Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Where Have All The Flowers Gone ...

...Long time passing
Where have all the flowers gone?
Long time agoooooo .....

Well I'll tell you what Ms Baez (surely the best version?) they ain't been 'round these parts - this month's mood board is proving a tricky 'un.

Had I got fed up half an hour ago I could have presented you with this

But no, that would have been churlish, so in other plans I though I could maybe post this and claim it as my own

but I think some of you might recognise it as the Klimt adorning my kitchen wall and accuse me of cheating.

So after getting very wet and rather tetchy I found these. Now before I show you I would like to say each month I have tried to post something new, something that hasn't been seen before, but blow me if I could find anything different - last month's boom has been followed by this months bust (ooerr madam!)

Ahem. Here goes. Actually it doesn't look too bad.

And yes that wisteria has snuck (is that a word?) back in but it has just started it's second flush.

We've got sprays

Fennel, marjoram, tansy, dill




Shaggy shastas
                                                  (not quite sure what this is but it makes for a lovely close up)

And annual visitors



But the roses are between flushes, the rosemary and sage are on strike, and no way was I going to pick my courgette flower ( yes - just the one - and we are very excited about our harvest). 

So from a rather soggy Staffordshire I bid you adieu.

Happy gardening!


  1. Same here, the blooms don't seem to have changed, apart from now being wet! Plenty of bees though but I think that's because of the unofficial hive next door! I'm now looking at the seeds forming and how to collect these and have given up on my greenhouse as I don't think much is going to happen there. Now, what can I plant in my autumn/winter garden (evil laugh!!). Well, Christmas is coming! xx

  2. Hee hee you had me going Jane . The middle had a nice smell to it ;)

  3. They are all beautiful ... your garden still seems really full of blooms ... I am late with my board this month ... oh well ... tomorrow is another day ... lets hope it's dry ... Bee xx

  4. Oh Jane you have solved an unknown for me... thank you... Shaggy Shastas. I bought a little plant at a bootsale last year, no name no flowers but was told pretty large daisy... this year lovely lovely daisies in a pot but had no idea what they were till now. Hooray for Shaggy Shastas! Lovely post by the way.

  5. Well I'm very impressed- my garden is looking very sorry for itself! The shaggy shastas is my fav- beautiful x

  6. That's one of my children's favorite songs. They sing it all the time too. Your flowers are lovely; I think I like the buddleia best.

  7. Well your flowers are beautiful. Our garden is starting to look a little bit overblown and wind/rain battered from the last few days.

  8. Well done - am not sure I could rustle up that many in my garden right now. Although I noticed that the Day Lilies are flowering this morning - but they only last a day! ;-)

  9. Lovely pics. Our garden is looking a bit sorry for itself at the mo but hopefully the sun today will cheer it up ...
    M x

  10. They all look so very pretty to me.

  11. Wow your garden is looking very impressive I must say. xoxo

  12. I don't have a selection of blooms like that anymore. My garden seems to be at the end of its cycle until the fall flowers kick in. My shastas are past prime and are lying on the grass - likely from all of the rain we have been having. is it bad that i am already looking forward to next year's blooms??

  13. All our 'blooms' are looking very sad and soggy or dusty and tired. There are still a few things in flower some of the geraniums and lavender, borage and sweetpeas, yellow loosestrife all over as well. You have managed to collect a nice selection for your posy:)

  14. Glad you found them! They look lovely. You can come over here and take some sage if you like as it's taking over the herb garden.

  15. Your garden is doing much better than mine. Between the heat that wilted and the extreme storm that's flattened it's amazing anything is still standing here!

    I gave up on the monthly mood boards as I could never find enough interesting stuff to photograph but I do like ogling other peoples :)

  16. Just come across your mood board and looked back over the months at previous boards, they are lovely, you have a lot of flower varieties. I like the group flower image on this post on the white background ( third from the top), very nicely done.

    You mentioned in your comment on my blog about 'Following'. Google seem to have removed and done away with the 'Followers' gadget in the layout section and replaced with Google + followers. Although I can see you still have the older style Follow gadget in your side bar. I've noticed lots of blogs now have the option to follow via 'bloglovin' button - I wonder if this is the way to go. I've just added the bloglovin button to my blog. There is the subscribe via email option in my side bar too. Hope this helps.....Julia x

  17. SOOO! lovely,have we seen a picture of your garden as a whole,I can't remember.Have you had lots of butterflies on your Buddliea?I counted 9 all at once the other day. Kind Regards Pam.

  18. There is loads of colour here and it's all gorgeous. My garden is looking a but wild right now, not a lot of colour going on but lots of uncut lawn. And I think "snuck" is definitely a word. x

  19. They may be soggy but so so beautiful.
    My garden has been the same, I was overwhelmed a few weeks ago but now we are sort of in between, I'm sure there is more to come.
    Emma x

  20. I accidentally stumbled upon your summer ukelele and wondered whether you would like to see mine? (Jammin' post)...just a thought. Eco Ethel xx


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