Monday, 5 January 2015


I'm starting with the positive.

Some time before Christmas I showed some sneaky little pictures of some Christmas knitting here. Now they've been and gone and been merrily received I can do a g-r-a-n-d r-e-v-e-e-e-e-a-l.

First there was this.

Which turned into a crochet shawl for mum.

Ravelry details here.

Then this.

A hat for Big Sis' big squeeze.

Followed by these.

A couple of happy dishcloths for the lovely Gloria over at Canela Kitchen. A blogger who I was fortunate to be paired with for Amy's Christmas card swap.

But that's where the woolly wonders finish. I've gone off at a bit of a tangent and got myself in a right royal twiddle.

I decided that I could easily knock up a pair of socks for Big Sis in time for the big day.
I was only half way through sock one when I lost three of the needles.

I decided to fall back on my tried and tested 'easy armwarmer' pattern. 

One down one to go.

Now I know at this point there will be some of you thinking 'why doesn't she just get that other armwarmer finished and then think about starting something else?' 

I'll tell you why.

I'm a terrible flitter.

I saw Teresa's lovely diagonal crochet hotpad and at once requested the pattern. The lovely lady that she is immediately obliged and I had visions of snuggling under a diagonal afghan by the end of the month.

This is the result so far.

I'm sorry Teresa - I will keep trying!

But to top it all. The knotted turret atop the castle built out of confused yarn (I really don't know where that analogy came from). The project that I got so excited about that I sent off for some new interchangeable needles.

Was this.

Can you guess what it is yet?

How about now?


It's a miracle way of knitting socks that means you can knit two at a time via a magic loop.


It's just having a few technical problems.

Anyhow I know the question you'll all really want the answer to. You're wondering what that metal wire type thing is loitering on the edge of my dubious quality photographs.

Do you really want to know?


Go on have a guess.

I'll tell you next time!

If I'm not completely tangled up in wool that is.

Oh dear.



  1. The thing in the background looks like a duck to me!Am I"quackers"?.iI am a sock knitter but have never tried a magic loop.Keep us posted on how you are getting on.Barbara

    1. Aha - I've popped the reply in the wrong place - told you I was all of a tangle! See comment below Anne's!

  2. Looks like a duck to me too. Good luck getting out of your tangles! :oD

  3. Oh Barbara now I couldn't possibly say - yet! I've tried commenting on your blog a couple of times but it keeps saying comments 'restricted to team members only' - not sure what this means but thought you should be aware x

  4. This look lovely ! Did you know I love knitt too??
    Love the colours.
    Jane Today I will receive your card my Hubby received at the office (these days the mail was terrible)
    Did you receive mine? Happens I have porblem with my yahoo and I cant enter!
    If you want mail me some day here others mail.

  5. Oh you have been busy. They were very lucky to get your beautiful gifts. I get bored easy so always have a few things going at the same time.

  6. Love the shawl J! I'm so impressed you did handmade gifts at all. I start with the best intentions...maybe if I started this month...j x

  7. My goodness you have been so busy!! So many lovely things. I cannot imagine how to knit two socks at once, but I hope that you can work it out and I look forward to seeing the results when you do! xx

  8. Looks like a snail to me. Love the shawl and the hat and the towels and the unfinished socks, my knitting roject that I started in 1998 is still at the same spot, don't think I'll ever finish :( Happy New Year!

  9. Fun to see all that you have been creating. I also usually have lots on the go at one time.

    I know about that knitting two socks at once technique with the circular needle, but think that using a stich/row count and four dp needles will be less confusing, more relaxing for me.

    Definitely wishing you a happy 2015, and looking forward to seeing what else you will soon be completing and showing us.


  10. yes this year I am going to get to grips with my wips! beginning things is so much fun, but we must finish them. The double socks look clever! X

  11. I'm seeing much sock making at the moment! Happy 2015! :) xxx

  12. Ha-ha! Well, a lot of lovely finishes. But it definitely looks like you've got some technical difficulties going on with the last bit. good luck! My creativity has taken a nosedive since going back to work this past Sunday. I usually don't find it again until the weekend rolls around. Best wishes, Tammy

  13. As for how you can make two socks at one time, that just boggles my mind. :)

  14. So many gorgeous, gorgeous makes, you must have been working away like a little mad thing !
    Happy New Year Jane, Kate xx

  15. Aw Jane thanks so much I love your gifts (all) and card I love it!! Someones are in my kitchen and others in my Christmas tree, (I let it until January 6)
    I answer too in my post if you want read.
    Thanks soooo much!!!

  16. Ah well Jane, there is always next year! Knitting is kind of like that. I am knitting a cardigan I know I already don't like but I am a stayer and I am plodding on! Jo x

  17. Hello Jane, goodness your shawl is stunning-perfect colours, I would have loved to have received it, your Mum is very lucky.
    Umm the wired duck creation-my guess is a topiary? ???
    2015 is most certainly sock making for me but just a conventional one to begin with-it just has to be done ha ha.

  18. The created gifts are lovely... I'd happily get any of those, so your recipients must be smiley!
    And the wire thing? It's a duck wool winder. It helps you turn skeins into balls.
    Or a pasta drier to make spaghetti.
    Or a sock shaper for ducks, because you're not actually knitting socks for people.
    Or a false bust to wear out (because you've always had a complex)
    A lamp shade for a submersible caravan.
    A strange hat stand.
    Is that enough guesses? I'm looking forward to seeing which one you like best!

  19. You've made some lovely things. Not so sure about the wire sock gadget!! Looks highly complicated to me!!

  20. I love this post so full of fun projects to make. I am just like you. I started a sweater, started a blanket now want to start a baby balnket.

  21. OMG, as my daughter would say -your two socks thingy looks very scary! I'm hiding. Aw, but the rest of your projects are so so lovely!

  22. Your finished projects are really lovely.

  23. You made some lovely gifts. I too often loose the odd needle found lurking down the side or under my chair. I have another that is currently still awol! I have no idea where it is.

  24. I have a fearless friend who can knit one sock inside the other, she only has to get one stitch wrong and the two socks will forever be joined together but luckily she has nerves of steel and has become a one woman sock production line!

  25. You made me laugh. *-* Thank you!

  26. I love the shawl, but I will resist...........yes like you I flit from one thing to another.


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