Monday, 25 February 2013

A couple of finds and a stack of winkles

Before I begin I'd just like to say a big thank you to all the lovely people out there who have taken time to leave comments on my posts - they are appreciated so much!


I'm afraid I'm going to mention seventies television again here. In between reading my Blytons, staring at my Sindy doll and wondering why the shampoo I'd used hadn't left her hair quite the same as it looked on the packaging but more like a Brillo pad, and falling out with my best friend, I remember one of the highlights of the week was sitting down and watching Ask the Family. It was a general knowledge quiz show where two rather well shod families would pit their brains against each other for the title. I was rubbish. Maybe instead of the above activities I should have been reading encyclopaedias and the odd atlas but I was the youngest and left the thinking to Big bro. However there was one round that I did actually enjoy. An object would be shown from an obscure angle and the family would have to guess what it was. I obviously enjoyed this too much so now I've made my own version.

Are you ready?
Do you promise not to scroll down and look?

First object



And last but not least

How did you do?

The first was such a cute little pink teapot that for £2.50 I couldn't resist. The stamp on the back says non drip and it's true - that ingenious little spout lets your tea pour out in the perfect arc (did try to take a shot but definitely a two man job!) All it needs now is an appropriate cosy - any ideas?

Next was a bit tricky I'll admit.
Four soup bowls in a lovely 'delphatic blue'. I've got other bits and pieces of this crockery and love its simplicity. 99p for the four!

Finally skip forward a few decades and you have a completely different sort of design. Kathy Winkle was renowned for her folksy patterns - black lines filled with no more than three colours on standard shaped crockery. She was working from the 1950's through to the 1970's but I'm assuming this is some of her later work as it is 'dishwasher proof'!
Are you ready?
For the grand total of £2 we have - a stack of winkles.

So now I have a whole bunch of new crockery.

Do I need it? 
Do I love it?
(Will it fit in the cupboards? 
I don't think we need to think about that just at the moment.....hmmm)

If you got any of the above you need to go and treat yourself to some fruit cocktail out of a tin ( if you get the cherry you are a double winner!), pour on some evaporated milk, mop it up with a piece of bread and butter and listen to this

Enjoy x


  1. Oh dear I can't stop laughing!
    First, I thought your title was a stack of WRinkles! - I've got plenty of those!
    Then I tried guessing your objects and thought the first one was a toilet!!! I remember that programme well, and used to love trying to guess what the objects were!
    And finally, the last straw, was the fruit cocktail and evap - oh the memories!!! I might need to go make myself a sugar sandwich!
    Thank you so much for a lovely nostalgic chuckle!!
    Angie x

  2. Memories! Tinned fruit cocktail - remember the awful grapes in it, well, I think they were they grapes)!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. Oh I covet the blue bowls! I really thought I was looking at parts to an old stove. You found some real lovelies. I have never tried fruit cocktail with evaporated milk! Not sure I would like that. I do love the cherries, though. xx

  4. I thought the first couple of photos were of a toilet too! LOL

  5. Great finds - you clearly have the knack! I LOVE the pink teapot... I have teapot envy now ;-)

  6. What a brilliant post! Do not know this tv show, but I grew up in California and only landed in England later on. Adore everything here - the Delpic Blue, the magic teapot and the orange and green design on the china. Do not know the designer, will have to investigate further - just lovely!
    Minerva ~

  7. Lovely crockery (which you always need - don't you!)

  8. Lovely! I read the title as wRinkles too :) Elisabeth x

  9. Didn't recognise anything, but enjoyed the bit about the tinned fruit cocktail with evaporated milk. I remember my two brothers fighting over the cherries. I never liked them.

  10. Yay, I guessed the Kathie Winkles. I've got some myself. They're great aren't they? I swapped my Sindy for a gonk. It is one of my greatest regrets - even to this day. What was I thinking? I'm off for good old rummage around your blog. xx

  11. Hi,LOVE the little pink teapot,I guessed pink china but what?I couldn't wait and scrolled down too quickly!!Kind Regards Pam.

  12. I don't know of the tv programme but I just love the little pink teapot, it's gorgeous! We love evaporated milk in our house! Thank you for the lovely comments about my cushions, much appreciated:)
    M xxxx

  13. So funny, I don't remember the programme either, but I enjoyed this post muchly, lovers of evaporated milk here too! My youngest bunny once asked why people would want an empty tin seeing as the milk had evaporated! Kids are a hoot aren't they?


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