Saturday, 6 April 2013

Another Place - but where exactly?

This Easter Sunday was the first time in years that Mr K and I hadn't been involved in an Easter egg hunt. The girls were safely ensconced at friends houses for sleepovers ( I love the fact they include 'sleep' in that word - wishful thinking perhaps) so we had the day to ourselves. For a long time now I have wanted to go and see the Antony Gormley installation at Crosby beach so we decided to go on a hunt of our own.
The piece is entitled 'Another Place' and consists of one hundred life size replicas of Gormley placed at intervals over three kilometres of the beach. As the tide ebbs and flows they are gradually revealed or submerged but retain their gaze out to sea. I'd heard various accounts from people - whatever time of day or night, whatever the weather is doing the effect is magical. What are they looking at? Opinions vary. Some think they are looking over to America and dreaming of golden opportunities. Others think it could be anywhere but here - the grass is always greener etc. I had high hopes. I imagined flouncing between an army of cast iron figures with endless photo opportunities and periods of meditation.

What I didn't expect was this.

The tide was in.

What now?

Plan B.
Choose a direction to walk in. Fifty fifty chance of getting it right. Right sounds right, right?
Off we go.

We started off along the beautiful grassy dunes.

And I was quite taken with this flower!

Then we cut down on to the beach.
It was cold. Sooo cold.

Have you ever seen a dog shiver?

I was fascinated by the amount of worn bricks and pottery that we found.

Later on we discovered that it was rubble from the blitz on Liverpool in World War Two. It had been collected to bolster the sea defences along the beach.

The tide receded further.
But still no figures.
Just this.

I did get quite excited about this shell though and put it in my pocket 'to do something with'. It's still there. 

We turned back toward the car and promised ourselves a large coffee as a reward.

Then we saw this.

Okay let's get closer.

Can you see it?
Right - I'm running up to investigate further.

Only one so far but what an impact.
We waited a little longer to see the others just starting to emerge from the sea.

But by now our stomachs were calling, our ears had numbed and even Jessie Dog was fading.
We had promised ourselves fish and chips at Southport for Sunday tea. 
As we turned we noticed this bizarre image from where we had just been.

A huge fire in the dunes. How did that happen?

Okay it didn't turn out quite as I had expected but it was a memorable day nonetheless. I'm certainly going to go back and see the rest at some point but next time perhaps when it's a bit warmer - and the tide is out.

And remember - right isn't always right, right?

Jane x

You can find out more about 'Another Place' here and there are some wonderful pictures of the blitz rubble here.


  1. Sounds like a great time was had! Loving your photos.
    M xxx

  2. It looks like a lovely day despite not being quite as planned - and I have to say the idea of those figures appearing from the waves has always slightly unnerved me. There was a Gormley exhibition at one of the colleges here in Cambridge a couple of years back and we went to look at various figures standing on the edges of roofs, looking as if they were about to jump off!

  3. What an amazing thing to see appear from the waves! I'm surprised people haven't put scarves on them to keep them warm!! I hope you have all warmed up and Jessie has got over the shivers. Take care. Chel x

  4. Great pictures, I'd love to see the statues emerging from the sea.

  5. Those statues emerging from the sunlit waters must have been amazing to see.
    Thanks for taking us along.

  6. The last photo looks wonderfully calm, although cold. The sculpture looks so sturdy, I wonder how far they had to dig down? It looks like a place to go back to especially when the tide is out, I'd love to see more figures appear- one for a warm picnic day. Flissx

  7. That is amazing! Love the rubble strewn beach, too, and the history that goes along with it. Beautiful photos, thank you for taking us on your walk. Fish and Chips sounds so good right now! xoxo

  8. Fascinating post, Jane. Next time you need to google the tide times so you can see more than one statue! :o)

  9. It must have been amazing to see them emerge from the sea!!! xxx

  10. I've been wanting to see those for ages I don't live far away but still haven't got round to it. Your photos are lovely definitely going this year. :)

  11. What an amazing day, and the photo of the single sculpture is quite haunting - perhaps it's the image of the billowing smoke and then him gazing out to sea...quite arresting. Thank you for sharing! Chrissie x

  12. Fascinating ... I would love to see them when the tide was out ... Bee xx

  13. What an adventure! Those figures must be well worth seeing!
    Angie x

  14. we went last spring and it was so cold! they are fascinating though!

  15. It had quite an impact just looking at the photos, so must be amazing to actually see. I'd love to see them all, just a bit far from us :) xx

  16. Sounds like it was an eventful day. Seeing that statue appear like that is a little scary. I'm afraid I might have nightmares. :) I can't imagine seeing 100 of them. Poor pup! It must have been very cold. Sending warm wishes your way for a wonderful week. Tammy

  17. It looks magical! It's amazing that the high tide was that high! I will definitely visit to see him when we visit the region. But what are the discs on him? They look something made during construction, or for safe transportation. I know they were not suction cups! ; )

  18. Thank you for popping by my blog. I would love to visit these one day but I live at the wrong end of the UK. Maybe one day I'll get there!


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