Saturday, 2 February 2013

Browns, buds and berries

I know it's not technically January any more but when I saw the idea of making a monthly mood board over at The Linen Cloud (thanks Bee!) I thought it would be a great excuse to practice bettering my photography skills (or lack of). It also gave me an excuse to look even closer at what's going on in my much loved garden. I reckon I can get away with the date as these were things that were actually around in January (however tempted I was to put in the newly emerging buds of Pussy Willow I managed to resist).

This is possibly the worst photo of all but it shows the variety of material available

There are the evergreens which come into their own when all around is sleeping - ivy, blackberry, spotted bay, holly

Browns - tansy, aster, hydrangea

With the most exquisite seed heads

Berries - a stark contrast to the more muted tones 

 And then buds - a sign of regeneration and hope

I'm going to wait a good four weeks until I do the next board and I expect there will be a huge contrast in material.

I hope you are seeing signs of regeneration wherever you are x


  1. Great to see you have joined in ... I reckon it will be a lovely way to see the seasons change ... Bee xx

  2. Your photos are lovely with the different shades of colour in the garden at the moment. I love the browns with the signs of decay and then the newness of life that is just peeping in now. Have a great weekend. Chel x

  3. Great pics - love the seed heads and the bright berries. Happy weekend,

  4. I'm just after having a quick look at your blog and it's great. Sorry that I didn't have much time this time but I'm looking forward to sitting down during the week and have a good read.
    Rosie xx

  5. Hi there Jane
    Thanks for visiting my blog, I am loving all the mood boards of beautiful January botanicals. Gorgeous photographs xox Penelope

  6. I haven't been over here before - pleased to 'meet' you! And I too LOVE my crochet hooks. I keep them in the same tube as my Grandma did (I never met her) which makes my Mum laugh!
    Now, forgive me if you are already familiar, but you would love Annie's blog, knitsofacto. She writes beautifully, takes wonderful photos (especially of nature) and knits!
    Thanks for popping over to mine...your girls are most welcome at my shop!!
    fee x

  7. Hello there, what a lovely blog you have. I have had a look back through your posts - the new year is a great time to start a new blog ;) it looks like we do have similar (good) tastes in crafty books! I'm really looking forward to following your blogging journey... Thank you very much for stopping by my blog and for your lovely comments.
    M xxx

  8. Hello! Oh I do like you blog! I'm starting off myself and envious already of your header! V funny post. I'm functioning on bare minimum at the moment. Love your heart tutorial x

  9. What a beautiful idea, i am really looking forward to see how they change.
    love jooles xxx

  10. Good idea to really make you notice the changes through the year. Love your photos. xx

  11. Hi,

    I'm new to your blog - discovered you from your comment on Rosie's canal walk post earlier. This is a really lovely idea - I'll look forward to seeing the next mood board you do!


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