Saturday, 22 June 2013

The Talent of the Young

Mr K has been teaching art and graphics for many years now. Each June the students put on their show and each year the standards seem to get better and better. So last night we put on our glad rags and went along to the grand opening. We weren't disappointed. The profusion of final shows at this time of year is overwhelming but this one isn't degree level. It's students working on 'A' level, BTEC and Foundation courses ie: largely between the ages of sixteen to nineteen. But the quality of work would seem to belie this. 

Take a look.

There was colour





Illustrations (loved these)



Paper cutting

And the bizarre!

There were student films, music in the auditorium, speeches and awards. The optimism of the students was contagious - so many ideas and plans ahead. I came away truly inspired. In a world where we don't hear much positive news about the young this was a breath of fresh air. Well done to all those involved - what fantastic futures you have ahead of you. 



  1. Wow, what amazing talent!

    Love Claire xx

  2. They are lovely. Thank you for sharing! : )

  3. Huge amount of talent there, I was amazed by the art work produce for GCSE and A levels at my daughters school. Great stuff! :) x

  4. What a fun visual trip you have taken us on. Those young people are incredibly talents.

  5. Yes it is always great to see creative tal
    ent celebrated and encouraged... many thank for sharing... takes me back... goodness 30 years ago I was doing my 2 years Art Foundation1 Cx

  6. They are incredibly talented young people. I loved art classes when I was in school, I learned a lot and it was a terrific creative outlet. Their talents are a credit to your husband as their teacher.

  7. This exhibition is AMAZING! Your hubby must be so incredibly proud - and you must be so proud of him for guiding these students to create such incredible works. So many of the pieces you photographed could easily be hanging in the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition (I went a few weeks ago) - and I'm even wondering if any of thse are for are so right about these young people, so full of promise and interesting vision! Chrissie x

  8. Thanks so much for your wonderful comment, following you too XO

  9. So talented ... I love the papercuts ... Bee xx

  10. That is one amazing exhibition and what talent.Our local theatre (Theatr Clwyd) often has schools art work displayed and the quality is always good.Some good teaching going on.

  11. The imagination and individuality is astounding. My daughter loves art and I always tell her to do what she feels excited to create, it may be bizarre, it may be inspired but it always what she thinks is right. Everyone's take on art is different, I love the snail, she loves the skeleton. Art is out own personality. Fantastic post Jane and congratulations to Mr K. Chel x

  12. ~ ahh its a beautiful world with such 'fabby talent'....I can't draw for toffee, personally, but LOVE how art has so many dimensions and aspects to it these days...any thing goes! Clever inspiring people! Thanks for sharing with us all...Hugs Maria x

  13. What a treat to take this tour with you! Thanks!

  14. I totally agree with you - having had two of mine go through A level art and onto Art at Uni, these shows are truly awesome (as the young would say!) and so full of promise and raw talent. xCathy

  15. Thanks for sharing these! I work at a college and am so moved by the talents of our young students. We had a fabulous end of year performance (Madness Our House) and I'm just about to go and see the end of year art show! It reminds me every year why I became a teacher! x

  16. These are all so amazing ... every one! Your husband must be thrilled with the exhibits. I'm always surprised at the creative genius that people have ... where do they get their ideas and inspiration from? Great works, thanks for sharing :) Wendy

  17. What a fabulous collection of inspiring work! It takes me right back to my art student days.... the freedom of expression.... the fun of discovering new techniques.... the lack of money(!) Ha ha!
    Thanks for sharing! :) xx

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  19. Amazing talent, hubby must be very proud! Thanks got sharing I really enjoyed this xo


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