Saturday, 1 June 2013

A June Jaunt


So here's the new page of my calendar
'The Brave Little Tailor' by Franz Wacik

A nip and a punch for the first of the month (where on earth did that phrase come from - I'm sure it's been the start of many a playground fight!)

What could be a better start to a new month than a mystery jaunt?
A little while ago Penny at L is for Love wrote about the wonderful rides she takes on her bicycle. Since then I've procrastinated at length about rescuing my old thing from the shed (my bike - not Mr K - although it has been known...) so today, after a major tussle with the lawn mower, some hessian and no end of badly behaved bamboo poles, she was exhumed.

Here she is

My lovely shiny red bicycle (of course you know it makes sense that it's red as I've waxed lyrical about green being my favourite ever colour!) Mr K checked the tyres and I -  because I am a woman and I am strong - checked the bell. A quick check of the seat height (Mr K insisted on this although I don't think my legs have altered length particularly since last time) and she was ready for the off.

First hurdle was to get her up the garden steps
And past old faithful
No Jessie dog - not this time

Up on to the tow path (or as Big Sis called it until she was about twelve 'the toad path')
And a quick look around to check nobody is looking whilst I unceremoniously cast my leg asunder
Coast is clear

Head for the lock
See the boat on the right...

And hop off to cross the bridge it's in the lock
Can you hear the rushing water?

Carry on up to the railway tracks
Past the little meadow
Check the sign
Just as well I did
That was close!

Just a little further now
And then the path ends and we take a left
 Do you know where we are going yet?
Okay - let's get closer

Stone Railway Station - a beautiful building which now serves as a community space for various groups (who put that black car there - didn't they know I wanted a picture?)
But why are we here? (We don't know will you get on with it please?)
A very talented lady who I met at our knit nights at the local pub thought it would be a great idea to pull together some local crafters to demonstrate their skills.

So inside we were met with

spinning - both with the traditional wheels
and a spindle
This lady had made the most beautiful bag using domino knitting

This lady made the tatting process look so easy 
and was effortlessly producing these bookmarks for her local church

and, of course, knitting

There was also a wonderfully talented lady who had made some beautiful shawls. Sadly I took no photos of these but you can visit her Etsy shop here.

The atmosphere was lovely, gentle chatter amongst like minded people accompanied by
the most delicious home made cakes!

Sitting at tables dressed with
hand made felt floral displays

There were other items for sale and I took part in a Chinese auction (no I'm still not too sure what it is but it looked like fun)

After a good old chat and bags of inspiration it was time to set off home

Back down to the tracks
Nothing coming this time!

Reach the end of the meadow and hop off again
Check for the newly hatched ducklings
Nothing doing

 Round the lock

And home

Back through the gate to sample some of the Scotch eggs Mr K procured from the Farmers Market this morning.

Thanks old trusty!


(P.S. I've got some lovely new finds to share but I reckon if you've got this far you'll probably need to go for a lie down in a darkened room - until next time!)


  1. How lovely to have a 'toad' path just beyond your back gate, it's so picturesque. Lovely photo's.

  2. What a fabulous place for a bike ride!!

  3. What a great bike ride, I'm sure there will be many more in the future! :) x

  4. that looked like my kind of gentle bike ride with a little crafty goodness thrown in !

  5. A beautiful, scenic bike ride with craft and cake at the end - that would get me on my bike, too! Enjoy the sunshine! Chrissie x

  6. What a wonderful post! I give you credit for riding your bike again, good for you! I have a bike but I'm so afraid of it. I used to ride everywhere when I was younger but for some reason, I'm scared now. I have to practice more. The crafty time and cake look like a really fun time! I'd definitely ride my bike more if I had all of that waiting for me. :)

  7. What a perfect day! Sun, a lovely bike ride on a gorgeous bike, (I love red, my car is bright red and I love it). And so much fun with ladies of a like mind, perfect, perfect, perfect.
    Hugs to you,

