Saturday, 22 November 2014

Just not feeling it ...

... are you?
I've been trying ever so hard.
Maybe it's the unseasonally warm weather we've been experiencing.
Or the fact that frosts haven't yet forced my pelargoniums inside.

But I just haven't got the Christmas bug. 
Not yet.

There are three separate Christmas productions going on at school.
And glitter abounds.
But even though the beautiful strains of 'The Snowman' keeps echoing down the halls  I'm still not 'getting it'.

This morning we received our first Christmas card. I've put it next to our gorgeous smelling mulled wine candle (I told you I was trying) on the mantelpiece in an attempt to ramp up the Christmas cheer - but no. Nothing.

The ingredients for the Christmas cake - usually mixed together with great competitive fervour in anticipation of winning our annual 'cake off' - are gathering dust behind the fruit bowl.

Don't get me wrong. I like Christmas. My singalong songs during December vary from anything between 'In the Bleak Midwinter' to 'All I want for Christmas - is Yoooooou' (for which I apologise). But I think that might be the point. It's still November.

I have many dear friends who already have presents wrapped and cards sent. But for me Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without the mad dash around the shops hours before the big day. 

Something needs to snap into place. Just like the urge to plant seeds hits me in the Spring, and making jam is an absolute must in Autumn.

So what have I been doing?
Well I've made a couple of happy purchases.
Look at this set of pretty glasses. £2.50 for six!

Surely these will twinkle perfectly against the fairy lights on Christmas Eve?

And I had to snap up this sign for £1.

Who wouldn't want a knitted brassiere - that fits!

I've gathered the last of our apples.

Made lots of soups.

And been fascinated by the rate this hyacinth bulb has put down it's roots.

I've also been doing a bit of crochet. I love the idea of having a snuggly wrap around shawl for the colder evenings.

With a chunky wool and 7mm hook this is building up really quickly.

I've also been tempted by the new Rosie Mitts pattern by Pink Milk.

The embroidered rose detail is so sweet.

So there we go. I'm not complaining. In fact as I sit typing this I'm being bathed in the most glorious winter sunshine. Mr K is down at the allotment adding finishing touches to the shed and I'm about to don my wellies and wander down with emergency coffee. 

I'll try and spot some robins!



  1. Hey you are busy enough with all those lovely little projects. Christmas can wait. Jo x

  2. I'm totally with you ..... It's TOO early ...... Yet awhile x

  3. I'm feeling the same, it needs a real cold spell for me to get into it. I still feel as though we are just starting autumn. I started Christmas shopping yesterday but didn't continue today as my exhaust fell of the car!! Looks like the car is going to get an early Christmas present :-)

  4. I'm waiting for a good hard frost too! They seem surprisingly late this year. Your glasses will be very twinkly on Christmas Eve I'm sure.

  5. It will be very nice to see your mitts in the colours you have chosen as they are very different from those in the original pattern. They will be very cosy and autumnal I think. There is no reason for feeling Christmas as it is no where near yet! It's only the middle of November. When I'm out and about though I feel I am in the middle of a phony Christmas as it is everywhere - M&S playing 'White Christmas' the other day. It's terrible really. Christmas season is two weeks before Christmas at a pinch as Advent is not Christmas either, it's a time of waiting.

  6. I can't muster up much energy or enthusiasm for Christmas either this year.

  7. December 1st is soon enough to start thinking about Christmas. Each month has its own celebrations. We had a couple of weeks of cooler weather but it's turned warm enough again for the a/c to come back on during the day. Enjoy the rest of November and all it has to offer. Best wishes, Tammy

  8. I'm dragging my heels over Christmas this year too. I usually don't really start to think about it until December 1st although I have bought some cards and tomorrow I will make a Christmas pudding, it feels quite a slow lead up this year and I'm quite happy with that:)

  9. Lovely shawl, and mitts to be created. I keep making Christmas bits and bobs but December is quite soon enough to start planning our little family special time. I haven't actually started shopping and although I made my own cards they are not written......a frost, fire lit, a tipple is needed to set the scene for writing them.
    It will come, you see.

