Friday, 7 November 2014

I've Finished a Thing!!!

Now just in case you think you must have stumbled in to the wrong blog I would like to assure you that it is I - dreamer of many things, starter of some and finisher of few - who has indeed completed 'a thing'! I bought this wool at the Bakewell Wool Gathering last year and swore I would have it all wrapped up and round my neck by December. What I hadn't considered was that it might be the following December. It's a wonderfully soft Blue Faced Leicester twist - not sure of any of the other details now as the ball band disappeared into the pale blue yonder many moons ago. 

The one on the left!

As you can see from this little chap this is not his natural colour.

Image courtesy of

It had been hand dyed a rich orange with a mottled effect. Because of this I decided to stick to a straightforward moss stitch. I cast on fifty five stitches on 4mm needles and just went for it. Obviously the repetitive nature of this became stultifyingly boring after a while, which may have explained it's absence from my list of priorities.

To 'tidy up' the edges I slip stitched around with a 4mm crochet hook, and added a little bit of extra detail with some teeny tiny loops at each end.

Overall I'm really pleased with it. It could have been a bit longer but to be honest it's snuggly, it's warm and it it's a perfect contrast for my new to me five pound coat!

Bad picture alert - it's tipping down outside
 try as I might I can't get these colours to
ring true
- the coat is actually teal!

If Maud had thumbs they would both be up!

I'm busy beavering away at something else at the moment for which I'm trying to write a tutorial. Crikey! Hopefully I'll be able to tell all soon.

Wishing you all warm and well.


Thanks to all of you who contributed to my last post - stories are still appearing in the comments section so do go and have a look if you fancy a 'spooky' fix!


  1. What a pretty thing! Perfect for snuggling in now the weather has gone all wintry! Hope you have a lovely weekend! Bee xx

  2. Beautiful in its simplicity-those two colours together are gorgeous.

  3. I've got both thumbs up too. Well done you. Love it and the £5 coat! xx

  4. I love it...your work is so neat, looks fab with the new bargain coat.

  5. Moss stitch can be time consuming but it gives a great texture. We use the phrase 'new to me' too. Jo x

  6. Hi Jane,
    I love your scarf, beautiful colour and looks chic against your new purchase (we craft peeps love a bargain and recycling, it is part of us).
    I think the Bluefaced Leicester would be proud of your creation-a very handsome breed of sheep.

  7. What a delightful thing it is too! I just love the look and feel of moss stitch but crikey it's hard going so extra bonus points for you I say.

    Heather x

  8. Well done! I absolutely love that colour. It goes so well with the teal coat.

  9. You finish plenty of things! (says the woman who has been knitting a black and white muffler since the 90's) I love this color, it will brighten up those gray winter days.

  10. Woo-hoo! It is a beauty.

  11. Congratulations .... it looks amazing! Love the colour.
    Jacqui x

  12. Beautiful! Well done for keeping going and getting it all done. xx

  13. Very beautiful,the edging is sooo neat! I love the little bear peeping out of your pocket!! Warm regards Pam.

  14. It's gorgeous, Jane. It goes so well with the coat. £5??? Really? Wow! :o)

  15. It's a fab colour Jane and the moss stitch may have been heavy going at times but it's worth it, lovely scarf. I love it that your coat was £5! Hope you've had a good weekend xx

  16. What a gorgeous colour. I like moss stitch but agree, it can become tedious after a while, but worth it for the effect. The scarf goes perfect with your fabulous new coat, love it.

  17. It's lovely...fab colour and goes so well with your lovely coat.
    Marianne x

  18. Brilliant, looks lovely, am yet to make myself something, always seem to make for others or the house! Busy crocheting a blanket and Christmas decs at the moment, but this has me thinking for after the new year ...

  19. Maud looks fab, bargainous coat and gorgeous scarf :)


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