Sunday, 9 November 2014

Meanwhile, back at the allotment .....

...there's been stuff happening. 
But only if you look closely. 
Really closely. 

Like lie on the floor and zoom in.

It's a broad bean!!!
I never thought I would ever get so excited about a humble bean, but to me this signifies the start of great things. 
If you like beans that is.

A little further on garlic wars are still going strong.
Mr K decided to plant some cloves from a regular shop bought bulb whilst I got a special garden type one from Wilkos.

Mine is the one in the bottom box compared with Mr K's in the top one!
Imagine my delight each time I walk past and see mine rocketing ahead. (I realise that this delight is petty and incredibly selfish but you have to take it where you can find it!)

The light was so beautiful today that I couldn't resist wandering down the lane and seeing what was going on in the other plots. 

Come for a wander.

I love the fact that number 4 keeps a 'nice, smart hedge'

Brownie points if you can spot the London Midland train in the background.

Part of the land to the left of the allotments is used to store old vans and campers. This one would make a fantastic 'project'.

Looking ahead. 

Past sheds.

Crops still waiting to be harvested.

Whilst others have seen better days.

Nearing the end of the lane.

Where I met the lovely lady at number 9 ... 

...who informed me that things weren't quite as idyllic as they might seem. Apparently she is currently under threat from a herd of goats that have been grazing in the adjacent meadow. No sooner do her crops start to fruit than they scale the hedge and help themselves. Apart from her gooseberries. Apparently goats don't like gooseberries. The farmer has promised a taller hedge.
Naughty goats!

Back down to our plot and the one major thing that has grown is our shed. Mr K picked up the frame for ten pounds and has been scouring skips and the like for the cladding and pallets. Friends and family have been chipping in to help and mum and dad kindly donated some of their old windows. We now have an allotment shed with leaded glass - fancy nancy! Of course shorter days now mean that we can only build at the weekends as it's fairly dark after work - but slowly and surely it's coming on.

From this.

Then this.

 Followed by Mr K trying to explain
 the rudiments of shed making to Big Sis.

Who really just wanted to be hiding behind another shed eating a raw parsnip.

A bit of sawing from my good self.

And then being told to look happy as I was doing it!

A big family effort to get the frame on the base.

And then today came the walls. Or at least some of them.

Oh for the joy of making a shed!

So there we are.
Up to date on our newly found precious piece of land. 
Light and weather will dictate how much time we will be able to spend down there over the coming weeks but for now there is lovely warm feeling of satisfaction.

And of course the knowledge that my garlic is the best ;)

Have a good week and remember to look closely for the positives.



  1. It looks like you've made great progress already - that shed is looking pretty good, can't believe it was all 'foraged' material!

  2. I have shed envy! Well done.

  3. Lots of things to be satisfied about, especially the garlic!
    Jacqui x

  4. Oh I have allotment envy - I miss mine so much when I read posts like this! It looks as though you're going to have a wonderful time with it :-)

  5. You have all been busy! Lots to be delighted and satisfied with especially the garlic:)

  6. It looks and sounds as though you are having great fun!! I love the fact that you have such posh windows in your shed, but it does make me fear one thing..... it will not be allowed to be a shed, it will be an allotment summer house and entertaining and crafting zone!! Not that that is bad of course! Just might cause a bit of trouble with storing the spades and suchlike!! xx

  7. Of course your garlic is best!! What a fancy shed you've got - I'm sure you're really enjoying the allotment.

  8. Oh my word, how lovely to have an allotment. There looks to be a lot of hard work but with lots of fun included.
    Your shed is wonderful, especially windows, Just think of growing and eating your own veggies etc.,


  9. This post was so fun Jane and I am thrilled your garlic is the best.

  10. Hi Jane, what a fabulous shed, a lovely retreat space as well as practicable.
    Great garlic.
    Happy growing.

  11. Your garlic rocks! I have never grown any myself, I leave this to my man. I also love your shed, it is shaping up to be the best shed in the plot, I am sure it is.
    Thanks for visiting me today, it is good to meet you! Have a lovely week. Cx

  12. A lovely shed, Jane. Congrats on having the best garlic! :oD

  13. I love your shed! Wow, it's so nice. And I'm amazed at how much is sprouting and still growing there. I really like the photos of you sawing, you look like you stepped out of a catalog!

  14. Your post reminds me of how satisfying it is to make things with our own hands and grow things from seeds. Some people think I'm crazy to love those things--but I think those people are crazy not too. Love your post!

  15. Looking forward to more allotment stories and well done on the Garlic!! Loving the look of your posh shed! Warm Regards Pam.

  16. Hello Jane, you have made me smile with this post. The shed looks great, what grand windows and well done with the garlic! (I'd be exactly the same..) it's lovely to have found your blog x

  17. I love the 'stories' that come from allotments, such an eclectic mix of folk using a piece of land. I love it :)

  18. Eeek, goats! That's one pest you really don't want on an allotment site. I love looking around different sites, each plot is so different from the rest. Your broad beans have got a good, early start. I sowed some in pots a couple of years ago and overwintered them in the greenhouse intending to get them planted out early in the year, but it was the year we had a harsh spring so they languished in the greenhouse too long and became very leggy. They did pull round in the end, but I think you're doing the right thing establishing them in open ground in autumn. You should have an early crop next year.

  19. I've really enjoyed discovering your blog. That shed is going to be sensational, there's nothing finer than a nice handmade allotment shed is there. Well done on the garlic, I haven't even got mine in yet. There's some weeding to be done first unfortunately. I love garlic and broad beans though, it seems like the start of next season's growing.

  20. Ok now I am seriously jealous.. We love broad beans here and grow them every year in the veg plot at the end of the garden. for some reason though I had a bit of a failure this year, not sure why, BUT I have never sown them at this time of year. how exciting. when did you plant them, I wonder if I have time to do some myself. Am very excited for you.

  21. I love allotments and especially sheds on allotments, I can imagine myself sitting in one drinking tea. I will have to make do with my itty bitty veg plot in my garden for now. Thanks for showing us around.

  22. I think you will be the proud owners of the poshest shed at the allotments - look at those windows! I too would be very excited about those broad bean shoots - especially as broad beans are my favourite vegetable. And I really enjoyed seeing these photos - I love all the higgledy piggledy-ness of the allotments. Caz

  23. Very envious of your allotment. Especially your shed !


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