Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Oh - the onions

Just a quick update on the foolproof baked onions that I embarked upon in my last post.

I'd love to tell you that they were incredible.
That they melted in the mouth and that I'd 'never cook onions any other way again'.
The lack of any other ingredient made their flavour stronger and more pronounced.

Truth is that after an hour in the oven they were soft and indeed a bit squidgy.
But sadly they didn't taste of much at all.
Apart from singed baking parchment.

Maybe it was the type of onion.
Or my lack of onion cooking knowledge.

So the only thing to do was to put them in some pretty pots.

And there they remain.
Until I need a recipe that calls for a slightly singed onion.

Onward and upward.


  1. Oh dear Jane! That is so unfair for you. They look very pretty in the picture, but that isn't really a lot of compensation is it! Better luck next time with something else! xx

  2. You have to try these things though,, don't you? And at least they haven't been totally wasted, you can use them anytime. I like to try out strange and whacky things in the kitchen (!) myself, it makes life interesting, and every now and then you come up with something really worth-while. Crack on!

  3. Im impressed Jane because never make something like these and the pictures look beauty! I only use chopped onions.
    Love your pots are beautiful!
    The other day I made a little souffles tasted so good but....the pictures were

  4. Too funny. I do like that last shot! I had a meal on the weekend that had what seemed to be caramelized pearl onions, and they were fabulous! So that got me thinking about maple syrup. We think a lot about maple syrup and bacon in these parts. And I thought 'I wonder if I made French toast but put the maple syrup on the bread before cooking'. It was really good! I hate slathering maple syrup on breakfast foods like some people, just a taste for me. The French toast did a bit of caramelizing with the syrup. Maybe something like that with the onions? Like you say, these can still be used, and look awfully cute in those pretty porcelain bowls ;) Wendy x

  5. Even if they didn't taste spectacular I bet your house smelled wonderful.


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