Thursday, 28 February 2013

In by the squeeeeaak ...

...of my teeth with four hours to go before - March!

Here's my February mood board.

(I've done it! I've got it the right way around - long story!)

Earlier today I really thought I wasn't going to be able to find anything new. Last month, even though nothing was yet emerging, there was a certain look to my board. During the darkest months there was still beauty to be found in the vibrancy of the berries and the sculptural quality of decay. So today I was determined to see a change. Nothing was apparent at first glance apart from the snowdrops and the tĂȘte a tĂȘte. I had to really look. And I had to look really hard. But there, under the dead stems and rotting leaves, were signs. The colours - though not the blousy brights we'll be experiencing later in the year - varied from purples to blues to pinks to yellows. And the new leaves brought tiny samples of the brightest green.


My beautiful lungwort with it's myriad of shades

Periwinkle blue 
( Little Sis thinks this one looks like a happy whale - can you see it?)

(sadly one of Ned's favourites)

A duet of muscari



Unfurling tansy


And the wondrously tactile pussy willow

The colours and textures are there. Still a bit shy but slowly, oh so slowly, emerging from their Winter sleep. Soon they will be joined by others and the busy nature of the garden will return thick and fast.
Until then we must be patient in the knowledge that things do return and, even though their presence is small, their effect is just as great.

Jane x


  1. Well done you for finding so many lovely blooms, berries and greenery. I saw so much today, and just wish the soil would dry up a tiny bit so I can plant new, wonderful things. Great post. Take care. Chel x

  2. You have found some beautiful hellebore's are in bloom and a few primrose but everything else is just waking up!
    Spring wishes
    Thea x

  3. What gorgeous colour ... my moodboard is very dull in comparison ... love the hellebore ... Bee xx

  4. Such beautiful blooms! They look stunning the way you have arranged them!

  5. This is wonderful Jane ....I'm so glad you searched them out .
    Jacquie x

  6. A very pretty group of flowers, so detailed and I do see the 'happy whale'! We have a few flowers blooming here, but not quite as ahead as you are. These are making me smile :)

  7. hi there, thanks for the comment you left on my "messy post".
    Lovely to see the flowers of your mood board.
    For the first time yesterday, I found hellebores growing wild in the shelter of an oak copse. After I'd spent a while oohing and aaahing I looked around and saw the clump backed on to a house and yes, there in the back garden were as many clumps as you would ever wish to see, so not so much "wild" as "escapees"!

  8. You have found some beautiful flowers - amazing what is out there already when you look hard!
    Amazing photographs too!
    Angie x

  9. I like the nature mood boards being shared. Wishing you a wonderful new month. Tammy

  10. Hello
    I’m not sure how I found this blog as I seem to have been blog hopping for a couple of days – you never know where you’ll end up !
    Love the flower photos, I only have hellebors and lots and lots of snowdrops out, I really like the lungwort – for some reason my dog seems to like eating mine.
    Where did the idea of mood boards come from?

  11. Absolutely stunning!
    Such fab photos, the happy whale is very cute :)

    Thank you so much for popping over to my blog and leaving your comment, I greatly appreciate it.


  12. Oh, those are so lovely! I am just aching for spring. Soon, right? :)

  13. That's absolutely beautiful :)

    Rachel @ AMomentInTime.

  14. Lovely photos. This time of year is great isn't it? Wonderful to see the new signs of life.

  15. Beautiful images Jane... isn't nature just fantastic! Cx

  16. This is more beautiful than the last one! I'm amazed how much you found, things are not quite as far ahead up here - I haven't seen any open daffodils yet or any of the other flowers. I did see some willow just beginning to emerge recently though!

  17. I would really like to share this on our ART&COMMERCE blog! I love pressing flowers and I saw these when researching mood boards and thought it was honestly fantastic. Cheers from Vancouver, BC! :)

    May we be in touch?


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