Thursday, 29 January 2015

Bring back the potter's wheel ...

... for that is indeed what I need at times like this.


I'm trying to do a little updating - Mr K has done me a spiffy little header and with that I'm trying to tidy up this old blog of mine. 

A new colour I thought.

Perhaps update the photo's in the sidebar?

But no!

Blogger has different ideas.

The header is showing up as vaguely larger than a pin head and apparently now each photo needs a header.


So please bear with me as I faff around for a while. 

I will try to think pleasant thoughts and think of pretty lambs.




P.S. Does anyone actually know how to add a gadget to your sidebar without having to put a header with it?

UPDATE: Thank you to all of you for your suggestions but special thanks to Anne for her 'magic formula'! Hopefully there will be some new 'headerless' photos any time soon!


  1. Oh it's so annoying when it doesn't do what you want, isn't it. I just updated & revamped mine a couple of weeks ago too, and just persevered and played around til I eventually got what I wanted. I did find googling stuff in Blogger Help quite useful, but ensure you back everything up before you fiddle with it if you're unsure - I learnt that bit the hard way! 😣 Love your new header though - well done, Mr K.
    Happy weekend! Xx

  2. To add a gadget you need to go to your Dashboard and scroll down and on the left you will be Layout.
    Click on that and decide which side you want your Gadget to be .Click on Add a Gadget and then you will get a long list of options.
    Scroll down until you see the word Image. Click on this and then click Upload form computer etc. Make sure you tick the shrink to fit box as that should make it fit your side bar without knocking everything out of line. Click upload, give is miniute then you should see it in the square. Remember to click Save then Save again in Layout before View Blog.
    It sounds a bit long winded but ater a while it is really quick and easy.
    Hope that helps leave a comment on my blog if you get stuck.
    I came back from holiday a couple of years ago not realising that Blogger had updated and nothing worked at all. Major panic for a few hours but sorted it in the end.
    Best wishes

  3. I've done this before, and if you look at my blog's sidebar you will see a photo of my dog ('no awards') with no title. I went into the gadgets and chose "text" (not "image"), copied and pasted the photo from my pictures file into the space where you would normally type the text. However, that was a while ago, and now I can't get it to work :[ I think Blogger changed something there. I hate having to put a title there too. Anyway, you might try that, and maybe it will work for you. I remember it took a few tries to get the dog photo in like that, but I was thinking I was pretty clever at the time because I outsmarted their "title" thingy. Wendy x

  4. Seems like you figured it out as I am seeing photos only in your sidebar. They changed the options, but usually with a little playing around, you can figure things out. The worst part is if you screw things up in the process. Seems others are having that problem. That's why I hate changing things too often. I like your new header. Best wishes, Tammy

  5. Blogger does seem to have a mind of its own! I've not been able to add a headless gadget so far, will let you know if I stumble on a solution.

  6. It all looks fine now, Jane. The header - which is definitely bigger than a pinhead - is beautiful as are the photos in your sidebar.

    There is a solution to the titles on gadgets thing and I know I have it written down in a notebook somewhere. The problem is, which notebook? I'll come back and let you know as soon as I find it.

    1. Okay, found it. Apparently, if you put this code "" (without the inverted commas at each end) in the title part, no title will show. Where I've put "space" you hit the spacebar. Now, bear in mind that HTML codes don't work in the comments so we'll see if this works!

    2. Okay, that didn't work. Let's do it this way: remember back in Maths class, the signs for less than and greater than? Well, the code you need is "less than ! - - space - - greater than" with no spaces between the ! and the dashes. Let's see if that worked.

    3. But, having said all that, I just added a photo to my sidebar and it didn't need a title. Mind you, my blog seems to behave differently from others - a bit like myself! LOL

    4. Good heavens Anne you've done it you superstar you! Not sure how or where you found the magic formula but thank goodness for old notebooks! Thank you so so so much x Jane :)

    5. I'm so glad I could help, Jane. :o)

  7. Loving the new look Jane - if you don't succeed the first time and all that ....
    Kate xx

  8. I am always so nervous of making changes to my blog but you're doing a great job and the header looks wonderful.

  9. Looks fab.....I get very frustrated by my lack of techno knowledge! :) xxx

  10. I've had the same blog look forever. I've tried updating and even played around with it a bit but when it came to push the button, I chickened out! I'm afraid I'll get something I don't like, then not be able to get my original back. ACK! You did a good job though. It looks good to me.

    Cindy Bee

  11. This sounds so familiar. I recently changed my blog header....what a nightmare. Blogger wouldn't let me delete the header showing the blog name. I'd already included it in my new banner so didn't want it twice but try as I might I just could not get rid of it. My solution was to reduce the font to teeny weeny and change the font colour to the same as the background colour, I don't think it's noticeable now. Blogger seems to have different templates because other bloggers are able to achieve it. Also I cannot reply to comments...why is that Blogger? I love your new header btw and wonder where your husband got the images? x

  12. Oh the joys of playing with a blog!
    I love the new header; and I hope you keep fiddling with the blog. Only by making a complete cock up do we really learn what works and what doesn't.

  13. Anne is a wonder isn't she!! Glad you got it sorted. Your header is looking great now by the way! Love your new look. xx

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