Monday, 1 December 2014

Up and Down at the Weekend

No, no not me - if anything I was fairly up both days. But, my dear friends, the place that has stolen the majority of my daylight hours over the last week or two.

Oh yes. It's time to talk allotment. 


After more or less completing our new fancy nancy shed it was time to dismantle the old one.

Mr K was at his happiest wielding a mallet.

And soon the base was clear and ready for our greenhouse.

Sadly the marker pen that Mr K had used to label the order of the base was not waterproof so friends were called upon to ponder the puzzle.

And marvel at the old nest of a snail loving mouse.

By the evening - or in this case about four o'clock - the frame was up and lack of light forced us home.

The sunshine that we had been promised for Sunday failed to appear but we carried on with our hair raising, nerve racking insertion of greenhouse glass regardless.

Perhaps my little homilies such as 'you live by the greenhouse, you die by the greenhouse' would have been best kept under wraps, but trying to manoeuvre slippy glass to head height did smack of a scene from  'Final Destination'.

Limbs intact we persevered.

Pausing only to take a  shot across the other rooftops before the last pane went in.

Then down went a path.

And up came a parsnip from a fellow allotmenteer!

A brief period of contemplation for Mr K before the best 'up' of all.

After a quick phone around we managed to gather a few chums together to watch the old shed going up in flames.

We watched and chatted and laughed and generally shared that wonderful feeling that comes with sitting around a bonfire with friends.

From the new shed window the scene looked almost Dickensian.

And so the flames went down and home we went. A busy weekend. Lots of playing around with soil, wood and hammers. But that night I went to bed happy.

If slightly singed!


P.S. I promise that next time I will include some pretty pictures . The secret squirrels are quite busy around these parts at the moment so it's difficult to share, but things are certainly afoot!


  1. Hi Jane, well done indeed on your new greenhouse, exciting times, lovely things to grow,plant and eat.

  2. Enjoyed your post 'specially the bonfire!! Merry Christmas to you! Pam.

  3. Well Jane, you're not going to "feel it" being Christmas if you continue with greenhouses, parsnips and growing crops in December!!! Maybe you need to move to a colder climate where it feels very wintry and cold (Canada) and you can just imagine the jolly old elf clambering around on your rooftop! Your new shed looks so nice, and the new greenhouse (a shed AND a greenhouse?!) looks great too. Stop gardening now and get started on that fruit cake and mull some cider. Sheesh!! Wendy x

  4. You certainly had a busy weekend, Jane. :o)

  5. I think they were pretty pictures! Just think of all the great things you will be growing in your greenhouse!! xx

  6. Oh, wow! You really sent the old shed off with a bang...a blaze? I love that you burned it and enjoyed the fire. It just seems fitting to do that as you build a new one and start fresh. It looks like you've all been hard at work and I am sure it will be well worth it when it's complete.

  7. I am very, very impressed with all that you all accomplished in a weekend. A weekend with limited sunlight. Wow!

    The greenhouse and its pathway look fantastic. The bonfire surely seemed an honorable way to bid farewell to the old shed.

    Now I must say that I am feeling very lazy. I have been busy, but now your kind of busy. xo

  8. Love the look of your new shead, and what fun to have a bonfire to end the old ones life.

  9. Great to see you gave the old shed such a great send off. You look veryhappy sitting there!
    Jacqui x

  10. Busy weekend! It's looking fabulous and I loved seeing the mouse nest. xx

  11. What a satisfying weekend - so much done. Looks fun as well as busy ;-)

  12. You're certainly putting lots of work in, you'll be so glad when spring comes around and you're all set for the new growing season.

  13. Huzzah! And weren't you kind to get the new 'mouse condo' up for the little critter! He'll have a room with a view! Kidding aside, congrats on getting that monumental project accomplished ... now to get your garden supplies stocked and flats growing ...such fun!

  14. It hurts slightly to see the death of a shed, but how lovely your new greenhouse is, I can't tell you envious I am. Both of the greenhouse and of all the handy people you have about you. Round here it's just me and a tube of No More Nails. Probably just as well I don't have a greenhouse. CJ xx

  15. What a busy but productive weekend - and now you are ready for the new sowing season, it will be here v soon!
    Caz xx

  16. How exciting to be able to plan what you are going to grow in it now it's up :)

  17. Very exciting times at the Allotment.


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