Sunday, 7 July 2013

A Forbidden Frolic

Yesterday Big Sis was visiting from the Big Smoke. The strange thing was that she wasn't visiting us. Her dearest friend was celebrating her nineteenth so it was a one night only affair. She wanted to see us to pass on Mr K's Father's Day present (!) and as the party was in the next village we said we would pop over. As the weather was so glorious we decided that it would be the perfect opportunity to try out the newly refurbished towpath on our bikes. By eight thirty the glaring heat of the day had dissipated and the evening light added a golden hue to the landscape  - perfect.

We stopped at the first bridge to take in our favourite view

 Then back down to the canal

We tootled along quite happily, chatting about nothing in particular and waving at the boats when, in the distance, we spied a flash of red


We considered what might be on the other side. Would there be any footpath? Were we scuppered? How bad could it be? Then out of the blue Mr K did this

All I could do was follow!
As it turned out the towpath was fine - most of it had actually already been resurfaced and we did pass someone else with their dog so we didn't feel too naughty.

The sun was dipping

All was lush and so so quiet

The only interruption was from the occasional train when we rode adjacent to the tracks

The evening air was heady with the scent of elderflower and wild honeysuckle

As we approached the village the outlying cottages were soaking up the last of the light

The ducks were  roosting (one eye open of course)

And then we were there

Our stay was short. We swapped presents and congratulations. We caught up with friends who we have seen Big Sis grow up with - all very grown up now themselves. They invited us to join them on the picnic blankets laid out in the back garden for a Pimms but we declined - it would have been too easy to overstay our welcome! 

We cycled back in a reflective mood, stopping only to stock up on elder flowers for some cordial making tomorrow. It's still hard saying goodbye to Big Sis in a different environment but things change and we are so lucky for what we have.

We arrived back home shortly after 10pm - it was still light -  still time for a Pimms in our own back garden!

Hope you have had chance to sit back and enjoy what you have wherever you are.



  1. What a lovely bike ride. Not too long, and in the perfect weather. I have never seen such lush honeysuckle. I planted some this year and I hope mine fills out like the plant along the towpath!

  2. Ah, you are adjusting so well to Big Sis's new life! And if she had come straight home rather than to the party, then you never would have seen all the wonderful things you saw on your rule-breaking bike ride! Chrissie x

  3. Such a lovely way to spend a Saturday evening, but what a shame you didn't have a bit longer with your sister

    Hope you Sunday is sunny xxxx

  4. You rule breakers you! The signs were probably put there for a joke by the work men or by the boat owners for a quiet night! It must have been really hard for you both to say hello and goodbye to your daughter in a brief meeting, I dread the day that I will have to do that. So was the Pimms good? Do you have banging headaches today?? Have a wonderful week Jane! Chel x

  5. I love it when you take us on your rides. Thanks.

  6. I so enjoy coming along on your rides with you. It sounds like a nice ride as well as a fun party. It must be so weird to see those kids you knew when they were so much younger; I guess I'll find out someday. :)

  7. Such lovely pics of what looks and sounds to be just a perfect evening meander along the tow path - besides that little hiccup of the closed sign!
    Hmm, Pimms in the garden - now there's a good idea... don't mind if I do :-)
    Have a lovely week,

  8. What a wonderful journey. What a lot of elderfowers too!

  9. What a lovely parth way to ride your bikes on.

  10. What a lovely evening and you have captured it beautifully in your photos.
    M x

  11. Thank you for taking us on your trip with you - lovely summery photographs. I nearly drowned when I was little - I slipped through a gap in the towpath of our local canal and I could not swim. Two fishermen saved me otherwise that would have been the end of me....look after those towpaths!

    Best wishes

  12. Looks like an idyllic part of the UK that you live in. It makes me miss old Blighty looking at these piccys :)

  13. lovely, lovely pictures, looks like a gorgeous walk!

  14. What a lovely ride to see your daughter, I love your photos..Pimm's in the garden a perfect way to end the day.
    Happy Summer Days
    Thea x

  15. What a beautiful ride. I'm glad Mr. K didn't let the barriers dissuade him from the journey. :) I haven't ridden a bike in forever. And a bike tour of the university my son will be attending is scheduled during orientation -- families invited. Yikes! Hope you are having a good week. Tammy

  16. PERFECT.....ducks, honeysuckle, bikes, river, fields, and cottages......yep x

  17. My GOSH! you lead a dangerously wild life!! For you to actually go AROUND the blockade?! sheesh! How great that you continued on though, and were able to spend even a brief time with your daughter :) Here it's dark at 9pm ... the twilight lasts for about half an hour, then POOF! we're in darkness ... and mosquitoes :D Wendy x

  18. What a lovely little bike ride, I'm glad you took us along with you!

  19. What a perfect evening, and such lovely photographs!
    Angie x

  20. This is the stage we are at with our children and it is hard isn't. But they are happy and as long as that's true so am I :)

    Beautiful ride you had there, and all those elderflowers, wow!


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