Sunday, 11 January 2015

Looking forward to ...

Seeing my socks continue!
Can you believe I managed to detangle that mess that I showed you in my last post? I'm loving the roundy round knitty knit thing at the moment. Of course it might all turn sour when I hit the heels ...

Seeing some of these start to pop up in the garden. I couldn't resist treating myself when I saw them at the supermarket for £1. I keep having a good old sniff whenever I walk by.

But what I'm so so so looking forward to this year is seeing our newly acquired plot develop.

It was bitterly cold today but Mr K and I spent a really happy couple of hours planning and planting. The beauty of having been granted the allotment during what is essentially the 'dormant' season is that we've been able to get to grips with the essentials. Shed, greenhouse, paths and beds are all ready and waiting for the fun to begin.

 The shed has even had the seal of approval from H.R.H. mum when she visited at Christmas! 

Today I transferred a whole bunch of herbs from my poor overburdened back garden to their new luxury pad.

Am I alone, when transferring plants from pots to fine soil, in going - there you go, that's good isn't it etc? It's the same when I put petrol in the car. Just me?

I know. This looks more like a patch of mud than plant heaven but I'm seeing thriving herb plants attracting bees and butterflies galore. Of course this has left a few gaps at home which means I'm going to HAVE to look out for some replacements. 

The fruit patch (yes - those twigs) is now full of raspberries, blackcurrants, blueberries and gooseberries. Oh to pick our own soft fruit. 

And of course we got the chance to try out Mr K's favourite Christmas present. 

A storm kettle!

I remember watching a clip of gardening guru Alys Fowler visiting her allotment in January and making a cuppa using this fantastic device and thinking it looked like such fun.

And it was!

So much to come - fruit, flowers and socks!

Oh and well done to those of you who guessed what the wire thingummyjig was.
It was - and still is - a duck.

Although Brownie points to Angel Jem for her imaginative suggestions - sadly 'tis not a false bust, a pasta drier or - my favourite - a lamp shade for a submersible caravan!

Mum and dad found it inside a tree at the back of their garden. I think it was originally meant to be 'topiarised' but instead was unceremoniously hanging from a twig by it's beak. 

Not quite sure what to do with him yet - any suggestions?

I hope you all have something to look forward to this week.



  1. What a pleasure to see this post, with its encouraging reports from out of doors activities! The past week has been really cold here in NYC, and we have been bundling up in lots of layers and trying to limit our time outside to ... minutes, in single digits if we are fortunate.

    It's going to be fun to see what you get growing in your gardens and I have a feeling all will be fabulous.

    Afterall, you have HRH approval.

    (and the socks are terrific, too.)


  2. I really hope I can get into the garden this year.......that storm kettle looks fab! :) xxx

  3. Your weather must be much better than ours, in Yorkshire. It's been so wet, everywhere is like gloop! Glad you've had the official stamp of approval ... heh! heh!
    Jacqui xx

  4. Never seen a storm kettle before...perfect pressie for an allotmenteer.

  5. Thank you! never seen a storm kettle before, it's the perfect present for two friends who have an allotment. I think the duck looks fine as he is. x

  6. Dear Jane
    The allotment is going great guns! (I always talk to my plants too.) Love the storm kettle - what a great idea and a change from a good old thermos. How about 'yarn bombing' the duck until you get an idea of what you want to do with him/her?
    Best wishes

  7. Lovely post - busy, busy, busy ... and aren't Kelly Kettles the best ! Kate xx

  8. I have never seen or even heard of a storm kettle before....but it looks really cool! My husband would love one. Your socks are looking great too, I have never been able to master sock knitting and I'm in awe of people who can do it.
    Marianne x

  9. Looks like the allotment is coming along really well. I love storm kettles!

  10. That kettle is amazing and just the perfect thing for an allotment for sure! You have done masses at the allotment already, it should be a great year for you!! xx

  11. We have a kelly kettle too and we all love it - it's the only time the boys offer to make tea without us asking them. Your allotment looks so neat and tidy - look forward to seeing photos later this year when the plots will be full!
    Caz xx

  12. I used to use a kettle like that Forest School so that the children could have hot ribena, I think my man would really rather like one to. I used to get allotment fever in February but have learnt not to plant too soon, stuff just doesn't get going up here in the midlands and the stuff I put in later always far performs the stuff I put in earlier and is often too weak to carry on.... just saying...I know it is exciting.... Jo x

  13. It's lovely to see your allotment getting ready for the new season, and I'm very impressed that you're using Symphonie needles for your socks - they're too pointy for my fingers and I always stab myself which is a shame as they're very beautiful! xx

  14. Your allotment is already looking well cared for and productive! It'll be amazing in the summer, I'm sure! :o)

  15. I love the storm kettle! That is ace! And I, too, talk to plants when I put them in the ground. usually along the lines of "Oh, God help you, little thing, you ended up with me. You'll be dead by the weekend."
    Wrap the duck in strips of printed cotton, string pom poms in the gaps and use it as an Easter decoration?

  16. I'm looking forward to seeing what you grow in your allotment, I can hopefully pick up some tips as I am new to this growing lark.

  17. Your socks are coming on a treat. Good luck with your allotment, lots of fruit and veg to look forward to.

  18. You could grow herbs round your duck.

  19. I think it would be so much fun to have an allotment. Love your socks.

  20. Hi Jane, I've just found you via Amy. I too chat to my plants when I move them....I'm sure studies have shown they grow better when we talk to them! If not, I choose to believe it helps! The socks look great - sock knitting is something I really want to try although I have a hate-hate relationship with dpns so haven't dared yet! Lil x


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