Saturday, 13 July 2013

A Gathering of W.C.'s

Now  I must first get something straight - if you have arrived here expecting to see a wealth of water closets then I am afraid you will be sorely disappointed. This is not THAT sort of post. I'm sure there will be a website dedicated to them somewhere but it is not here. Kindly take your leave. For those of you who are curious let me explain - my W.C.'s are indeed 'works completed'! They have been W.I.P.s for so long that I thought it was only fair to celebrate their new found status with another acronym.

Are you still there?
Let me begin.

Many moons ago I decided I was going to make a sunburst granny blanket. After sixteen squares my boredom threshold had been reached, breached and left way behind so I decided to downsize to a cushion. After I had stitched the squares together (see here) I became totally disheartened with the whole thing and put it somewhere it would not bother me. Today I bit the bullet, stitched it on a simple envelope cover et voila - 

One slightly imperfect very laboured yet much loved cushion. Phew - one down!

More recently I was inspired to have a little go at some patchwork. In true Jane fashion I grabbed completely the wrong sort of material and almost reached giving up stage trying to use my proudly purchased rotary cutter on some rather thick furnishing material. I persisted for a while. Then I threw it in a corner. Today through sheer magic I managed to get it finished. I have completely cut corners - ie: there is no zip or opening whatsoever - but I reckon I can now say it's complete.

I also had a couple of 'cheating' cushion covers that I began last year. By cheating I mean I actually covered an old cushion - cover and all - and then happily stitched the fabric around the existing zip. It was this last bit that hadn't been finished until today.

And here's the cheating bit (ooh you cheeky monkey!)

Hmm. Rather a lot of cushions there Jane. And yet none of them seem to match or go with each other in any way, shape or form. One might think that you were something of a flibberty gibbet.
Have you done anything else?

Why yes indeed - I crocheted a bag!

 But then it needed lining. Can you guess when that got finished?

I may add some crocheted flowers on the outside but to my mind it's as good as done!

Wait! I'm sure there's something else. Can you see?

Let's move in closer.

Why have you stitched two floppy socks to the top of your bag?

If we take a peek inside we may find out more.

A rabbit! In my bag! Let's wake him up and see if he wants to play!

Not looking too lively so far. Maybe if I stretch his ears?

No - there's no waking him.
Does he have a pulse?

He's soon to fly off down South to befriend a new baby cousin but for now I think I'm going to leave him be.

Of course my unfinished ripple blanket is still snoozing happily in it's basket, Big Sis' dress is fully cut out and ready for assembly but currently residing in a shoebox, and Little Sis' skirt just needs hemming. But five projects down - surely now I can think about starting something new?

Time to consider some W.Y.T.B. (Works Yet To Be).




  1. Well done for your W C's the rabbit is very cute. The first patchwork I stitched was from thick furnishing fabric bought from a boot fair.I have some still today and I bung them in the washing machine. In our house it's sink or swim, if it doesn't wash in the machine then it's a (rather thick )duster.Flissx

  2. Now then Jane, putting us to shame! You are certainly organising your projects well while mine sit in the corner screaming for something to happen. Well, on this hot day, those crochet squares are going to have to wait, that blanket...well, you must be joking!, and the owl that I started can look at me with those big eyes but I am not hooking until the temperature comes down...a lot! It's times like this that I wish I took up ice sculpture. Beautiful projects Jane and your bench looks perfect for these summer evenings. Have a wonderful weekend. Chel x

  3. Good grief! Someone's been busy, eh? Not sure which I like best...impressed with the lot! I think the bag gets the prize, everything about it is so lovely! Oh, but that sweet're setting a high standard now, aren't you missy? Cx

  4. Love all your finished projects, you are getting so much done.

  5. Well I love the crochet cushion but I love, love that bag, can't wait until I can do such things! :) x

  6. You have been busy! They are gorgous, especially the lined bag and the crochet cushion! xx

  7. You have been a busy bee ... I am too, too hot to contemplate any project ... never mind finishing one ... your crochet cushion is gorgeous ... Bee xx

  8. You've been so busy! They all look beautiful. I agree with you about the crocheted squares; I want to make a blanket like that but so far I've only managed a pillow seems like a real commitment. I love the lining on your bag, it looks terrific.

  9. I just love your posts Jane, they really make me chuckle! You have been very busy and I love everything you have made but especially the sunburst granny cushion, beautiful.
    Marianne x

  10. Hahaha! A cute rabbit! I love her hiding inside the bag!

  11. I really love the crochet cushion and your rabbit in a bag is beyond cute. Well done for finishing so many of your wips- I have outstanding quilt tops that have needed wadding and backing for over a year!!

  12. Well done you! That's a whole lot of fab WCs :-) I'm trying to turn a whole bunch of WIPs into WCs at the moment too but have been sidetracked (easily, I might add) by a whole new project!
    Have a great weekend

  13. Well for starters I got past the waterworks and think I am always going to look at W.C. differently from now on, I suppose it could apply right?! I think you need a massive pat in the back for getting so many W.C.! I especially love your crafty cushion with its zip shortcut, 10/10 for that, it's what I call super nifty! Also love your crochet bag and mr bunny a very cute snuggler. Yes I reckon you can have a look at your W.Y.T.B. xo

  14. Good for you! Mission(s) accomplished. I can't tell you how many times I've started projects and the boredom stage has ended them. My knitting basket has endless half done mufflers and they'll probably stay that way too. I'm in love with your rabbit.

  15. Jane you can have umpteen Brownie points for finishing off that lot! I must confess it is my least favourite bit. I have a crocheted bag which still needs its 'innards' doing. And i LOVE your idea of covering a cushion cover to make use of the zip! Simply inspired, my dear, and by no means a cheat!

  16. Well done you!!I could quite happily sit on that there bench for a few hours ( maybe with a jug of Pimms).
    Emma x
    p.s why am I not following you??

  17. hhhhmmmm wonder if my staffroom creation will ever be wearable.....itchy but wearable!!!Love your blog!

  18. Beautiful cushions, how industrious you are :) xx

  19. You have been a busy bee. Well done. It's so satisfying when you can look at a pile of finished stuff.
    Mix and match cushions are all the rage.
    S xx

  20. Looks like you have Ben so busy finishing up your project.

  21. Cute baby challenge this week is not to start anything unless something has been finished first!
    Ready get set go.....yawn.
    just have a little read of this mag thats a good idea...nah
    not gonna work is it?
    d x

  22. Oh my goodness, spooky, check out my cushion I made with leftovers which is exactly like your red one. I love them all together, its a shame to sit on them and cover them up! Jo x


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