Wednesday, 5 June 2013

A Predicament of Purchases

When the girls were young their reception class teacher taught them a poem about different colours. It went along the lines of  'What is yellow? The colour of the corn. What is red? A poppy is red in it's flower bed' - and so forth. Now I'd like you to close your eyes and think of orange - what pops up?


Maybe it's something like this

Let me explain this picture. A short while ago mum and dad returned from their annual Tenerife break. They were so overwhelmed by the size and quality of the oranges over there that they brought us one back as a souvenir. It was indeed a very large and very juicy orange, differing so much from the ones that I had just bought from the local supermarket that I felt compelled to take a comparative image. I have no excuse. If you think this is as orange as orange can get then hold on to your hats - sunglasses may be required ahead.
Until then let me share some of my latest finds.

I've always loved 1930's glass - and this pink glass is my particular favourite

The mix of those wavy edges on the chrome base had me at first sight - perfect to go on my newly painted Annie Sloan chest of drawers in the bedroom (ooh get me and Annie!)

Then this popped along - obviously this would have to accompany the bowl - it's the law

Now sitting on the dressing table

Little Miss Pink is sitting on a gorgeous pair of curtains I picked up for - £1.99!

Can't tell you much more about these, I just loved the faded colours - what do you think the material is?

And on the theme of floral curtains - another pair

This time on more of a chintzy material but with a beautiful wisteria design

These nearly broke the bank mind you - an enormous £4.50!

Enough pink yet? How about a Melmex jug?

Popular in the early 1960's Melmex was introduced as a more robust material for traditional crockery.

Sadly the manufacturer did make Little Sis giggle

And popping in from the left field - a tin!

No idea of the age but love this little chap

Okay back to the orange.

Those of you who read my blog regularly (yes mum I mean you) may remember this

It's a tablecloth. It's orange. I couldn't decide whether I loved it or hated it but it was 25p. It obviously had a far deeper effect on me than I thought, unlocking a little orange door inside my colourfully capricious mind.

Because last week I spotted this

sitting next to these

accompanied by


all of which were obviously made to sit on this

I'm not sure why there are only five cups on the photographs - it's actually a full set of Bavarian china in mint condition - do you want me to tell you the price? What do you think?

I know that if I'd seen this a few years ago I'd have walked right on by but I think now I do actually quite like it. What's happened? How can someone who adores the subtle elegance of inter-war glass also have such a penchant for pop art flowers? Have I been tango'ed? What's next?



(P.S. It was £10!)


  1. Ooh, the curtains are making me drool! The first pair look like linen to me. And I like a bit of Gaydon! xx

  2. I love all of it! Wow, what beautiful finds and such a steal for all that china! I need to come over there for my junk-hunting because you have much better junk. :)

  3. oh wow! I love orange! I love that tablecloth and the whole set. Brilliant!

  4. My goodness I do believe all the British sunshine has gone to your head! ;-) I love LOVE the orange table setting, and I don't even like orange! It looks amazing! I wonder if it would have struck the same chord in darkest January? Now you need some marmalade cake... Chrissie x

  5. You've managed to get yourself a whole host of colourful bargains there, Jane. Fabulous! :o)

  6. Reading your post has made me smile. Everyone should have some colour in their day.and I remember that orange design. I'm sure one of my school friend's mother had that tea set.

    S xx

  7. Looks like you you have found some lovely things, I like your little jug and the tin.

  8. Great finds. Love the orange tablecloth & fab coffee set. The curtains are lovely too, are you going to use them or cut them up?

  9. Embrace the orange ... I love it what a zingy colour and with purple too it just sings summer. The other finds are fab too but give me the orange over the pink any day. Sarah x

  10. What amazing finds! I love the orangey goodies in particular.
    M x

  11. Oh my gollie, you got some very lovely finds there. I just love all the pink finds and the very gorgeous floral curtains, they are lush. I am still sitting here a little breathless wishing I'd been tango'ed!! Love it all and it goes so well with that now loved tablecloth. I really get this change of heart with age, like you I have also started taking likings to things I could never have imagined ever liking. That my dear is age and I shall call it wisdom, knowing something good when you see it! xo

  12. Love the orange teapot etc. They are so bright and cheerful.

  13. Awesome! What an orangey score you have there! How does hubby feel about orange. It's my hub's favourite colour so he might have actually gone for that set as our daily dishes. Hmm....Father's Day is next week here in Canada - maybe dishes for my man??

  14. I never used to like orange as a colour but I've recently been tempted by orange flowers I've seen in gardens and garden centres we've visited. I wonder if it is because we are all seeking colour after such a dull and grey winter and spring? The tea service just calls out for afternoon tea in a sunny garden and looks splendid on the table cloth:)

  15. What amazing purchases. Yellow is my favorite colour, so I can understand orange grabbing you!

  16. Wow Jane some brilliant finds. I always sort of swoon over that kind of thing and chicken out at the last minute! Thanks for checking in to my blog, always love to hear from you. Jo x

  17. What a jolly, colourful post! Not a fan of orange myself, but it does cheer you up ... See what you mean aur the oranges, ours are satsumas by comparison!

    Hope the sun's shining for you

    Love Claire xx

  18. Oh i love melmex too and orange and tins!!

    ...wish you lived nearer we could compare our findings every week over a 'cup' of something cool and fizzy.....d x

  19. You lucky thing! I love the set, and that tin is fab.

  20. Oh Jane ... your new china is the find of my dreams ... you lucky thing ... it's beautiful ... I am a little green with envy ... Bee xx

  21. Haha! What excellent finds! I love the craziness of the orange china. I also love the artful way you set up all these photos--so fun and pleasing to look at!

  22. I popped in here when you first published this post, but then I went off on a tour of crazy "banned" tv commercials when I followed your link for "tango-ed" (a term I was not familiar with, and after seeing a fat semi-naked orange man hand kissing a somewhat dazed man in a street, I'm glad I didn't know!). Anyway long story short, I never did post a comment. Your orange china is amazing. Orange was my favourite colour as a child! So all of this brings back those memories of being very happy with getting something in a bright shade of orange. Happy weekend Jane! Wendy

  23. Oh I remember these!! Along with my Dad sitting at the table with flyaway collars and flares and sideburns to be proud of! It's funny how they go out of fashion and then turn up to be head turners once again (I mean the china and not the side burns!!). Great finds again Jane, and the orange looks so much more juicier than the supermarket dry versions that seem to be filling the shelves at the moment. xx

  24. I'm not usually a fan of orange but I love the table cloth! Both sets of curtains are lovely too.


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