  10. I do understand getting the Christmas spirit with the drastic weather changes is difficult,I used to love leaving the bedroom window open all day in November and then closing it late afternoon with the glorious smell of frost mingled with Christmas to come on the air,I can detect the faint aroma in my brain!! I think we should move Christmas to January (The most depressing month!) and have November for bonfire night and stew and dumplings,December to get the cards and presents sorted then celebrate Christmas in the middle of January! Sorted! Warm regards Pam.

  11. Sending xmas cards in November ....ridiculous! It seems to start earlier every year, no wonder you and so many others (including me) are just not feeling it. When I was a child it didn't seem to start until about a fortnight before, now we get weeks of it before the big day and it's lost any magic it once had...for me anyway. Bah humbug. Love the pretty glasses and fab crochet, clever you.

  12. Hello I've just found your lovely blog while blog hopping ;) I totally agree this year my Christmas spirit hasn't appeared yet, I too put it down to the mild weather. We were even moaning on our allotment today that we couldn't pick the sprouts yet as we hadn't had a frost !!

  13. I'm not feeling it either. I hate it when all the Christmas things start appearing in the shops in September. It's just too early!!
    Jacqui xx

  14. Give it time as you say it is still only November. I haven't even got my Christmas cards yet let alone written and posted them.

  15. Hello Jane,

    Yes, I agree it's the weather is too mild for thinking about Christmas.
    I love your photos especially the sign, and a definate bargain.
    The colours you chose for your mitts look very Vintage and I look forward to seeing
    them finished.


  16. Nope, I'm not feeling it either, and I'm one of those people who absolutely loves Christmas. I'm really stuck for ideas for what to buy people this year so I haven't even started the shopping. No doubt I'll be dashing around at the last minute. I love the glasses you bought, they're really lovely.

  17. Your glasses are beautiful! So pretty and a great buy too. I find that each year I feel less and less Christmassy, I think that it is because I am getting older! However, I am sure that it will all kick in when December comes and I am determined not become a Grinch about it so I will keep going. I hope that the same happens for you. xx

  18. I made two Christmas cakes weeks ago just because I like to make them early. I've bought Christmas cards and stuck them in a drawer. I've been making Christmas decorations and gifts. But I do NOT feel Christmassy yet! And lots of other people are saying the same thing. I think it is because we are being forced to feel like Christmas when it's far too early. How could we sustain the whole Christmas-thing from the start of November? We'd be demented! I really feel sorry for pepole who work in shops and are bombarded by it all day every day.

  19. I am not feeling the Christmas love either, and I am afrais I won't. Even though I am a bit better prepared this year, I just get so overwhelmed with all of it. I usually am so exhausted I just want it all to be over and put away. I know I am a Christmas Grinch.

  20. Hi Jane! Thanks for stopping by!! Im glad to know you!! I love knitting too!! and love cook anad bake!
    My mail is and mail me me when you want.
    Im happy be paired with you!

  21. And still I dont make nothing especially for Christmas! Only I m looking some recipes:)

  22. Maybe you're not feeling it because it's November. Here in the US we seem to go directly from Halloween to Christmas and bypassing the most beautiful holiday this country ever invented. I refuse to do any Christmas decorating until the second week of December that way I don't tire of it by the time it gets around. You'll feel it, when you should!

  23. Jane Im not sure if you read my comment. please mail me to have your address, xo

  24. You're such a busy bee Jane, I'm sure it wont be long before Christmas sneaks up and catches you, hook, line and sinker ! Enjoy the last few November days, Kate xx

  25. I am so glad to see all of these comments about people not feeling it. I'm not either Jane, and for a moment I thought it was just the two of us! Now I still have hope!!!

    Cindy Bee

  26. Hi Jane, great Post and a relief to read it if I'm honest. It's technically December in just a few hours but I'm still not feeling the Christmas love. Haven't even given it a thought! It somehow always comes together in the final moments doesn't it? I hope so! Your crochet is looking good! Mel x

  27. Ive received my first christmas card too but it's sitting propped up on the shelf, unopened. The last couple of years I've let opening the cards till our tree is up the week before christmas. Then after one last dust of the year, I open the cards, show them off on the shelves and window sills and then I feel christmassy!


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