjoy those beautiful sunflowers!

  6. Jane, your lovely close up views of what this season is bringing to flowers and shrubs shows me lots of simularities to what I've been seing in Central Park.

    And yes, the sun is setting much earlier now. Seems so sudden!


  7. Hi Jane, I also start to feel a bit weird this time of year like Christmas is just around the corner, eek - though I love jumpers, boots and opaque tights!!
    Will you bear me in mind for Yarndale? I am thinking about it and would like to come to the bloggy meet up.
    Thanks, Sally @lavender attic

  8. Looks like we both have the same calendar!
    Yes, I'm a fellow jumper-lover. And keen wearer of woolly tights. Oh, and I'm on the lookout for a cardigan to wrap up in - the sort that cocoons you and doubles up as a coat (on dry days).
    September's a wonderful month, one of my favourites.
    Sarah :)

  9. Although there are signs of autumn coming, you still have summery flowers to enjoy for now! xx

  10. I am a bit jealous as there are no signs of Autumn here yet. Hugs to you, Meredith

  11. Autumn is a snuggly season, damp and warm. Good time to light a fire and read a good book!

  12. Hi Jane, lovely photos. I love the changing seasons and Autumn especially. Mists and mellow fruitfulness and all that! Oh and open fires and woolly sweaters... my favourites.
    Jacqui xx

  13. Your garden in coming to an end and mine is coming to life. Have a great weekend.

  14. Always great to catch up. Your garden is looking superb. Jo x

  15. I love autumn. And am looking forward to the crisp days and woollens. Bee xx


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