  8. Well done Jane on getting back on the bike! Knowing me I would have ridden it into the lock while being sidetracked by the boats (narrow boats...dream...), sorry - back in the real world again! How lucky you are to find a craft group such as this...with cakes!!! (cakes...dream...) - making a habit of this now! Looking forward to reading more of your little jaunts on old Trusty! Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Chel x

  9. Fabulous post, Jane. What a great place to go for a bike run - although I think I'd be safer walking. I'd probably fall off the bike and into the water! :oD

  10. Yay!

    you did I am thinking I must do the same....maybe next week???? ...

    bestest D x

  11. Sounds like fun, good on you.

  12. Well done gal you did it!! It looked like the perfect gentle introduction back into the world of riding and with what better purpose than to join a few like minded ladies for a bit of woolie and cake, sounds ideal!! Absolutely love stone it's so pretty. You're so lucky to have that on your doorstep xo

  13. ~ LOVE your secret garden, so very much! ~ And your very picturesque ride through that lush greenery...~ And that day spent with like minded souls, who incidentally are soo creative! ~ What a fabby time...Happy Sunday to YOU, Jane....LOVED this post! Maria x

  14. I love the steps up to your garden gate! What a lovely ride along the 'toad' path and down to the old station where all those creative ladies were working - looks like you had a great day:)

  15. If I had read about your 'perilous journey' before you arrived at our little CrafterDay, I would have had a welcoming committee at the door and a cuppa to refresh!
    I too have just bought a bike, a one....what is it about middle aged women and red? The final fling before going for cream and beige and soft lilac...noooooooo! Only attempted the local park yet but have plans to adventure after a good coating of Iboprofen gel.
    Thank you for coming along to my little 'soirée', it was fun and good to meet all my friends from YarnGathering shop (now retired but not forgotten)
    You have 2 auction wins, see you cracked it!.x

  16. Thank you for taking us along on your bike ride. What a wonderful journey that was.

  17. I feel like I have had some fresh air! Thanks for taking us on your ride. I too have a lovely bike in the shed bought for me by Bloke but if there is one thing I find very uncomfortable it is bike riding, I know I need to do it more to get past the pain barrier! Jo x

  18. What a lovely trip you took us on through the countryside, it reminded me that I need to get my bike fixed after breaking it at the end of last Summer! I thought I'd get that seen to during the Winter but best laid plans and all that....

  19. Thank you for taking me on such a lovely journey- I love your garden steps but can imagine I would feel different on a bicycle. Your day sounds perfect - thank you for sharing.
    Sue x

  20. Oh - what a journey! Such pretty sights to see along the way. Now here's the question - do you stop and click the shutter or do you do it rolling along? That would be fun to see!! It sounds like your town has some uniquely talented crafters. I've always admired "tatters" - such fine thread and such little knots. And that historical building! I wish there were more structures around here like that. Now maybe if I took my bike out a bit more often I would find a few more of them in my own town too...

  21. What a pretty bike ride ... we went out cycling this weekend too. My bike is purple and we went along the River Rea with the cow parsley and wild garlic in bloom. x

  22. Sweet little story you've put together here "Plain Jane Meets the Train" ... ha ha! And did you actually stop in the middle of the train tracks to take that second photo?! What if it came up behind you!! Anyway ... fun little jaunt through your waterways, fields and paths, and an impressive venue for the crafty meet. Now you need a good wicker basket for your bike to carry your bags of yarn and market produce in. ;) Wendy

  23. Fabulous - what a trip! Go on, show us your finds xxxx

  24. What a beautiful garden you have,please can we see more pictures of it?Love the trip ,you live in such a pretty place you lucky thing!Regards Pam.

  25. Oh my goodness you live in paradise! So pretty...and that garden - wow! I want to find a knitting group that meets at a pubs close to here. ;-)

    Hey, isn't green's complimentary color red?

  26. I loved this post, particularly as I know Stone well have lived between Stone and Blythe Bridge years ago. What a great place the old railway station looks for a crafty get together!

  27. Many thanks for sharing your adventure with us. Cx


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