Saturday, 6 September 2014

After I'd collected the eggs...

...and milked the cow I decided it was time for a break. 

The cottage beckoned so I drifted through the tangle of cosmos and sweet william toward the old wooden door. 

Inside the embers of the fire were still glowing - and the kettle hung obediently above. There was still some lardy cake left from the vicars visit on Sunday, so with a generous slice and a fresh cup of char I took my seat at the fireside. The chair rocked gently as I sat and the rug at my feet reminded me of the darker months, when I had sat and painstakingly used every last scrap of outfits gone by.

Or at least that's what Mum and I were talking about as we visited the show gardens at Bridgemere on Friday. Mr K can never understand it. Why is it that every time we go somewhere do I have to wonder about 'what it would have been like when...' or 'can you imagine...?' But this cottage calls for it. Really it's just a facade - I think (although my memory may not serve me too well here) it was an entry for the Chelsea Flower Show many years ago and was returned to Bridgemere bit by bit.

Following several months of visiting mum in either the hospital or at home we decided that we'd go for a very gentle stroll. Each time we left a bench we'd be eyeing up the next although to be honest Mum managed really well - albeit at the rate of a very slow snail on a slow day!

The weather was cloudy but warm which allowed us to take our time to stop and look, admiring the richness of colours still out there. 

The main stars were the dahlias - a plant I've never yet grown successfully - but this was followed up with the last flushes of roses, cosmos and asters.

We sat by the pond

And smiled at the children's garden

Imagine being small enough to live in that house (sorry - I'll stop right there!)

The coffee shop was next where we devoured an apple and blackberry scone piled high with clotted cream (sorry - no pictures here - it wasn't around for long enough)!

Afterwards we strolled out through the shopping area. I was lulled into buying a thing that means I can cut crinkly chips (I know - I don't think I would have had one of them in my olde worlde cottage!) And Mum's pacemaker managed to set off several alarms in the jumper shop. I would say we made a dash for it but it was more of a dignified amble.

All in all a lovely afternoon. To top it off by the time I'd returned Mum home safely Dad had managed to fix my camera. The problem? Rubbish batteries! Brand new out of the packet but obviously not strong enough. Oh how I've missed my camera ...

Still - I must go now - I've got butter to pat!

Hope you've been able to get out and smell the roses.


P.S. Quite a few of us meeting at Yarndale now - do let me know if you'd like to join us!


  1. How great that your Mum is doing well enough to start to go out and about. The frequent stops probably meant that you looked at things in more detail and actually enjoyed the visit more than if you had just kept walking from one thing to the next. It is good to stop and smell the roses!! xx

  2. I would totally wander round there playing pretend! That's the whole point, isn't it? To make you wonder as you wander...what a fab day! Chrissie x

  3. It sounds like a wonderful day, so gald you Mum is doing well. I always wonder what it would be like if I lived in a different place or an different era.

  4. Glad yo hear your Mum is doing better. Playing pretend in a place like that is what they're built for, I think.

  5. Oh ... such a pretty post! Even the blowsy gardens of late summer are lovely!

  6. What a beautiful place. I could imagine myself livng there too!! Glad your mother is better and able to enjoy a day out, albeit, slowly!
    Jacqui xx

  7. Hi jane I'm hoping to go to Yarndale, which day are you going and where are you all meeting?

    1. Oh that's fab! We're hoping to meet at 1pm on the Saturday - I've said by the entrance but just found out there are two so will have to fine tune that bit I think! Will post final details soon though x Jane

  8. Such a lovely post Jane - where would we be without a little dreaming, it is an essential part of everyday life !
    It looks like you had such a lovely afternoon - a tonic for you all by the sounds of it.
    Such beautiful, beautiful photos as always.
    Sadly I'm not doing Yarndale this year, and I shall really miss it. My friend Jane and I went last year and loved every minute. Say hello to everyone you meet up with from me.
    Kate xx

  9. It looks lovely and I often imagine similar scenarios!

  10. Ha I do the same thing when we visit National trust properties!
    love your flower pics!
    bestest daisy j x

  11. I thought I recognised that little cottage! How nice for your Mum to get out and about and the garden at Bridgemere is just the right size and with plenty of seats to make for an easy first outing. I must look out for the blackberry and apple scones next time we visit:)

  12. Sounds like a lovely day out and great your mum was able to manage it.

  13. Lovely lovely post, Jane! Great pictures and words and how super you managed to get your mum out for an amble - love the idea of her pacemaker alarming in the shop! What a shame I can't get to Yarndale - it would be lovely to bump into all the folks you meet online via the blogs! have a good time. Lxx

  14. I'm prone to a bit of daydreaming when I visit these places - it looks wonderful. I'd love to go to Yarndale, maybe next year. Hope you have a lovely time meeting up with everyone. Have a great week.
    Jane x

  15. Ahh Jane, this post definitely got me dreaming and imagining, too. I enjoyed every leisurely minute.

    How wonderful for you and your Mom to be able to have this time together in a marvelous place.

    How I wish I could join you all at Yarndale...but after all, I'm an ocean away. xo

  16. Aw, special memories for you and your mum. What a beautiful place to visit. x


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